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Published: September 12, 2017 at 4:58pm

Can’t have that, can we? A woman criticising men in public. Whatever next? They should stay home, bake dishes of macaroni, faff about with school lunches, and give their power of attorney to their husband so that he can run up a 7.2 million euro bank debt without their knowledge. Meanwhile, we will only tolerate blogs written by men like us.

Oh, and another thing: if those men were proper journalists they would have been working for a proper newspaper and not for a political party.

One of them is such an excellent journalist that when he caught Ali Sadr Hasheminejad slipping out of Pilatus Bank at night with an employee and several bags, he didn’t even know who he was because he had never seen his picture or read his name. I got so infuriated watching him run after the BANK’S OWNER without knowing who he is and telling the camera that he is an “impjegat tal-bank” that I sent a message to the people in charge of that particular newsroom – as I would have done to any other newsroom making the same mistake – saying “FFS, THAT’S THE MAN WHO OWNS THE BLOODY BANK.”

Imma l-aqwa he’s a man, u allura bilfors bravu.

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  1. bernie says:

    If the main aim of the newsroom at Net TV was an electoral victory at all cost and not a victory for what is right against what is wrong, then no wonder these party propagandists are once again chasing the wrong ideals.

  2. Dumbo says:

    Nithassar lil dawk li huma rikoverati Mount Carmel meta nara dawn in-nies jiggerrew barra u jippuzaw ghal Facebook. Ghax jekk ma tippuzax fuq Facebook m’inti xejn.

  3. Franġiska says:

    Għaxxaqtuha, m’hawnx bħalkom, it-tlieta li intom u dawk il-ġurnalisti kollha ta’ MediaLink li qed jiġru wara Deliar. Ma nistax nifhem x’ġurnalisti intom meta lil dan il-bniedem m’intomx taqrawlu moħħu bħal ma suppost qed tagħmlu, mhux irkibtu fuq il-karru tiegħu, meta tafu li għandu bagalji kollha iħirsa lesti li jidhrulna minn mument għall-ieħor.

    Bravi ħafna. Sa fejn naf jien waħda mill-aktar frasi strumentali ta’ ġurnalist li ma jrid jinsa qatt hija l-famuża “When in doubt, leave out” mhux għandkom dawn id-dubji kollha fuq dan il-bniedem u minflok li ġrejtu warajh biex issiru tafu aktar dwaru, bħal ma għamiltu f’ta’ Cardona u l-burdell, qegħdin minflok tiġbdulu r-riedni u tgħinuh biex isir kap. Għajb għalikom.

    • bernie says:

      Allow me to make a small change to your quote “When in doubt, leave out”. Having worked in a newsroom I’ve learnt that such a quote should read differently. It should read “When in doubt, find out.”

      It’s because they are leaving out what they should find out about, that they are supporting Delia. As journalists they should dig deep into the loose ends and be wise enough to make a proper judgement.

  4. Please understand that people who are paid by a political party by definition can’t be proper journalists.

  5. Grillco says:

    Mario Frendo kien mar Acapulco,u issa ha jkollu x jaghmel jekk jitla Delia.

  6. Zenobia says:

    People who are supporting Adrian Delia don’t seem to get the picture at all. Many are putting forward the argument that, with Adrian Delia as leader of the Nationalist Party, there will be more chance of winning over the Labour Party, being that Delia will be much of the same as Joseph Muscat.

    Things musn’t be reduced to ‘fighting like with like’. To the contrary the Labour Party must be ‘fought’ by an opposition which neutralizes and counterbalances it’s malpractices. Failing to do this, the Nationalist Party will end up being everything but the Party whose values and standards we have all embraced, that is up till some months ago, as sadly, now, logic seems to be going

  7. F. Fenech says:

    They do not seem to know how the saying goes: “Ma’ minn rajtek xebbahtek”

  8. Marija il-maltija says:

    The misogyny in this country beggars belief.

  9. If they actually knew what anti-Establishment really means (but they can’t, because they don’t know what the Establishment is to begin with), they would understand that I am literally the only anti-Establishment figure in this equation, and that I have built most of my career and my reputation on it.

    That’s exactly why they object to me: because I’m anti-Establishment. But they can’t define it, because they don’t know what the descriptor means. Here’s a little help for them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-establishment

  10. Angela Galea says:

    You last paragraph is so right. If you are not pushed by a ‘Klikka’ or the ‘Establishment’ you will never make it, no matter how experienced and qualified you are.

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