Adrian Delia/Bank of Valletta account closure: he uses his “client’s account” excuse again

Published: September 11, 2017 at 11:24pm

For 12 days Adrian Delia ignored my specific questions about the Bank of Valletta closing his current accounts, then when I stopped waiting for his reply and reported about it, he released the hysterical, lying and ill-conceived media statement below.

And what do you know? It was a “client’s account” (as distinct from a client account, perhaps?)! Yes, just like the one at Barclays International in Jersey! The one he first said didn’t exist, then didn’t remember, then wasn’t sure existed, then rang the bank to check but found nothing, then said was….”a client’s account”!

(Those exclamation marks are ironic.)

It wasn’t a “client’s account” – because a client’s account means a bank account belonging to his client, in which case it would have his client’s name on it, he would have nothing to do with it, and so the news would not have reached me that the bank closed Delia’s account/s.

Delia might well mean here that it was a CLIENT account as distinct from a CLIENT’S account, but he’s trying to fudge the two to fool the unthinking and uninformed.

A CLIENT account is his account, with his name on it, and the Bank of Valletta knows only him where that account is concerned. His hysterical statement calling me a liar actually confirms what I reported: that the bank closed his account. He may have used that fund for a client’s funds, just as he did with the laundered money for the prostitution racket at the bank in Jersey – but it’s still his account and he is legally responsible for it.

Now what he needs to tell us is why the Bank of Valletta closed that account with his name on it which he purportedly used for a client. Why would a bank do that? Hmmmm.

This liar and his travelling circus of mazuni, pimps, white-slavers, money-launderers, blackmailers, thugs, brothel-creepers and poker-players hasn’t even been elected yet, and already I’m sick of the sight and sound of him and his fog of lies.