The Labour Party is already gearing up to rip into Norman-Lowell-impersonator Adrian Delia

Published: September 2, 2017 at 2:26pm

Now that the Labour Party’s work is pretty much done in helping build up enough momentum to get Adrian Delia elected leader of the Nationalist Party, its malign broadcasting operation, One TV, has begun to rip into him already, using the most destructive weapon of ridicule. And for once I find myself in complete agreement, along with thousands of people who voted Nationalist. He really is hysterical and desperate, as the Labour Party’s propaganda machine reports.

I would hazard a guess – given that I know his wife’s family to be decent, respectable and sensible people – that Delia is facing massive problems on the home front and therefore starts off crippled as he embarks on his great adventure. Half his desperation at this point will be coming from that; the other half from the fact that he has clearly been steered into this by the machinations of those who are holding him hostage, possibly even blackmailing him. He has no choice but to win, because the alternative for him at a financial, unseen-shady-dealings level is not going to be pleasant.