The Labour Party is already gearing up to rip into Norman-Lowell-impersonator Adrian Delia

Published: September 2, 2017 at 2:26pm

Now that the Labour Party’s work is pretty much done in helping build up enough momentum to get Adrian Delia elected leader of the Nationalist Party, its malign broadcasting operation, One TV, has begun to rip into him already, using the most destructive weapon of ridicule. And for once I find myself in complete agreement, along with thousands of people who voted Nationalist. He really is hysterical and desperate, as the Labour Party’s propaganda machine reports.

I would hazard a guess – given that I know his wife’s family to be decent, respectable and sensible people – that Delia is facing massive problems on the home front and therefore starts off crippled as he embarks on his great adventure. Half his desperation at this point will be coming from that; the other half from the fact that he has clearly been steered into this by the machinations of those who are holding him hostage, possibly even blackmailing him. He has no choice but to win, because the alternative for him at a financial, unseen-shady-dealings level is not going to be pleasant.

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  1. If I were a Nationalist MP, and Adrian Delia is elected leader, I would immediately resign the party whip. You need to have no spine at all to remain under the party whip with that man at the help. Keep your seats, chaps, but resign the whip.

    • Kollox Kontra says:

      Seems like it has not even crossed his mind that the same people he is clearly talking against (Karol Aquilina, Simon Busuttil & c) will be sitting next to him in Parliament. That is if he wins the election, and finds someone who is willing to give up his/her seat for him.

      Can you see what problems he shall be inflicting on the Opposition? A divided Opposition. God please help us.

  2. Edward says:

    The video is scary. His voice sounds so rough and so vicious. It really does sound like he is panicking.

  3. john says:

    All this ranting liar needs to complete the picture is a toothbrush moustache.

  4. Crockett says:

    Mediocrity on caffeine.

  5. F Galea says:

    How can people roundly condemn Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri and at the same time support Adrian Delia? They both have shady set-ups, and they both gave absurd explanations. Mela kulhadd qed jiggennen issa?

  6. I’m not here to provide it. I’m not a fascist leader or the leader of a sect. I’m here to provide a good dose of realism, however unpalatable.

  7. Nope. I think he’s somebody’s hostage.

  8. Marelli, are you still rooting for that man?

  9. The way I reason is this: if I wouldn’t want my daughter (I don’t have one) to marry him on the grounds that she would be neither safe nor happy, then I don’t want him running the country.

    That’s how I feel about Delia. I most certainly wouldn’t want my daughter to marry him.

  10. J Abela says:


  11. callixtus says:

    It’s just a ruse to lull Nationalists into falsely believing that the MLP is not gagging to have Delia installed as PN leader.

  12. leon 1 says:

    Xena tal-wahx. Ara biex irridu nghabbu. Dan aghar minn Muscat.

  13. When you resign the party whip, it means you no longer belong to the party, but you continue to hold your seat in parliament in your own name. You can also choose to move under the whip of another party, and that means your seat will be added to the number of seats of the other party.

    Marlene Farrugia resigned the Labour whip in the last term of parliament, but kept her seat.

    • Spock says:

      Thanks. If MPs like Jason Azzopardi resign the whip, it will be the end of the Opposition and the PN. Yet I can see no other way. What a bloody mess.

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