As a doctor, Frank Portelli should be aware of the psychological profiling in sounding exactly like Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando

Published: August 8, 2017 at 11:59pm

One Maltese male narcissist with a serious personality problem sounds pretty much like another in public life. For a moment there, I thought this (see screenshot below) was Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando.

And like Mr Pullicino Orlando, Dr Portelli spent the months leading up to the 2013 general election sitting in a studio at the Labour Party’s television station, ripping the Nationalist Party and its leader, Lawrence Gonzi, to shreds.

The unassailable belief in themselves, of men like those two who are nothing but life’s failures on every front, is something to behold.

And the worst thing you can do to them, because they are both far right on the political spectrum (those who are racist, homophobic and Islamophobic also despise women and struggle not to show it) is have a woman rip them to shreds in public.

This is the worst possible damage to their ego. They will hiss and spit with venomous contempt and won’t rest until they get their revenge on her, or insult her continuously in public, and all to salve their poor, poor, little, fragile, lickle-ickle ego.

#*&k off, Frank. The only reason men like you and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando wind up with women young enough to be your daughter is the same reason other men with your kind of personality disorder end up with mail-order brides from those parts of the world where women are trained to believe that men, no matter how awful they are, are more important and must be faffed around in case they turn nasty. And the main reason that neither of you did is because you’re both racists.

The very fact that you think you can and should become prime minister at 78, which means that you will be 83 when your term in office is up, shows just how far you are detached from reality. Even Eddie Fenech Adami (who, incidentally, made sure you never had anything to do with his party once he found out about your adultery, though you seek to give the false impression that you continued to be involved after you lost your seat in 1992, which is a lie), stepped down as prime minister when he was 70, by which time he had been party leader for 27 years and prime minister for 16 years.

But you think you can become party leader for the first time at 73, prime minister at 78 and live to fight another election at 83. Well, some men do tend to think – to paraphrase a chauvinist of my acquaintance – that they’re as young as the woman they feel.

Meanwhile, Frank, I strongly suggest you work out the significance of the fact that most of the supportive comments you’re getting on your Facebook page are from diehard Laburisti. That’s the trouble with old people and social media: they’re like aliens fumbling about on a foreign planet, thinking that they speak the language because they’ve got the O-level. Here’s a helpful hint, Frank: when somebody posts a comment in your favour on your Timeline, click on their name and check out their profile. I’ve done it already: Laburist, Laburist, Laburist, Laburista, Laburist, Laburista.

Not switchers. Not people who sometimes vote Labour. Just actual Laburisti in the meaning you will understand. In other words, people who will not vote Nationalist ever, not even if you hold their nanna over a fire-pit and threaten to drop her in it.

The worst thing about Frank Portelli is that he makes Adrian Delia look better. And between them, those two non-politicians and party outsiders have hijacked the debate and are shouting so loudly that the other two can’t be heard. I’m sick to the back teeth of receiving press releases from Adrian Delia’s public relations office. If I see another interview in which Frank Portelli is talking even more old-man rubbish from another era, I’m going to have far too much newsprint to mop up my old dog’s accidents. Both of them put me in mind of hawkers on a market stall, yelling for the rest of us to take notice. I’m tired of them already and they’re not even in office or ever have been – well, Dr Portelli was, around 30 years ago.