Pour yourself a stiff drink, then lie down for an hour. You will need to.

Published: August 9, 2017 at 4:53pm

All you have to do is picture him dancing to this with his wife Nickie, who has deactivated her Facebook page and not before time.


Everything about this is so, so wrong. But in brief, it’s your typical 1980s Malta Labour Party song: the tune, the verse, the choice of words like ġensna (our nation), the theme of The Struggle and The Valiant Cause and People and How We Will Overcome.

And they actually sing “avukat ta’ klassi”.


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  1. E Xerri says:

    You’ve got to be shitting me. God help us all.

  2. C. Brincat says:

    Please tell me this was not issued by his people. It must be a joke song by Labour.

  3. Peritocracy says:

    “U l-Hi-Spot hija xarba tajba ghall kullhadd…”

  4. pwg says:

    Veru kaz ta’ ‘finche la barca va’ – kollox jghaddi.

    Shades of Ma Taghmlu Xejn Mal-Perit Mintoff.

    Must have been planted by Chris Said’s gallopini.

  5. P*ss off, Law Commissioner. It’s 44C in the shade and I really don’t feel like you right now. Go and bother somebody else.

  6. God, you sound SO concerned.

    • Matt Valencia says:

      You’re right I’m not concerned. I just gave up, first on the people who decided to re-elect these bunch of cronies, secondly on our party who seem to be stuck in a rut without end in sight. The island is in shambles, the majority of the people are so God damn ignorant, the country is outright corrupt, L-aqwa zmien ta min hexa mexa, ta’ min haseb li hu l-aqwa hawwel, ta min kiel il-fenek xeba, thanzer raqad u gie jitnejjek, min libes il-kappel tal-Panama ma qalawx minn rasu anzi tkessah bieh, At this point my options are either stand up and be counted or else say fuck it, i’m out of here.

  7. Chris Hitchens says:

    ‘Avukat ta’ klassi’ – you don’t say.

    • Franco Debono says:

      Jekk tisma’ bniedem jitkellem ghal perjodu qasir ta’ xahrejn ma nehodiex bi kbira biex jimpressjonak. Perjodu tant qasir forsi ma jkunx bizzejjed biex jibda jissabbat mal-hitan li jkun bena b’diskorsu stess jekk diskorsu ma jkunx fih sustanza, u jitifxkel u jithabbel fil-kontradizzjonijiet.

      Inoltre biex bniedem tkun taf ghandux parola facile jew le trid tezaminah taht pressjoni mhux meta jkun xalata, mhux meta jkun f’xi sitwazzjoni fejn m’ghandux x’jitlef izda meta jkollu hafna x’jitlef. Bniedem trid tezaminah taht pressjoni biex tkun taf x’isarraf. Bniedem li laghab karta tigi kif tigi ma jkunx taht pressjoni imma xalata.

      Allura inti dan li jingannak bil-parolafacile tfittex t-rack record tieghu biex tara wara l-paroli hemmx sustanza jew bahh. Jekk issib sustanza – parolafacile. jekk ma ssibx sustanza – pecluq.
      Adrian Delia kien iddefenda liz-Zambi, li jien ghandu informazzjoni li kien ikun mieghu s-Sunny Bar B’kara, f’kaz ta’ attentat ta’ qtil. Hasra li ma kellux parolafacile bizzejjed biex illiberah kif gara lil kull min kien akkuzat fl-istess proceduri!
      Z-Zambi kien tressaq akkuzat ma’ Ian Farrugia. Ian Farrugia m’ammettiex u sussegwentement gie liberat f’guri fejn kellu jiddefenduh lil Anglu Farrugia u Edward Gatt. Meinrad Calleja li wkoll gie akkuzat bl-istess reat ukoll gie liberat mill-akkuzi fi proceduri fejn kellu bhala difensuri lil Manuel mallia u Gianella Demarco. Zeppi l-Hafi kien nghata l-proklama u allura ma kien hem ebda piena.
      L-uniku wiehed li dabbar 14-il sena habs kien z-Zambi, l-klijent ta’ Adrian Delia, l-ohrajn KOLLHA gew liberati.
      U kif nstab hati?
      Meta tressaq Ian Farrugia m’ammettiex pero z-Zambi assistit minn Adrian Delia ammetta l-akkuzi minnufih. Pero’ gimgha wara l-sites Zambi assistit mill-istess Adrian Delia talab li jirtira lpammissjoni pero l-Qorti m’accettatx din t-talba u ghaddiet biex tikkundannah 14-il sena habs.
      Sussegwentement z-Zambi intavoli kawzi kostituzzjonali biex jirtira l-ammissjoni li kien ghamel meta kien assistit minn Delia u allega li ma kienx fuq l-post.
      B’hekk mill-erba persuni li kienu allegatament involuti fil-kaz (huwa irrelevanti x’kien l-kaz)-
      1. Zeppi l-Hafi nghata proklama u ma wehel xejn ovvjament
      2. Meinrad Calleja liberat
      3. Ian Farrugia liberat
      4. Charlie z-Zambi – 14-il sena habs wara li ammetta assistit minn Adrian Delia (wara li ammetta, talab li jirtira l-ammissjoni u ma thalliex mil-Qorti)
      Bniedem tkun taf jekk ghandux parola facile jew le meta tara r-RIZULTATI. Bniedem li jpacpac hafna mhux bilfors ikollu parolafacile. Jekk ma jgibx rizultati jkun pecluq. Jekk ikollu track record ta’ rizultati tista tghid li jkollu parola facile. Jekk le jista jaghti l-kaz li jkun carlatan u pecluq.

      • PENELOPE says:

        And your point is?

      • Kol says:

        Dr Debono, this might come as a surprise to you but a normal person does not admire those lawyers who are capable of finding loopholes in the law to get criminals back on the streets ESPECIALLY when those same lawyers are the ones legislating.

        There is a specific reason why major criminals are the ones who can afford the costliest lawyers and the reason is not one any lawyer should be proud of.

        Did you ever insist in court that Maltese society deserves a worthy prosecution team or put forward ways in which the prosecution could address its multiple shortcomings?

        Note that what I have said has no bearing on what I think of Adrian Delia, which happens to be very little, but addresses solely your warped sense of what makes an upstanding person worthy.

  8. M.C. says:

    One question: “What the f**k?”

    If he is elected with this way of thinking, there really be absolutely no hope left for this island.

  9. Odyssey says:

    What’s next? A carnival float (karnival tal-fjuri) that the MLP used to prepare every year for the Labour Day parade?

  10. Paul Mifsud says:

    Dan bis-serjeta jew. Adrian, tridx thallina siehbi. Mela qedin il-ground jew. Dabbar rasek ‘l hem.

  11. Ghax ma tmurx tippoza ghal xi ritratt fuq il-boat ma’ xi sea bream iffrizat?

  12. Johnny from Manila says:

    Silly season it is.

  13. Ask WHY he is opposed to him, because he wasn’t before.

  14. Tony says:

    One thing I am certain of: if either Adrian Delia or Frank Portelli is elected PN leader, I am done with politics in Malta and for the first time in my life, I will not vote.

  15. Oh yes, a really sharp and logical mind – several million in debt and like Frank Portelli, he thinks the solution is to become prime minister.

  16. Even with millions in debt to the banks?

  17. Mel says:

    Because Labour thought it best that they get rid of him so they orchestrated some targeted quips and the stupid ranks in the Nationalist Party sang to their tunes.

    Labour have been eliminating PN men and women, who they could not buy, by putting them in the centre of their cross-hairs, whipping up a demolition strategy and then letting stupid Nationalists do the rest, since well before the 2013 elections.

    Simon Busuttil might have a few shortcomings but he is a giant next to the PN leadership contenders and that suits the Labour government and party just fine.

    Labour gets stronger by the minute while PN starts from scratch: what more could Labour ask for?

  18. Ditto says:

    No light at all I’m afraid, not when people are stupid enough to think that the enemy of their enemy is their friend and they start to like him/them.

    Is it even possible that people with brains can only consider one aspect of an issue at a time?

  19. “Depends on the balance post divestment”

    The only way people can DIVEST themselves of their debt to the bank is by paying it. The bank does not care whether you have sold your shares in a company or not, if the debt is in your PERSONAL name.

  20. There’s swearing and swearing, Franco. Adrian Delia swears like the hamallu he is, a dressed-up one. You two have a lot in common.

  21. Jahasra.

    What’s Greenland like to live in, I wonder.

  22. U ma jikkuntentawx l-iskalora.

  23. Malteser says:


  24. T.A.X. says:

    Do both. You have no choice really.

  25. Kavall says:

    L-imgienen u l-imbarazz biss qed jispicca wara Delia.

  26. Desert Lizard says:

    I thought the clip was a spoof. Don’t tell me it is actually real? Please don’t.

  27. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Pay the bank after he sells his shares in what, exactly?

  28. U jidghi, ha nghidlek. Minn dak it-tip ta’ kelma oxxena ghal kull tlett kelmiet normali.

    • Angela Galea says:

      Jidghi b’Alla u l-kumplament jew bi kliem oxxen biss? Ghax ghalija, ghalkemm it-tnejn hziena, imma hemm differenza kbira.

  29. Dak jixtrihom minghand Miracle Foods, ihallihom daqsxejn ghal defrosting u jippoza bihom.

  30. Roger Hunt says:

    I don’t mean to sound cruel, but Delia’s social background is what it is and this whole farce is a reflection of that.

  31. deludedenfranchised says:

    Yeah – jinfethu il-bibien…..jigru l-barra l-onesti u jidhlu n-negozjanti.

  32. Angela Galea says:

    Same with me. But I know for sure that Delia and Portelli are definitely out of my thoughts and I wish it would be the general council itself that eliminates them.

  33. av says:

    If Franco Debono says they’re bad, I can only deduce that they’re good.

  34. Rumplestiltskin says:

    In many more ways than one. This is an asylum with the inmates in charge.

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