Adrian Delia with Censu L-Iswed outside the Nationalist Party HQ this morning

Published: September 13, 2017 at 12:19pm

The shape of things to come: a Nationalist Party leader who, even before he is elected, surrounds himself with members of the underworld. Party members have until tomorrow to collect their voting document, and Vincent Borg aka Censu L-Iswed is hanging about in the party headquarters lobby trying to influence them to vote for Adrian Delia as they walk in.

Vincent Borg is a state employee, currently deployed at the public garden on Tower Road – called ‘Independence Garden’ – where Delia held a campaign event a few days ago. So why is he permitted not to report for work? Presumably because Kristy Debono, David Agius and Clyde Puli do the same.

When Delia left in his getaway car – a Jaguar; when he met Frank Portelli at a Mellieha restaurant it was a BMW 5 Series; he owes the banks €728,000 in his personal name alone – Censu L-Iswed stayed behind to harry party members about their vote.

Delia and his media aide do not answer any questions I send them directly, preferring to ignore them instead and then go ballistic when I report on the matter (very bad news in a society that wishes to call itself democratic).

So I have decided to publish any questions I wish him to answer – which he never does – right here instead, where he and his aides read everything religiously.

Dr Delia, do you or do you not confirm that your associate Vincent Borg aka Censu L-Iswed has or has had links to the criminal underworld, particularly the trafficking of women from Eastern Europe, and that he has in the past been known to import women for Maltese clients to order, the women being selected from a ring-file binder containing their photographs and measurements?

The shape of things to come: this morning at the Nationalist Party headquarters – Adrian Delia with Censu L-Iswed