And this from one of Adrian Delia’s peers in law

Published: September 14, 2017 at 12:10pm

Quite frankly, I give far more weight to the assessment of a senior lawyer (see below) with decades of practice in the field than to the emotional lability of vulnerable and gullible inexperienced and sheltered Nationalist Party employees in their 20s.

Meanwhile, I am disturbed by the fact that certain former employees of HSBC bank, who are known to me and of whom I had a good opinion, are backing Delia to the hilt because they like his macho male chauvinist approach which recalls for them the 1980s days of thugs and BlueJackets, when they of all people should know just how great his financial problems are. Perhaps they need reminding that Eddie Fenech Adami wasn’t corrupt and in it for himself, even though some less than notable figures around him were – like Michael Falzon, Ninu Zammit and John Dalli.

They’re talking about “cleaning out the party” but they don’t mean cleaning it out of the corrupt and abusive elements. They mean cleaning it out of those who object to the corrupt and abusive elements and who have spent the last few years trying to restrain and corral them.