No, Mario Demarco will not give up his seat for Adrian Delia

Published: September 14, 2017 at 2:38pm

Some of Adrian Delia’s people have been putting the word about that of course Adrian Delia can take his oath as Opposition leader – for which he needs a seat in parliament – because Mario Demarco is going to give up his seat for him. I thought this highly unlikely, but contacted Dr Demarco anyway.

Good afternoon, Mario. People close to Adrian Delia have said that you are prepared to give up your seat for him. I realise that this is unlikely to be correct and in any case it will trigger a casual election. But I’m still obliged to ask you about it, and would be grateful for an answer. Thank you. Daphne

Hi Daphne, absolutely not true. I am not prepared to give up my seat as I do not even believe it is mine to give up. I was elected to represent the first district and I intend doing so throughout the whole term of the legislature. I trust this answers your question.

Adrian Delia with Tony Aquilina, the former Mqabba policeman who kept a brothel at the Berkeley Hotel in Howard Street, Sliema, and now lives in a flat on the Sliema front, and their wives at a campaign event: how is Delia going to become Opposition leader without a seat in parliament?