The Jersey bank account: it was important to know that Delia is a liar

Published: September 2, 2017 at 2:10pm

I have seen some comments on social media, by Adrian Delia and members of his rabble, saying in all seriousness that I “entrapped” him when I asked him whether he has or has ever had a bank account overseas.

They do not even understand how this claim undermines their own cause: if he’s saying that the bank account was not his (it most definitely was; it had only his personal name on it), that I can’t have entrapped him because there was nothing to entrap.

But there are some genuinely confused people who can’t understand why I asked him whether he has or has ever had an overseas bank account when I knew already that he did and I also had documentary proof of it. Why didn’t I just ask him why he had that account and what he used it for?

The answer is this. I knew already that he had held a bank account at Barclays International in Jersey, and had papers to prove it, including the account number and evidence of transfers made. So now what I needed to find out is whether he is a liar (I knew the answer to that already, too, but I needed evidence). Was he going to lie to me about his bank account? I knew he would, and that’s why I asked.

If he had answered truthfully, I would have been pleasantly surprised. But I knew he wouldn’t. He’s neither intelligent nor a chess-player. In these situations, the skills learned from poker just do not cut it, because they teach you how to take risks and not how to foresee what the other party might have in mind.

If he had proper political advisors, not that shambles on the WhatsApp group, one of them would have told him: “Adrian, if she’s asking, and asking so specifically, then she knows the answer already. Don’t take a risk and lie, because then you’ll have to deal with the fall-out on two stories: the first that you had a bank account in Jersey and you’ll need to explain why, and the second that you lied about it. And lots of people will be more concerned with the second.”

That is exactly what happened. The fact that Adrian Delia lied to me (and previously, to other press) about not having an overseas bank account immediately made the bank account itself highly suspect. So people were not at all surprised to learn that he used it to launder money for a prostitution racket. “I’m not surprised he didn’t want to admit to it,” they said. “If it had just been a normal overseas account for legitimate purposes, like so many other people have, he would have said so at once.”

In his hysterical fascist speech yesterday, he thanked everybody except his wife and children, except his parents-in-law. He thanked his old schoolfriends, his helpers and when he thanked his family, he mentioned only his parents, his brother, his brother’s wife and his brother’s children. Take note of that. And this after weeks of mentioning his ‘five children’ at every given opportunity.