Greedy Delia to insist on payment by PN/party donors will fund his €26,000 annual school bills and bank interest

Published: September 23, 2017 at 2:01am

The Nationalist Party’s cash-strapped and heavily indebted new leader has said that he plans on breaking with tradition and paying himself a salary as party leader. “I think there is nothing at all untoward about someone receiving a salary for a full-time job,” he told LovinMalta in an interview.

Adrian Delia, whose own statement of affairs shows that he has been funding his lifestyle, which includes €26,000 in school bills every year and €43,600 annual interest on his extensive bank loans, through the heavy use of credit cards and overdrafts, will be the first Nationalist Party leader to take a party salary over and above that of Opposition leader or Prime Minister.

Previous Nationalist Party leaders relied solely on their state salary as Opposition leader or Prime Minister.

“What’s the point of making gestures simply to give off an impression?” Delia told LovinMalta. “I appreciate that previous leaders refused a salary when the party’s finances were what they were, but there’s nothing wrong in me taking a salary if we manage to create new income streams and balance the party’s finances.”

Party donors will now be funding his children’s school bills, his cars, his housekeeper and the interest on his bank loans – though, of course, it will be even more convenient if a single business operator can be found to simply hand him a cheque.