When Adrian Delia lied two weeks ago that “getting a seat is no longer an issue”

Published: September 21, 2017 at 12:47am

7th September 2017: Nationalist Party leadership contender Adrian Delia is asked by a journalist how he plans to become Opposition leader without a seat in parliament. He responds that it is not an issue, that he has made arrangements but does not wish to reveal what those arrangements are.

He lied – through his teeth (and it was plainly obvious at the time, too). Five days after his election, and he’s still scrabbling round desperately for that seat, with his henchman Clyde Puli even inviting one of the casually-elected MPs, Ivan Bartolo, to his Qormi home to bribe, blackmail or bully him unsuccessfully into giving his up to the Great Leader who never bothered to get one for himself last June.