David Thake on the subject of Adrian Delia

Published: October 13, 2017 at 11:20pm

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  1. Osservatore says:

    Loud and clear and about f|*cking time too. I have criticised David on his initial reaction to Delia, but commend him on this statement.

    However, he must be in a quandry as to whether he will stay on the St Paul’s Bay local council as a Nationalist or shift to independent? I trust that for as long as Delia is around, it will be the latter.

  2. Edgar Gatt says:

    I agree with David and hope that other prominent candidates and MPs endorse this honest person. I cannot stand politicians who express themselves in favour of something that they don’t agree with.

  3. Grace Galea says:

    Meta David Thake kien faħħar lil Delia jien kont kritika ħafna tiegħu imma hawn ninżalu l-kapell.

  4. doreen debono says:

    Well said, David. My feelings exactly. No vote from me for the Nationalist Party until Delia is kicked out. He should be in the Labour Party.

  5. maltinglix says:

    F’l-aħħar għandi vuċi.

  6. Marinton says:

    The way I see it – a split in the Nationalist Party is inevitable. It’s a question of when not if.

  7. Full Shilling says:


  8. Damocles says:

    Mr Thake, better late than never.

  9. F Galea says:

    The PN was being negative? What’s positive about Sai Mizzi, Gaffarena, Premier, Panama, etc.? You might as well jump in the Labour skip.

  10. Be-witched says:

    This morning in Valletta I heard a snide but quite true remark by a typical Labour supporter who was quoting something he saw on Facebook: “Spiccaw Nazzionalisti bla Partit”.

    That’s for the ones who like me are paid up PN activists but will definitely have no truck with Delia & Co. We are running miles away from the PN at the moment.

  11. It’s not that he’s regarded as an authority, but his voice on the radio, like mine here, is the voice of his audience. People like David Thake and me – by virtue of the jobs we do (or in his case, did) – express the opinion of others who don’t have a platform on which to do it.

  12. Exactly. And that’s a good thing, but you speak as though it is bad.

    • We’ve had enough demagogues and prima donnas in politics.

      • Well, I happen to think that people should maximise their comparative advantage, and if you’re a really good media communicator you should make that your focus and not try electoral politics. No secret here – I told David that in person. Lots of people in Malta move from media into electoral politics, but they’re the ones who weren’t particularly good at media.

  13. If a party leader doesn’t appeal to the people who usually vote for the party, you’ve effectively slit your wrists.

    Your choice.

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