I wouldn’t have let my children anywhere near those men and other members of their troupe

Published: September 21, 2017 at 12:33am

One of them laundered £1.4 million for a racket in which women were trafficked to have sex with men in London (and probably stole the money too, because the people who deposited it in his account were still looking for it three years later).

Another went with a trafficked woman because at Lm15 it was worth it, and ended up caught starkers by a police officer. Yet another trafficked Eastern European women off a ring-file binder of pictures out of a bar in Gharghur. And another has been known to make moves on adolescent boys.

Oh, yes – then there’s the one who was convicted only last year for sending photographs of his naked penis to a disturbed girl of 16 who he preyed on through Facebook.

And how could I have forgotten? There’s also the one who booked massages at a regular clinic, took off all his clothes despite being told to keep his underpants on, then threatened to get the clinic closed down when they wouldn’t give him a happy ending and asked him instead to please leave and never return.

Is this a representative sample of Maltese manhood? I should think not. But they’re obviously comfortable with each other for some reason.

If I were the parent of a child or adolescent, my alarm bells would be ringing wildly at the sight of those creeps anywhere nearby. All Adrian Delia needs in that troupe of his now is Rolf Harris and the ghost of Jimmy Saville.