This is taking hypocrisy too far now

Published: September 12, 2017 at 5:52pm

Oh, and look – there was an ATM right behind him when he was busy telling journalists that he has emailed the Bank of Valletta to ‘prove’ that he has “accounts” (not specified as current) still open there.

He could simply have pulled out his BOV plastic cards which are linked to every current account, walked over to that ATM, and used them – because you can use BOV cards in an HSBC ATM, and vice versa. But he did not. And none of the journalists asked why.

Maybe it didn’t even occur to any of them to ask him to pull out his wallet, show them his BOV cards, walk a few metres to the cash machine and insert the cards into it. Unlike his campaign manager’s plan to insert his knob into “a Russian”, foiled by police, it wouldn’t have cost him anything.