Marlene Farrugia goes for Adrian Delia’s jugular (because it takes a woman)

Published: September 13, 2017 at 11:47am

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  1. just me says:

    If Adrian Delia is elected I will not vote for the Nationalist Party in coming elections but for the Democratic Party.

  2. carl barthet says:

    Dr Delia is a fake, brought into the political sphere by a puppet master whose identity we still do not know, though many people suspect.

    The only way forward now is to split the PN, as many people can’t stomach being under Delia’s leadership.

    • Iain Morrison says:

      I wonder who the puppet master is, too. The money trail smells a litt Azerbaijani to me.

    • observer says:

      I do not vote for fakes – and have never done so in the last 55 years that I have been entitled to vote. Period.
      I vote for honesty, experience and sincerity. That, for me, means CHRIS SAID.

      I do not, and cannot, agree with your second assertion. The only way forward is to have honest, experienced and sincere leadership – certainly not Deliar’s – which will clean up the PN of the dregs of ambitious, self-seeking opportunists. Period.

  3. EarthwormDave says:

    Extremely well said. She and Godfrey Farrugia have a lot to offer those who like their politics clean and honest and somewhere ‘in the middle’.

  4. LaundryVille says:

    Hekk hu. Fejn kien Delia matul dan iz-zmien kollu? Jiehu hsieb l-interessi tieghu. Ma nbidel xejn issa, ghax l-istess baqa’. Jiehu hsieb l-interessi tieghu.

    Immaginaw l-istess sitwazzjoni f’koppja u familja. Il-missier jisparixxi mal-habiba ghal xi tletin sena u jhalli lil martu taqdef wahidha biex tghajjex u trabbi familja ta’ hamest itfal. Wara tletin sena jerga’ jitfacca u jistenna li jerga’ jiehu postu qiesu qatt ma gara xejn.

    Imbaghad, hemm dak il-missier li dejjem kien hemm, jistinka ghall-familja tieghu, fil-maltemp u fil-bnazzi. Dejjem kien ta’ spalla ghal martu u ghal uliedu. Missier mhux ghax bi dritt, izda bil-fatti.

    Il-kliem ma jaghmlukx kap. L-imgieba iva.

  5. lupara bianca says:

    Another woman of steel, and very many men of straw.

  6. Galeforce says:

    The irony is that plenty of honest people who were identified via the social media as having attended the anti corruption protest marches in Valletta last year were victimised for their political views by the Labour government, while l-avukat ta’ klassi was prominent by his absence and is now being lauded by those who should be asking him why he wasn’t there.

  7. She’s a woman, therefore she must be vicious and spiteful, rather than thinking clearly. Right, David?

  8. Oh, of course, I really, really hate men. That’s why I’m married to one, have three grown sons, a father I love dearly, and get along better with men than I do with women (because I have more in common with men my age than I do with women my age, who are mainly housewives), and tend to have more friends who are men than friends who are women (for the same reason).

    I hate nobody, but if you switch to ‘dislike intensely and disapprove of’, then yes, it’s your archetypal Maltese chauvinistic man – can’t stand those.

    Men don’t speak about other men the way Marlene Farrugia and I do. Only women can do that, because here we’re operating in a men’s club where the men don’t go for each other’s throats no matter what political party they’re in. Instead, they go for the women’s throats, because there is general consensus among Maltese men that public criticism by a woman cannot be tolerated.

  9. Mike Wagstaff says:

    It is easy to take refuge in accusations of opportunism. More pertinent do you have any answers to the questions she poses? That is the crux.

  10. Marlene rose pretty quickly. She was a member of parliament in her 30s and unlike Adrian Delia her real estate projects have resulted in the opposite of a deficit of millions.

    The point is that Delia didn’t RISE. He just came out of nowhere into an emotional vacuum.

  11. Reflections says:

    This mess could have been avoided had the application as a prospective candidate –
    for a person who has never been in politics and materialised from thin air, not to mention inappropriate baggage – not been accepted in the first place!

  12. Franġiska says:

    Nittama li jagħmlu hekk. Jekk ma naqblux mal-prinċipji tiegħu issa, m’aħniex se naqblu għax jitla’ kap hu. L-imma se tibqa’ hemm.

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