Goodness, his doctor had better reduce that prescription

Published: August 9, 2017 at 3:34pm

This sort of garbling can’t possibly be normal by any standards, even bearing in mind that the man is in his 70s. He’s either got to stick to coffee in the morning or reduce his prescription. Or just stay off Facebook until that point in the day when he makes sense.

If that point ever comes, that is. Oh, and never, but never, trust a man who speaks about himself in the third person, because that is beyond weird.

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  1. “IIP address” – basement flats rented out to Russian billionaires who buy Maltese citizenship

    Try explaining to this self-important twit that an IP address pertains to a device, not a Facebook page.

  2. Note to readers: this is Frank Portelli’s sister, repeatedly posting abusive comments which I am deleting.

  3. Odyssey says:

    Signs of paranoia?

    The parallels with Franco Debono (who has a mobile that rings when it is switched off) and with Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando (with his mysteriously spiked drinks) could not be more accurate.

    Also, why is it so common in Malta, that people speak of themselves in the third person? I am only aware of one foreign politician, Silvio Berlusconi, who had the habit of speaking of himself in the third person.

  4. Go away, Mrs Dimech. It astonishes me the way Frank’s family literally enables (read more here, for negative enabling: ) his terrible choices and behaviour.

    He ratchets up debts of 12 million euros, and his wife keeps smiling at him and telling him he’s right. He announces that he is going to stand for the PN leadership election at the age of 73 and with debts of at least 12 million euros, and his wife and sister tell him “Go for it, Frank! You’re great! Of course you have a great chance and you’re the right person for the job!”

    Shouldn’t you, as his sister, have told him: “Imma int qed thoss rasek, Frank?” Ma tarax – instead you allow him to think that he’s right.

    If this was the pattern in your household when you were growing up, it really is no surprise that your brother turned out to be a complete narcissist who is literally unbalanced in his belief that he is always right.

    He is a 73-year-old man with debts that would have others throwing themselves off a bridge, but he just doesn’t care. Because he’s right. The debts are not his fault. He’s going to live forever. He has the magic answer to everything. And his wife can carry on working to support him.

  5. Evarist Saliba says:

    The pity will be if in the forthcoming election he and the lawyer of substance obtain enough votes to indicate that a good part of the Nationalist Party hierarchy consider these two persons as worthy of any consideration for the party leadership, and eventually for the post of Prime Minister of Malta.

  6. Splajs says:

    Frank fighting with his second personality, Fudil.

  7. Mamma mia, kemm hu injorant. Everything on his Facebook page is public, so why on earth would I need to send him a friend request even if I were on Facebook in the first place, and why would I do it posing as somebody else?

    Il-vera Laburist baqa, Madonna. Ma fieq qatt. I’m guessing he told nobody that he originally came back to Malta in the 1970s as a strike-breaker for Mintoff.

  8. Desert Lizard says:

    Pardon my French, but where I come from the reaction to that would be the inevitable… xi zz-** qed tghid (Dott.)?

  9. Xi hadd li jislef il-flus lil Frank Portelli.

  10. Angela Galea says:

    Maybe he really isn’t ‘fudil’, but he certainly is mad as a hatter.

  11. Rumplestiltskin says:

    WTF is that post about?

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