Delia embraces grown men who are traumatised at being written about in public by a woman

Published: September 14, 2017 at 11:44am

What a pathetic sight. They have been traumatised because a woman wrote about them in public and said that they’re not doing their job. After a few days calling for support on Facebook and for “condemnation” of me for saying that they should be investigating Adrian Delia instead of sucking up to him, they are now being consoled by their Moses himself – a Moses who is going to lead them into the desert instead of out of it.

Are these men? They should thank their lucky stars they weren’t born three – or in Dione Borg’s case, two – generations earlier, because I can’t for the life of me imagine them being conscripted, putting on a uniform and going into battle to be shot at. Good thing they all seem to wear specs because that would have saved them from conscription, wouldn’t it.

This is just so unbelievable. Malta is probably the only society I know of where it is considered completely normal for men to behave like complete chauvinists but then to also be totally wet and spineless wimps. And then they wonder why the women end up coming across as so much tougher.

Honestly – look at them. We are expected to believe they are capable of taking on the Labour Party, but then a woman writes about them and reminds them that journalists investigate politicians not hug them and act like their bridesmaids, and they go to dramatic pieces, whining all over social media like a bunch of mummy’s boys. Get a grip, will you. You’re meant to be investigating that man and behaving like you’re members of a sect. How weak and needy. No wonder the Labour Party has a walkover when the Nationalist Party’s media ESTABLISHMENT is so sopping wet.

It’s all I can do to stop myself walking into the Nationalist Party headquarters this morning with a placard bearing the legend: FOR GOD’S SAKE, BE A MAN.

Apparently, Delia’s planning on reducing an entire political party to a pseudo-religious sect. At this rate, if he asked these fools to decamp with him to the Guyana jungle and swallow a cup of poisoned Kool-Aid, they would. As long as mummy lets them.