Adrian Delia with Censu L-Iswed outside the Nationalist Party HQ this morning

Published: September 13, 2017 at 12:19pm

The shape of things to come: a Nationalist Party leader who, even before he is elected, surrounds himself with members of the underworld. Party members have until tomorrow to collect their voting document, and Vincent Borg aka Censu L-Iswed is hanging about in the party headquarters lobby trying to influence them to vote for Adrian Delia as they walk in.

Vincent Borg is a state employee, currently deployed at the public garden on Tower Road – called ‘Independence Garden’ – where Delia held a campaign event a few days ago. So why is he permitted not to report for work? Presumably because Kristy Debono, David Agius and Clyde Puli do the same.

When Delia left in his getaway car – a Jaguar; when he met Frank Portelli at a Mellieha restaurant it was a BMW 5 Series; he owes the banks €728,000 in his personal name alone – Censu L-Iswed stayed behind to harry party members about their vote.

Delia and his media aide do not answer any questions I send them directly, preferring to ignore them instead and then go ballistic when I report on the matter (very bad news in a society that wishes to call itself democratic).

So I have decided to publish any questions I wish him to answer – which he never does – right here instead, where he and his aides read everything religiously.

Dr Delia, do you or do you not confirm that your associate Vincent Borg aka Censu L-Iswed has or has had links to the criminal underworld, particularly the trafficking of women from Eastern Europe, and that he has in the past been known to import women for Maltese clients to order, the women being selected from a ring-file binder containing their photographs and measurements?

The shape of things to come: this morning at the Nationalist Party headquarters – Adrian Delia with Censu L-Iswed

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  1. Shameelna says:

    I collected our voting documents on day two, and Censu l-Iswed was there, eyeing every person entering from top to toe.

  2. Kevin J says:

    I was telephoned by the Delia team and have been receiving texts from his campaign office regularly. Then Delia talks about not being part of the Establishment.

  3. observer says:

    Censu l-iswed: Il-vot tieghek tista’ tobormu sigarrett u ddahlu fit-toqba tal-mufiteh tal-maqjel fejn certi nies jixirqilhom li jghixu.

    Nies ta’ l-affair taghhom ma ghandhomx bzonnu l-vot – la tieghek u lanqas ta’ ohrajn tal-qatgha tieghek. Ghandhom bzonn biss il-vot u l-fiducja ta’ min hu serju u onest – avolja forsi ma jirnexxilhomx jipperswadu lil kulhadd.

  4. Lawrence Gonzi was a smoker. Quite a heavy one, as I recall.

    • Alfred Bugeja says:

      He was. Never publicly, though. But I also do recall seeing an ashtray on his desk at Auberge de Castille from time to time.

  5. Reader says:

    In the first photo, with that cigarette dangling between his lips, Delia reminds me of the old yellow/orange bus drivers (before Arriva), when it was still legal for them to smoke on the job.

  6. Alfred Zammit says:

    hey, why are we picking on individuals? i happen to know Censu very well and its true he might have had a colourful youth but is now settled with a big family and prior to these elections leading a normal life like all.Please raise a hand if you dont have a skeleton in your cupboard,starting from you mrs Caruana Galizia,a woman i have been supporting and applauding for the past 6/7 years or so.Iam not saying vote this person or that person but whoever is our new leader he will get loyalty ..

    • No, Mr Zammit, I have never trafficked women and sold them to men as sex slaves. I hope that answers your question.

      As for ‘picking on individuals’, I think you should more properly ask why those individuals are glued to the hip of the prospective leader of the Opposition, and why he wants them there.

    • Alfred Psaila says:

      If he really was involved in women trafficking, no matter if he was involved a day ago or when he still had a diaper, then he is an enemy of humanity for life. How can you even think of defending such a person?

      What is next from you, defending paedophiles? Adrian Delia should have NEVER involved him if he knew, and since he now knows, then he should end it immediately.

    • Josette says:

      Apparently he’s involved in white slavery. A big family doesn’t cancel that.

  7. Gez says:

    Pierre ’32’ Portelli might not have known when he decided to jump aboard the Delia bandwagon which would justify giving him the benefit of the doubt but now that it has emerged that Adrian Delia did in fact have connections with prostitution and has been quite chummy with Chris Cardona, he has no excuse.

    You cannot reason that it was a mistake that happened 13 years ago when you back a shady character like Delia who was himself involved in the laundering of money derived from prostitution. We don’t need court judgements to tell us that it is so; his evasiveness answers for itself.

  8. Sea Bastion says:

    Why is he called Censu l-Iswed? What’s so black about him? I swear these nicknames have never been clever or made sense.

    • Because he was and still is extremely dark. Apparently Censu L-Ismar didn’t quite cut it. The boss at Mazars, which has taken on Adrian Delia’s infamous audit, for example, has been known has Toni L-Iswed since his youth – for the same reason.

  9. Reflections says:

    I have never been a smoker but I’m more concerned about prospective leaders’ principles and baggage than whether they are smokers or not, wear glasses or contacts, are thin or well-built..

  10. Observations says:

    As if we know anything about him. I always knew groupthink was a strong, real thing but to hear people from all walks of life claim he can ‘win’ still amazes me. I sometimes want to play a game with them such as 20 questions about Delia and I doubt anyone could answer anything.

    • Maltese society is hyper-programmed for group-think because 98% of Maltese are brainwashed in childhood at religious indoctrination classes, which follow the exact same format as political indoctrination classes in dictatorial regimes.

      This may not achieve the ultimate aim of making them religious (in fact, it does not), but it does render the vast majority unable to think critically – except, usually, about the religion itself, which they end up ditching.

  11. Matt Valencia says:

    Does that idiot have a cigarette in his mouth? Does he know that we don’t live in the 70s any more?

  12. The manner in which Maltese men belittle and trivialise grave crimes against women never fails to shock me.

    • Natalie says:

      True. I retched at the bit about a catalogue with women’s pictures and their measurements. It’s as if they’re selling bookcases and cupboards.

  13. Monica says:

    Well said.


  15. Sowxal says:

    I remember the Hamrun supporters chanting ‘Censu l-li, Censu l-li, Censu l-li**’ whenever he emerged from the Valletta dugout. It used to be so hilarious, especially his reaction.

  16. FWs have taken over the country, actually.

  17. Yes, and he wasn’t much good at making money off it, it seems, because he lives in social housing: flat tal-gvern minghand in-Nazzjonalisti, like his job mal-gvern minghand in-Nazzjonalisti. Makes you ill.

  18. Galeforce says:

    That is fast becoming the perception people have of the ”avukat ta’ klassi”. you know, the one with the ” valuri tradizzjonali”.

  19. C. Colins says:

    Who told you that Eddie is endorsing Chris Said? That photo may have been taken last Saturday during the first voting day. Fenech Adami might have gone to vote and Chris Said was there to greet him as he did to the other voters during the day.

  20. He attracts typical Maltese male chauvinists of my age group for sure.

  21. Reader says:

    Please for the sake of our country, vote for integrity and solidarity. Don’t vote for the leader Labour wants. Don’t vote for anyone who will be made mince-meat by Joseph Muscat, Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri.

    • They’re going to vote for the leader Labour wants because with the help of Cambridge Analytica and its big data messaging, they’ve been brainwashed and don’t even know it.

      • Josette says:

        The good thing is that most party members are over 60 and do not use the internet or Facebook that much. So Cambridge Analytica’s tactics might not work with them.

        Wonder who’s paying Cambridge Analytics? Their services do not come cheap. It would mean that the bill for the liar’s campaign is running to hundreds of thousands.

      • Almost certainly Henley & Partners, with whom they have a history already.

      • Edward Falzon says:

        If I may ask, what makes you think that the Labour Party are using the services of Cambridge Analytica?

      • I don’t think, I know. And that would be telling. But people speak on planes when they’re bored and they think the person they’re speaking to is a tourist.

      • Edward Falzon says:

        Did they use their services for the elections? I did not notice anything different in social media during this last election compared to the 2013 one.

        Furthermore, their fees run into millions.

  22. Reflections says:

    How weird that a prospective leadership candidate is disrespectful to and attacks – the party he hopes to lead and this same previous party administration! How even more weird it is that a percentage of persons don’t see the obvious!

  23. etc90 says:

    Yeah because giving up the fags is going to pay off his debt

    • S Calleja says:

      Considering cigarettes are pretty expensive, yes, every small contribution helps. Money not paid back today has to be paid back tomorrow, with interest. It’s not just about cigarettes, but the whole mentality of justifying unnecessary expenses because they are small. It adds up you know.

      • etc90 says:

        Come to think of it you’re right. He should give up smoking and put the €6 a day he spends on cigarettes in a piggy bank then once a month post it to BOV. That’s €2000 a year. I’m sure BOV will appreciate that.

      • etc90 says:

        Has it crossed your mind that maybe just maybe it’s the debts that made him take up smoking? Or the people chasing him for ripping them off? Or the people pulling his strings?

  24. Reader says:

    Isma’ dan ragel tal-familja ta’…
    Ghandu hamest it-tfal miskin….


  25. Josette says:

    The common link with most of the people he surrounds himself by appears to be that they all profit from prostitution and the trafficking of women, in one way or another. This associate appears to be particularly vile.

    Dr Delia, ma’ min rajtek xebbahtek! My vote will go to someone I can trust and that is certainly not you.

  26. Spa says:

    Ma hasibx b’rasu l-PN. Gralu bhal Germanja. Halla l-lifgha tidhol u minn elezzjoni demokratika tfaccalhom l-aghar dittatur.

  27. Malta, where smoking is a bigger crime than buying and selling women.

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