The Labour Party have a tonne of ammunition they can use against Frank Portelli

Published: August 9, 2017 at 1:03am

But they’re holding off in the hope that thousands of idiots of the sort who already voted for them will now vote to make him Opposition leader. They didn’t hold off five years ago, when they thought the Nationalist government might sign a deal with him on St Philip’s Hospital.

And this even though he tried to appease them by appearing on their party station to run Dr Gonzi’s government down, repeatedly. They certainly won’t hold off if he becomes Opposition leader, and for once they would be justified in doing exactly that.

As though somebody with this kind of track record should be put in charge of the Opposition party, let alone the country. Nobody would be justified in bringing any of this up were he not running for public office.

The Labour Party and Frank Portelli are as bad as each other. Despite running this news report telling us how rackety Dr Portelli’s track record is in running his company, with losses running into the millions, piles of debts, employees left unpaid, and his home about to be sold under court auction at the request of a major creditor (all of which should disqualify him for life from serving as a company director), Labour appointed him to the board of directors of Public Broadcasting Services Ltd. immediately they were elected to government in 2013, when they were dishing out trays of iced buns to those who had helped them get elected one way or another.

I’ll bet lots of you had forgotten that.

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  1. Sycamore says:

    I think you are underestimating Dr Portelli . If he can solve a Rubik’s cube he can solve anything.

  2. Newman says:

    I really don’t understand why anyone with that sort of track record would even dream of contesting the leadership of any political party.

  3. Galeforce says:

    Do the jokers who seconded Frank Portelli nomination know that he is many millions in debt which he cannot repay, but still refusing to file for bankruptcy?

    No wonder the Laburisti are out in force supporting him.

  4. Betty says:

    Welcome back Daphne. It’s great to read some sense about Malta’s political scene.

    Those of us who lived near Frank Portelli and his wife Sarah (his current wife is Jenny) in Attard/Misrah Kola in the 1980s know the full story that you told.

    Frank has long behaved like a spoilt child. He should just disappear and not try to return to politics after 30 years. He has long been a skewed Rubik’s cube.

  5. For God’s sake, the man is 73. Do you know any 73-year-old surgeons? Because I don’t.

    That’s the irony: he’s too old to operate, but thinks he’s not too old to run the country in five years’ time.

  6. He can’t act his age because his wife is 55. So he obviously thinks he’s 55 too. That was my point a while back. You end up losing touch with reality in those situations.

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