To the new PN leader, “Maltese people” = working-class men

Published: September 23, 2017 at 2:14am

From Adrian Delia’s interview with LovinMalta:

“Maltese people aren’t very complicated, indeed they’re very simple people. They want to wake up in the morning, they want to go to work and afterwards they want to enjoy their hobbies – some go to their garage to work on their car, others have their birds and things, others enjoy their motorsports…it’s a very simple, Mediterranean life and the PN must go back to its roots and understand that this is where we came from.”

You will see from this that the new Nationalist Party leader equates ‘Maltese people’ solely with working-class men. Not even working-class women, but working-class men. The women simply don’t exist, and people of both sexes outside the working-class don’t exist either.

We are not Maltese people. I am doubly not a Maltese person because I am a woman and also not working-class.

The interesting thing is that the narrow-minded Delia thinks that this is a portrayal of “a very simple, Mediterranean life” rather than the life of working-class men everywhere in the developed world.

I think we are about to have a dovetailing of the Neo-Nationalist definition of ‘real Maltese people’ with that of the Labour Party: real Maltese people are the kind you used to see flooding the lanes at the Trade Fair 25 years ago. The rest of us are not real Maltese. We are fakes.

Fascism, here we come.

Pierre Portelli (see behind Delia) likes to go to work and then he likes to play with his birds, at Lm15 a shot. But he’s not a working-class man, and that means he’s not a real Maltese.