Keep them coming, buster. Join all the other crooked men in the Labour queue.

Published: August 29, 2017 at 6:04pm

Adrian Delia has sued me for libel for the fourth time, for writing the incontrovertible fact that money from a London prostitution racket was laundered through his offshore bank account in Jersey.

Like all the crooks in the Labour Party, this particular crook who seeks to lead the Nationalist Party for roughly the same reasons Keith Schembri and Joseph Muscat hijacked the Labour Party, rushes to court to file libel suits when he can’t stand there and deliver a proper explanation to the public by means of a press statement or press conference.

Throughout this episode, Adrian Delia has worked straight from Konrad Mizzi’s, Keith Schembri’s and Joseph Muscat’s playbook.

“I haven’t seen the original documents.”

“My signature isn’t on the documents.”

“I don’t recognise the account number.”

“I am going to have an audit of all my affairs by a reputable firm and it will be published as soon as possible.”

“That person without a name is a witch and we won’t let a blogger tell us what to do.”

So keep them coming, buster. You’re not the first bent lawyer I’ve dealt with who opens money-laundering offshore accounts – because whether it’s for your client or not, it’s still money-laundering. And over the course of three decades of writing a political column I have seen off real, actual politicians and cabinet ministers, including some pretty dangerous and malevolent ones, one of whom is still snapping at my feels in frustration today.

If I can deal with John Dalli, Konrad Mizzi, Keith Schembri, Joseph Muscat, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and the rest of the wicked bunch, rest assured that I can deal with you too. Corrupt, sleazy and/or crooked politicians are my field of specialisation.

And it’s going to make a nice change to have two crooked political parties to write about rather than just the one, if Mr Money Launderer for a Prostitution Racket gets to lead the Nationalist Party as the island sinks into madness.