The liar strikes again: why didn’t he just walk journalists to the nearest ATM and use his plastic card?

Published: September 12, 2017 at 4:26pm

Adrian Delia called a press conference today at which he was asked about his accounts with the Bank of Valletta. He said he “wrote to the bank” asking it for a letter confirming that he still has accounts open there.

Then he added that he had emailed the bank, rather than writing formally. How smart of him. This means he won’t get a reply because banks require a request of that nature to be made in an actual letter for their records, signed with an authentic signature. Now he can say that the bank didn’t reply, or that the bank is taking long to reply.

If he really wanted that letter, he would have gone to the Bank of Valletta’s head office, requested it in person, and waited until it was written.

The Malta Independent journalist asked him when he expects to have a reply, reminding him that there are time constraints as party electors vote on Saturday. “I don’t know,” he said, “But maybe I can buy you a drink and pay by cheque.”

To which the journalist should have shot back, “Why not just show me your cheque-book? You don’t need to write out the cheque. Or better still, bring out your wallet and show me your CashLink card or your BOV Visa.”

Because every current account has a plastic card linked to it, and if this man Delia wished to prove to journalists at that press conference that he does indeed have a current account or more at the Bank of Valletta, all he needed to do was bring out his wallet, pull out his cards, walk those journalists over to the nearest Bank of Valletta ATM, and use them. BUT HE DIDN’T.

With 21st-century banking, you don’t need a letter from the bank to prove you have an account there. You have on-line banking. You have bank statements that can be downloaded from your online banking account. You have plastic cards that can be used in an ATM. And this man tries to fool journalists by talking about letters to the bank and cheque books, as though it’s 1988.

Journalists should also take note of the fact that Delia says “accounts” when what I said the bank closed down were CURRENT accounts. His omission of the qualifying word ‘current’ when making his excuses to journalists and saying that he still has accounts at the bank is not a careless oversight. A loan account is an account. A savings account is an account. But I think we can drop the latter and just go with the loan account.

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    • Reader says:

      I wonder why The Malta Independent chose not to publish my comment.

    • Drew Mifsud says:

      I did not realize that you would have been so close to me today, Dr Delia, or I would have most certainly made my way down to the square to listen to what you had to say.

      I’m being totally honest when I say that I would have been uninterested in most of it but I would have loved to have seen you trying to tell me that the prostitution racket in London was a falsehood.

      I have noticed in quite a lot you speak about (and boy can you speak) that you have selective memory especially were it concerns your banking, your banking habits here in Malta and your Jersey account 80698504.

      I have been helpful here, Dr Delia, and I’m pretty sure you, being a man of your word, will thank me one day.

      I have contacted West End Central and these being very helpful also contacted Action Fraud. I explained all as we all have read that, yes, the girls working in the Mayfair and Soho flats were prosecuted but the owners and helpers – myself included – were not.

      I’m sure that as you have mentioned on more than one occasion the bank could not help you find your Jersey account but the Met Police can. And that would be a lucky day for us all, I believe.Delia.

  1. Angela Galea says:

    Journalists/journalism in Malta is catastrophic. Do they really need to be spoon-fed? How on earth did they pass their exams? They do not even have common sense let alone a sharp and quick thinking process.

    • nobody new says:

      Far from it. It’s typical Maltese or should I say Southern Italian mentality. Everybody is afraid to push the envelope too far lest it comes back to hurt them somehow.

      Except that nobody wants to actually define that ‘somehow’. It does not occur to them that it could be in the future and omerta eventually hurts everybody.

  2. Jon says:

    A print shot of his personal BOV internet banking page showing his name and with the bank account number details and value blurred out would have sufficed.

  3. A Attard says:

    He is on record as saying the he does not use wallets.

  4. On the contrary, I would have admired his quick strategic thinking and would have been forced to admit that he does have a current account at the Bank of Valletta after all.

    Now I just think he’s an even bigger liar than I did before.

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