Published today: Adrian Delia’s legal counsel in his Masonic apron

Published: September 12, 2017 at 4:46pm

This photograph is published by Newsbook today. It shows Arthur Azzopardi, the legal counsel Adrian Delia picked for his five libel suits against me despite having a whole officeful of lawyers to choose from (Azzopardi runs his own firm), wearing his Masonic apron during a lodge meeting.

His client Delia never wears an apron, because as he told an interviewer this past weekend: “Can’t cook, won’t cook!” Not only that, but he also has his stay-at-home wife bake great, big fascist dishes of mqarrun and ross fil-forn (none of that immigrant sushi stuff) and take them in to the office in Valletta by chauffeur-driven car so that he and his lawyer colleagues don’t have to go out to get some lunch. And, of course, he also gets to advertise the fact that he married above his station – as he sees it – and still managed to turn her into his servant.

I honestly don’t understand how people can’t see these situations for what they are or think of them as normal and acceptable.

That’s Arthur Azzopardi on the left with his hand over his face.

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  1. Ganni Muscat says:

    What the hell? What in the hell is this man? His wife cooking food for his office? Minn fejn hargu dawn in-nies.

    That really makes me angry. It is a relief that whatever happens this week he will never win the next election. Not if I can help it.

  2. Jozef says:

    Everyone covering their face. Now why would Freemasons do that?

  3. Osservatore says:

    Married way above his station indeed. And yet, there are many things,other than love which screw up one’s head and thought processes.

    If anyone thinks that things may have already gone South with Delia’s Jersey revelations, more is yet to come. Saviour Balzan for one, is already drooling at the prospect of going after both Delia and his wife, considering her fair game in the very same way that Muscat’s is.

  4. M Fenech says:

    So Karol Aquilina was right after all. Now who should be the one shouldering his responsibilities?

  5. Tucks payer says:

    Let’s not get too impressed with who she is. I’m not sure who of the two is the bigger “hamallu,” to quote her language which doesn’t say much about her.

  6. The obvious answer to that is he is a megalomaniac who doesn’t love his wife and who has insurmountable problems of a financial and probably other nature.

  7. Reader says:

    ”the fact that he married above his station – as he sees it – and still managed to turn her into his servant.”

    What makes him think she’s above his station? They’re both lawyers.

    • What does being a lawyer have to do with the price of eggs? Men like that acquire a wife on the same criteria that they acquire a car: status. Work it out. I don’t want to be specific because it would cause unnecessary offence to third parties.

  8. speedbird says:

    Yes and the other is showing them the recipe.

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