Jean Pierre Debono: stitched up in return for the seat he never wanted to cede to Delia

Published: October 2, 2017 at 1:11pm

Just as I thought: Jean Pierre Debono was stitched up by his own co-conspirators, who – when their attempts failed at bullying, bribing or blackmailing other MPs into giving up their seat for Delia, leaked the confidential Nationalist Party electoral commission report which accused Debono of handling forged proxies to collect voting documents in the leadership election.

Pinned to the wall by this scandal, he then gave up his seat after having sworn repeatedly that he never would, and in return the Nationalist Party has said it will not take disciplinary action against him, making do instead with his apology, his promise not to take part in any other electoral processes for a limited period and a “public warning”.

Truly, there is no honour among thieves.

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  1. canon says:

    With these series of moves the PN is digging its own grave deeper and deeper.

  2. Dumbo says:

    From setting the benchmark to becoming a circus. That is what the PN has become.

    • Tabatha_White says:

      Isn’t that Muscat’s goal? The spotlight has been off him since Delia entered the scene.

      Labour once again in the clear for whatever Muscat is concocting away. Land deals inclusive of quiet period; LNG sales for the kitty; more obscurity around the passport scam takings etc.

  3. Karl says:

    Mela veru hekk ghamel la ha jkun ezentat ghal perjodu ta’ zmien. Mafia wisq dan ir-ragel.

  4. Beingpressed says:

    If so why is he the forefront with his darling wife ?

  5. Lucrezia Borgia says:

    So the ‘leaker’ of speeches and other information during the last General Election campaign, has been himself ‘leaked’.

    Karma is a bitch.

  6. quickmick408 says:

    What goes around comes around as they say, given his track record he’s got a lot more to come. couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.

  7. Spock says:

    I imagine that we will eventually find out why.

  8. callixtus says:

    Subtle? That`s the understatement of the month.

  9. Reflections says:

    They cannot be members of another party.

    • Vetting says:

      What if you are not a member of the Labour Party nor a Nationalist?

      This ‘no questions asked’ business is very worrying. Questions should be asked and thorough background checks should be carried out before one is allowed to join a party.

      Screening is not taken seriously in the PN it seems. Both Delia and Portelli
      would have failed the test miserably if it were.

  10. La Redoute says:

    Not really. Delia is leader.

  11. Josette says:

    They do. The local committees (kumitati sezzjonali) are those who are supposed to check and keep themselves informed about their local members.

  12. Reflections says:

    In our small island there are ways and means of knowing, yes.

  13. The Sting says:

    I have a sneaky feeling Debono was one of the team of back-stabbers around Simon Busuttil.

    Fighting an adversary isn’t half as difficult as keeping safe from your own team. You’re literally boxing with one arm tied behind your back.

    I do believe in Karma and I therefore live in hope that all the other backstabbers in this saga will end up in the same way as Debono.

    Shame on you, you’ve reduced a great party to this state just for personal greed and ambition.

    • Tabatha_White says:

      It was more than just a sneaky feeling in reality. Debono blocked Rosette Thake’s path and put spokes in the way of proper functioning.

  14. Josette says:

    Always ambitious, always money first and always a publicity hog. He and his brother have both used the Nationalist Party as a springboard for their personal ambitions.

  15. Anna Camilleri says:

    A written apology? That is not even a slap on the wrist.

  16. Josette says:

    And it’s back to Debono. The Nationalist Party’s assistant secretary-general is in charge of the party’s local committees. I now believe that it’s not that they were not functioning properly; I think that they were not allowed to function properly preparing for the rise for someone like Delia.

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