“A blog written by a woman with a keyboard”

Published: September 12, 2017 at 4:58pm

Can’t have that, can we? A woman criticising men in public. Whatever next? They should stay home, bake dishes of macaroni, faff about with school lunches, and give their power of attorney to their husband so that he can run up a 7.2 million euro bank debt without their knowledge. Meanwhile, we will only tolerate blogs written by men like us.

Oh, and another thing: if those men were proper journalists they would have been working for a proper newspaper and not for a political party.

One of them is such an excellent journalist that when he caught Ali Sadr Hasheminejad slipping out of Pilatus Bank at night with an employee and several bags, he didn’t even know who he was because he had never seen his picture or read his name. I got so infuriated watching him run after the BANK’S OWNER without knowing who he is and telling the camera that he is an “impjegat tal-bank” that I sent a message to the people in charge of that particular newsroom – as I would have done to any other newsroom making the same mistake – saying “FFS, THAT’S THE MAN WHO OWNS THE BLOODY BANK.”

Imma l-aqwa he’s a man, u allura bilfors bravu.