Take a look at Adrian Delia’s atrocious response to the latest facts reported about him

Published: August 26, 2017 at 12:21am

He doesn’t give an explanation of the FACTS reported in my posts, including the latest one this evening. And instead he gives a vague and blanket denial without saying what he is denying. He hasn’t even started in politics and already he doesn’t think that he owes the public any explanation about anything at all.

He then does the 100% Labour thing of depersonalising me by refusing to acknowledge that I am doing my job as a journalist (very Donald Trump) and actually says – and I cringe in embarrassment on his behalf: “She is doing this because she doesn’t want to let go of her dictatorial rule (“hakma”) of the Nationalist Party”.

Labour all the way – and the Nationalist Party is going to elect him to lead it. It would be bad enough if Delia – Deliar would be more appropriate – actually believed the Labour propaganda he repeats, but he doesn’t. The shocking thing here is that he says something like this – something so Labour – about a journalist to protect himself by attempting to defect the anger he anticipates onto her instead. Again, totally Labour. Totally John Dalli, Pullicino Orlando and Frank Portelli.

He is fully apprised of the extent of my involvement in the Nationalist Party – it is exactly nought, let alone a “hakma” – because there are several people working on his campaign who know that I have nothing whatsoever to do with the Nationalist Party because they work there themselves or worked there in the past.

That they allow their man to behave like this is completely unacceptable. It is bad enough that they know he is a liar who is mixed up with shady people and still they back him, as though one shady party leader in a Constitutional role is not bad enough. But allowing him to lie about a journalist and, more pertinently, about the Nationalist Party itself – for that is what it really is, a lie about the Nationalist Party – is so far out of order that I don’t know where to begin. It is completely intolerable. Hakma of the Nationalist Party, really? A journalist who has set foot in the Nationalist Party headquarters no more than five times and always for reasons related to journalism work?

I suggest that Adrian Delia’s aides remind their man that he is not in the running to lead the Labour Party, even though the only reason he’s making a lunge for the Nationalist Party leadership is because it’s available and Labour has got enough crooks already.

They should also tell him to stop dragging his family into it. Nobody ever mentioned his family. Nobody cares to do so. ‘Family’, like patriotism, is the last refuge of the Maltese scoundrel, as with Frank Portelli. A man who enters the political field for the privileges he hopes to gain should at least be man enough to take it on the chin without whining about his family. We all have families, but only scoundrels cite them for sympathy.

Meanwhile, I am inviting my readers to take Adrian Delia’s response apart – see it below – and list on the comments board the questions they want him to answer. If this is how he plans to lead the Opposition, by running away from journalists who ask difficult questions and then by insulting those journalists and rousing their rabble supporters against them to obscure their reports, then we might as well just stick with Muscat’s Labour.