A married man with five children should be at home with them on Sunday morning

Published: September 25, 2017 at 2:32am

And not at a party club, behind the bar, making Nescafe for total strangers in the hope that in five years’ time they’ll make him Prime Minister. Only a chauvinist and misogynist who belongs in another era does that: out drinking on Sunday morning with the guys while the wifie stays home baking lunch with the brood.

Besides which, people who take this kind of thing seriously as being evidence of what a “man of the people” Adrian Delia is are completely naïve or downright nuts and desperate.

Because of course, what he really wants to be doing on a Sunday morning is mixing coffee powder into boiling water behind the bar-counter, in the company of people he has described in an interview as “the simple Maltese”.

It’s 2017. We should have had enough of these kinds of stunts – unless we really are “simple Maltese”.