Back in July: another lie from Adrian Delia

Published: August 29, 2017 at 6:33pm

In this newspaper story , published a day after he signed what he hoped would be a secret deed of constitution of debt making him and his wife personally liable as sureties to HSBC Bank for €7.2 million (he used her power of attorney), Adrian Delia says that he didn’t strike a deal with the Nationalist Party’s assistant secretary-general, Jean Pierre Debono.

We have since found out otherwise, as Jean Pierre Debono leads the battle to make Delia – a bent lawyer who came out of nowhere – leader of the Opposition.

Debono is doing this because he wants to consolidate his power in the party as an employee, living off donations which paid his salary, of many years. The best way he and his wife Kristy, who is going after the deputy leadership role, can do this is by latching onto a nonentity like Delia and making him their creature.