Now Adrian Delia’s lawyer can’t even vote for him

Published: September 12, 2017 at 6:13pm

Arthur Azzopardi, Adrian Delia’s legal counsel in the five libel suits he filed against me last month, can’t vote for him on Saturday because he has been kicked out of the Nationalist Party – “struck off the members’ list” – after having outed himself to LovinMalta as a Freemason.

The Nationalist Party’s statute forbids any links with Freemasonry.

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  1. Amadeo Lapira says:

    Jesus, don’t people have “gut feelings” on this island? All you have to do is listen to the man for 5 minutes and make up your mind. He is such an obvious fraud.

    • No, people don’t have gut feelings on this island. It’s one of the first things outsiders notice. Because gut feelings are not really gut feelings at all, but unconscious decisions made on the basis of a welter of subconscious observations over a lifetime. And Maltese society does not encourage that level of intelligent observation.

  2. Osservatore says:

    Here’s a man who took being a boy scout to a whole new level.

  3. Angela Galea says:

    I am morally convinced that evenDelia is a Freemason even though he says he is not. He has lied about other things, so why not this too? He can’t very well admit to it.

  4. Jozef says:

    The klikka strikes again.

  5. Jim says:

    There’s a justification doing the rounds about the charitable works of Freemasons. If they were motivated by charity, why not join – just off the top of my head – a charity?

    • Angela Galea says:

      Like the Mafia helping and aiding the Church. What hypocrisy. No wonder Jesus ‘hated’ hypocrites to the extent of calling them all nasty words; like whitewashed tombs, etc.

  6. EarthwormDave says:

    Little wonder Malta keeps slipping in the international rankings. Accountants set up companies in Panama for PEPs and go unpunished.

    Accountants agree to carry out financial “audits” for a prospective future prime minister and fail to recognise a conflict of interest.

    A senior judge apparently can’t see why he should recuse himself from a case where there’s an obvious and massive conflict of interest.

    A lawyer and prospective prime minister seemingly can’t understand simple stuff such as bank guarantees and joint and several liability. And now a prominent lawyer hides his membership of a secret society outlawed by the political party of which is a member.

    Is it any wonder disreputable individuals and organisations flock to Malta?

    And is it any wonder reputable people and companies increasingly won’t touch the place with a barge pole?

    The key questions, presumably, are whether the country is better off by pandering to dishonest ‘investors’ than by playing by the rules, and, if it is, how far that gravy train will run before it comes off the tracks.

  7. The Pard says:

    Isn’t Delia against the sale of Maltese citizenship?

    So how come his Freemason lawyer is involved in this? It seems It-Turu told Delia about being a Mazun but thinks Delia is a MaZZun and need not learn about Pardee …

    Pardee … bhal Pardi ta’ sieheb Hardona …

  8. Joe Bloggs says:

    There are people who believe that Adrian Delia is against selling passports yet fail to realise that those around him do (as does his firm). Take Arthur Azzopardi for example:

    What is rather fascinating too is that his website which is dedicated to selling passports and residency, is blocked for Malta (can be viewed with Google cache or a VPN)

  9. LaundryVille says:

    At present, there are some 86 masonic lodges spread all over Switzerland. Skiing and the lodge?

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