PN leadership contender policy statements (1): Marriage and the Family

Published: August 9, 2017 at 8:32pm

‘Man’ and ‘woman’ will be taken as synonyms for ‘straight’. All others are ‘gay’ or perhaps ‘bi’ unless they are ‘trans’. Men will refer to themselves using the third person singular. Lesbians must tell the men they plan to marry that they are lesbians, because otherwise if their true nature comes out later, he will get a surprise.

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  1. Spiderman says:

    Just a subtle reminder, dott : we are in 2017 going to 2018. The world is changing, and ignoring it will not stop it.

  2. He’s never said anything about that, though, has he. Did you notice?

  3. Henry S Pace says:

    The contenders are clowning around.

  4. The Sting says:

    Have you come across some happy stuff we don’t know about? I mean you need to be at least on the Milky Way just to write shit like that!

  5. Signatures from kunsilliera. Same way Donald Trump got to be a contender.

  6. It also shows what a lousy parent he is. Like I always say – repeatedly – before their children’s sexuality is established, parents are mad and irresponsible to pass disparaging remarks about homosexuality or make it clear that they look down on homosexuals and are taking it for granted that their children are heterosexual.

  7. Mary says:

    You would have thought that a doctor would be familiar with Kinsey’s work. I wonder if Dr Portelli uses the Bible as reference for his prescriptions and diagnoses (intended plural)?

  8. He’s been part of the Labour Movement all along, just like his mate John Dalli.

  9. Sowxal says:

    Is-sess parti integrali taz-zwieg. Sess jinkludi kemm mal-mara u mal-habiba/ hbieb.

    Hux Dott?

    Xi wiehed bhalek ghandna bzonn biex jghallimna dwar iz-zwieg.

    Give us a f****** break and go feed the pigeons.

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