UPDATED/Title to Soho brothel freehold held by Chris Cardona’s chauffeur; prostitutes’ takings paid into Adrian Delia’s Barclays International bank account in Jersey

Published: August 25, 2017 at 8:34pm

The freehold to the Soho brothel at 52 Greek Street, from which prostitutes’ takings – called ‘rent’ – were paid into the Barclays International bank account in Jersey held by Nationalist Party leadership contender Adrian Delia, was registered to the name of Mark Barbara. Mr Barbara works as a chauffeur to Labour cabinet minister Chris Cardona and is one of his most trusted aides. UPDATE: He is also a very close associate of Adrian Delia through the Birkirkara Football Club, as the photographs below show.

UK Land Registry records – Land Registry – Mark Barbara – 52 Greek Street – show that Mark Barbara took over the title to the freehold of 52 Greek Street in Soho on 19th February 2004, paying the sum of £240,000. His address is given as care of a firm of solicitors, Pitts-Tucker & Co of Pilgrim Street.

Roger Pitts-Tucker began to collect the ‘rent’ for the portfolio of brothels which included 52 Greek Street after the dispute with the former ‘rent-collector’ which led to the letter I published here being sent to Adrian Delia.

Mr Pitts-Tucker was disciplined by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and suspended from practice, on a separate matter.

Around this time, Chris Cardona – who was then a member of the Opposition – was defence counsel to the original ‘rent-collector’ of the London brothels, when he was put under investigation and later on trial in Malta for operating two brothels on the island, and for laundering the proceeds of prostitution. He was convicted on both charges.

The man in question is the one on whose behalf a firm of London solicitors wrote this letter to Adrian Delia, seeking the whereabouts of the funds – takings from prostitution, called ‘rent’ – which had been paid into his Barclays International account in Jersey.

Mark Barbara (centre, in a peach jacket) recently starred on the show Liquorish on the Labour Party’s television station

The Prime Minister with Mark Barbara, cabinet minister Chris Cardona’s chauffeur and trusted aide: the title to the freehold at 52 Greek Street was registered to his name in February 2004. Land Registry documents in the UK list him as having paid £240,000 for the title.

Nationalist Party leadership contender Adrian Delia (red top) with Mark Barbara, Labour cabinet minister Chris Cardona’s chauffeur and trusted aide, in whose name the title to the freehold of 52 Greek Street. Soho, is held. Takings from the prostitutes working at that address were paid into Adrian Delia’s offshore account with Barclays International in Jersey, for onward payment – laundering – to two companies registered in one of the world’s most secretive jurisdictions, the Marshall Islands.

You couldn’t make it up.