The three state payroll leeches who are defrauding the taxpayer while working to elect Delia

Published: September 5, 2017 at 1:02am

These are the three state payroll leeches who are defrauding the taxpayer by never or rarely turning up to do a day’s work while still collecting their pay-cheques.

All three of them were put on the state payroll when the Nationalists were in government: Kristy Debono at the Malta Gaming Authority, David Agius at the Freeport and Clyde Puli at the Foundation for Medical Services. Having obtained by corrupt means – cronyism – their sinecure for life, they then proceeded to spend their time canvassing and campaigning instead.

They did it when the Nationalists were in government, and they have continued to do it for four years under Labour, because there’s a tacit agreement where Labour MPs on the state payroll do the same and neither political party says anything.

And the taxpayer is sucked dry, paying for Kristy Debono’s truck-load of make-up and shiny clothes, Clyde Puli’s extra-loud ties, and David Agius’s food bills.

Is it a coincidence that all three of these leeches are Adrian Delia’s closest collaborators in his drive to control the Nationalist Party? No, it is not.

Those are the kind of people he attracts. They have been cheating the system all along, but with him in charge and they his party favourites, they know that they will be able to cheat the system on a grander scale – and Delia himself will be doing the same because he can’t pay his massive debts off the Opposition leader’s salary, a factor which seems to leave the newspapers untroubled because they’ve not brought it up at all.

David Agius, Kristy Debono and Clyde Puli: three state-payroll leeches bankrolled by the taxpaper for doing sweet FA and barely reporting to work

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  1. M. says:

    I would think that Clyde Puli will be the one to give his parliamentary seat up for Delia if the latter is elected party leader on the 16th, in which case, we should also be asking what he would expect to get in return.

  2. Spock says:

    They always hang out together even at MacDonalds at the airport.

  3. I have written about it already.

  4. Shame says:

    I give up really. They’re all the bloody same and I’m sure that there are leeches from Said’s camp as well.

    We’re going to take your advice Daphne and we’re leaving this (excuse my language) shit hole for good.

  5. jj micallef says:

    Dawn bully man.

  6. Leone Brincat says:

    Yes. Always vote for a newcomer. Never for an old face.

  7. Kunsillier says:

    David Agius and Kristy Debono for Deputy Leadership for Parliamentary Affairs – God help us.

  8. E.T. says:

    Going to University isn’t only one avenue to gain knowledge – there are others. A degree isn’t insurance against ignorance.

    @Theresa Cachia

  9. Joseph Gauci says:

    If either Karm Mifsud Bonnici or Frederick Azzopardi gives up his seat, that still triggers a casual election.

  10. Galeforce says:

    David Agius was very vociferious AND CONTINUALLY EXTREMELY ”NEGATIVE” these last four years on the Nationalist Party media, especially radio, where the modus operandi of the Castille Gang was concerned.


    The book never materialised, but he has now conveniently re-invented himself as one of the gurus behind Deliar’s ”new” way of doing politics.

  11. C Camilleri says:

    Are you for real? The only unfair thing in this is that they’re paid out of taxpayers’ money but take advantage of their ‘political protection’ not to go to work.

    Kristy Debono, for instance, is paid 40k by the Malta Gaming Authority and yet never shows up.

  12. Neil says:

    That’s the kind of warped logic which got us here in the first place.

  13. C Camilleri says:

    David Agius says he’s there to serve. Himself. Period.

  14. Gaetano Pace says:

    If anyone contending the leadership of the party is not going to take drastic action and eradicate from its roots any “mutual agreement between both parties” to allow corruption, favouritism, nepotism and cake sharing, there is no new way, no way ahead, no way forward. Neither for Delia nor for any other contender have we been fighting against these abuses, corruption and misgovernment. Something we have paid dearly for and has cost us almost our lives at times.
    This is what we still stand for when we say we have values and when we say democracy, it is the truth, justice and the rule of law and not “mutual agreements between people in government”.

  15. Corinne Vella says:

    Political activity in the service of a political party should be financed by the political party, not by taxpayer money.

    • C Camilleri says:

      House visits shouldn’t be financed by the political party. It’s quite obvious that these are done to get oneself, and not the Party, elected.

  16. And the Nationalist Party bled the votes of many people I know – who are in business – because they feared that if the Nationalist Party is elected, Kristy Debono would be finance minister.

  17. I’d have to know about them first, wouldn’t I.

  18. C. Brincat says:

    Granted. But at least the Nationalists had honest leaders who kept them in check and removed them when caught fiddling. What you’re proposing is another Muscat, worse then them and with 100 times more power.

    Insane if you ask me.

  19. Steve C. Miller says:

    WTF!! So an agreement between the parties is meant to whitewash this? I was hoping that David Agius at least would deny this, but his and the others’ silence speaks volumes. I feel completely let down.

  20. Sowxal says:

    What do you mean let it be? With my tax money? Int iehor haqqek faxx silla.

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