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Published: August 29, 2017 at 6:48pm

Posted by Gez on the subject of the bent lawyer who came out of nowhere and who is attempting to hijack the great Constitutional role of Opposition leader, with the help of the Nationalist Party clique led by the long-time self-serving, donations-guzzling (as a salary) assistant secretary-general Jean Pierre Debono and his obedient wife Kristy:

Come on people, swallow your pride and admit to yourself: I was wrong. Stop being wilfully ignorant and stop supporting your favourite candidate who in reality is a destitute crooked man surrounded by shady brigands with a marked propensity towards deceit and gulling you with logical fallacies.

The inevitable poker-player in the mix: Birkirkara clothes shop owner Julian Micallef, who is helping organise the campaign in return for a dash of power when Delia is Opposition leader

Adrian Delia with his wife Nickie (right) who has been completely invisible in this campaign, and with a family friend, Rebecca Dimech, whose drug-dealing boyfriend Andre Falzon was released from prison last June.