PN leadership contender policy statements (2): The Environment

Published: August 9, 2017 at 8:48pm

Put a 25 cents refundable levy on every plastic bottle, so that those who take a two-litre bottle to the beach will, instead of putting it in the bins or chucking it in the sand or into the sea, pack it up carefully, drive it to the supermarket and ask for their 25 cents.

And if they don’t, it doesn’t matter because children are like they were in the 1950s-1970s and will spend their days combing the beaches for bottles, incentivised by the prospect of a euro for four plastic bottles, and unhindered by their parents who let them roam about the streets like back in the good old days.

But never mind, because if the children don’t do it, there are always the beggars.

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  1. thealley says:

    Now imagine this same post by Dr Eddie Fenech Adami.

  2. c calafato says:

    Mela hasibna ghadna fi zmien il-gwerra.

  3. Imperator Cydonius says:

    At least this is a good suggestion, better than promising that there will be no development on ODZ land and we all know how that goes.

    • A good suggestion, really? What it tells me is that Frank Portelli deals with neither the shopping nor the recycling at home

      I’d much rather carry on doing what I am doing now – taking my plastic bottles to the recycling bins along with the rest of the recyclable rubbish – rather than gathering them separately and hassling with taking them to the supermarket for the refund.

      And that’s why the only people telling him ‘prosit Frank’ are men who probably don’t think of the practicalities – just like him.

  4. Tony says:

    Stuck in the past and aspiring to be the future prime minister.

  5. Fred the Red says:

    Such is the level of mediocrity Malta Taghna Lkoll has plummeted to.

  6. In the ‘cleaner parts of Europe’, people drink tap-water, Mario.

    In Malta, people only drink water out of plastic bottles. And because you have to drink at least 2 litres a day, especially in weather like this, with a family of five that’s 35 empty bottles to take to the supermarket in the Saturday chaos, and you’re constantly nine euros out of pocket.

    Frank can frank off.

    • Mario says:

      You can always get your 9 euro back…I think it’s more our impractical for the supermarkets..but in some countries automated machines are used.

      • No, of course you can’t get your nine euros back. If 35 bottles are a constant on your shopping list, then you’re always nine euros out of pocket and you NEVER get them back. Work it out.

  7. Evaristsammut says:

    Adrian Delia has already denied knowledge of the song’s source. It was not produced by his people.

    I suggest you listen carefully to what all four candidates are saying and you will surely conclude that Adrian Delia is a cut above the rest.

    He is the only person who might overcome Joseph Muscat’s unassailable trust rating.

    • Adrian Delia denied knowledge of the song when it was poorly received and people laughed at it. They produced it, and kite-flew it.

      “I suggest you listen carefully to what all four candidates are saying” – how rude and stupid you are. Do you realise who you’re talking to? I do that for a living.

      Dr Delia is in debt to the tune of MILLIONS. I suggest you confront him on how he plans to pay it back.

  8. He’s so out of touch with reality that he doesn’t even know there are no grocers anymore, let alone the sort who weigh everything, last seen when I was a child in the 1970s.

  9. You’re not very smart, are you? People who take their empty bottles to the supermarket will STILL have to go to the recycling bins (stop calling it a bring-in site; they’re bins) with everything else.

    So no, you’re not saving anything but increasing the inconvenience all round, for everyone. And I don’t need to pay nine euros to save plastic bottles because I’ve been doing so for years anyway, ever since waste-separation began.

    So have tens of thousands of other people. Welcome to the world.

  10. I will be specific, don’t you worry about that. But I’ve got to make some phone calls first. And I don’t know why you seem to think that 2 million euros are no big deal. His wife doesn’t work and he’ll have to be living off the Opposition leader’s salary. It’s roughly halfway between 2 million and 20 million.

  11. They can do that in Germany because people don’t drink water out of plastic bottles. They drink water out of the tap. In Malta, even the recycling-bins are full of plastic bottles within a few hours in the summer. A machine would need a person standing constantly by with a truck to empty it.

    Let’s be practical, shall we? Frank said what he did because he is the king of impracticality, as his life shows.

    • Vani says:

      Excuse me Mrs Caruana Galizia, but rarely do Germans drink water out of the tap, although it is very drinkable.
      It may be pertinent to remind you that most Germans drink Sprudel or Sparkling Water. In fact, if you ask at most places for a Wasser, you get the fizzy kind. But Stilles Wasser is also widely sold in Germany as well.
      Furthermore, the return law is not limited to plastic water bottles, but to most drink bottles as well, even tin cans. There are some products which are packaged in Pfand Frei containers, but they are few and far between, unless they are imports. These Pfand Frei, along with other recyclable material, may be disposed off in Local Council freely supplied bags (Gelbe Sack) which are collected every fortnight.
      Another thing. I remember diving some time ago off St. Paul’s Bay. The sea bed was full of discarded plastic bottles. I’d bet anything that few would continue polluting the sea if it would cost them money.
      That said, I have to say that although I agree whole heartedly with Mr. Portelli’s proposition, I am perplexed as to the why he brought it up now. Unless his aim was for media exposure, in which case, and as seen by the arguments on this site, Kudos.

  12. How will you be making a buck by paying a deposit? Think straight. And what are you planning to do – refuse to separate your waste because nobody pays you?

    You create the waste, you deal with it. You don’t do it because somebody pays you. You do it because you’re an adult with a civic conscience.

    • Esteve says:

      Civic conscience- that scarcest of scarce resources in Malta. I have yet to see a campaign to increase civic responsibility in adults and children alike. Its lack is what makes Malta such a frustrating place to live in.

  13. Nickie Vella de Fremeaux is liable for the bank debt of millions, too. She is a party to the debt because they have ‘kommunita ta’ akkwisti’. So much for her legal training – and then she goes and signs off for her husband’s massive business loans.

  14. Mariella Darmanin says:

    The situation in Germany is totally different. Most drinks are sold in returnable glass bottles or PET bottles. And they are always returned. People, who don’t want to carry the heavy crates of beer or water or whatever have the option to get them delivered to their doorsteps.

    Non-returnable glass bottles (like most wine bottles) are brought to numerous bring-in sites close by. The tap water is of great quality and only few people by flat mineral water. Bin men don’t take them and you get fined if you get caught disposing them in a bin.

    The introduction of returnable plastic bottles and tins was a nightmare and people don’t like queuing up at the machines at the supermarkets. Frequently, the machines are slow or out of order and leave people fuming until supermarket stuff finally shows up to fix the problem. Furthermore, the machines only read the labels when the bottle or tin is not damaged. Once you have a dent in it, you lose your deposit – even though the machine, if it correctly reads the label, squashes the bottle as soon as it passed the scanner.

    Unlike in Malta, in Germany there are very good options to avoid or minimise the waste. So no, it’s not a good proposal. If you want to save the environment, either install a reverse osmosis in your home (that water tastes fantastic) or get it delivered by H2O.

  15. The only thing that husbands can use to threaten wives, other than actual brute physical force, is withdrawal of funds (a tactic which, by several accounts, Frank Portelli used with his first wife).

    And that’s why it’s a good idea for women like Nickie Vella de Fremeaux to have their own money: so that when their husbands come along waving a piece of paper at them demanding that they sign it, which would put them in debt to the tune of millions and risk their home and everything else, they can tell them where to stuff it.

    And I’m being polite here.

  16. Stop discussing bottles, please. Enough. That is not the main topic here.

  17. Joseph Borg says:

    No, there is no charge for plastic bottles in Germany. You are free to go to a crushing machine at any supermarket and get a credit note, a sort of selling plastic. If I am not wrong St Paul’s Bay Local Council put such machine there.

  18. Joseph Borg says:

    And so many Labour supporters took as a dogma, his AO was flooded with calls.

  19. Sowxal says:

    Doctor Frank, naghtuk 25c kull meta tmur titma’ l-hamiem.

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