The three state payroll leeches who are defrauding the taxpayer while working to elect Delia

Published: September 5, 2017 at 1:02am

These are the three state payroll leeches who are defrauding the taxpayer by never or rarely turning up to do a day’s work while still collecting their pay-cheques.

All three of them were put on the state payroll when the Nationalists were in government: Kristy Debono at the Malta Gaming Authority, David Agius at the Freeport and Clyde Puli at the Foundation for Medical Services. Having obtained by corrupt means – cronyism – their sinecure for life, they then proceeded to spend their time canvassing and campaigning instead.

They did it when the Nationalists were in government, and they have continued to do it for four years under Labour, because there’s a tacit agreement where Labour MPs on the state payroll do the same and neither political party says anything.

And the taxpayer is sucked dry, paying for Kristy Debono’s truck-load of make-up and shiny clothes, Clyde Puli’s extra-loud ties, and David Agius’s food bills.

Is it a coincidence that all three of these leeches are Adrian Delia’s closest collaborators in his drive to control the Nationalist Party? No, it is not.

Those are the kind of people he attracts. They have been cheating the system all along, but with him in charge and they his party favourites, they know that they will be able to cheat the system on a grander scale – and Delia himself will be doing the same because he can’t pay his massive debts off the Opposition leader’s salary, a factor which seems to leave the newspapers untroubled because they’ve not brought it up at all.

David Agius, Kristy Debono and Clyde Puli: three state-payroll leeches bankrolled by the taxpaper for doing sweet FA and barely reporting to work