The ridiculous Adrian Delia has filed another libel suit instead of explaining himself to the public and the press

Published: August 25, 2017 at 1:27pm

I notice from Adrian Delia’s standard daily barrage of press releases in my email in-box that he has filed another libel suit against me today, this time for saying that he used his offshore account at Barclays International in Jersey (account name: ADRIAN DELIA) to process, for which read launder, the money from prostitution collected by Maltese landlords in Soho.

Like members of the Labour Party to which he properly belongs, Dr Delia thinks that filing a libel suit is a substitute for a politician explaining himself to the press and the public – or even worse, a declaration of innocence.

It is neither. It is a desperate public relations move resorted to by scoundrels who know that they cannot explain themselves but must use some kind of delaying tactic and make a statement which doesn’t involve words, so they choose action instead: suing in the moment.

He’s an idiot, because so much more of this story is left to unfold that his bet, if he can explain himself, is to sit down and do it.

Later on today, I will explain to whom 52 Greek Street is registered as a front for the real owner. I can’t do it for now because there are a couple of things I need to do first. And then more of the pieces will begin falling into place. But of course, that’s just one bit of it, because this thing is going to run for a while yet.

Adrian Delia got upset because I first asked him a very specific question on whether he has ever held an offshore bank account, waited for him to deny it, and then published the documents proving that he did. He called it ‘strategy of a hidden hand’. No, Dr Delia, it’s called journalism. Finding out whether a party leadership contender (or any other politician) is a liar who does not respect the public with the truth is an important party of reporting. That you had an offshore account in Jersey is one story. That you lied about it is another.

For years, Adrian Delia processed the ‘rent’ from this place through his offshore account at Barclays International in Jersey. That he did it for the Maltese Soho landlords and did not own the brothels himself does not change the fact that he was laundering the money.