Fred’s poodle yaps again

Published: March 7, 2008 at 2:09pm

Joseph Muscat says hi from Brussels

Joseph Muscat says hi from Brussels

Joseph Muscat’s chicken friend

Joseph Muscat’s chicken friend

Joseph Muscat, who spent years fighting the rest of us and our wishes to join the European Union, gives the occasional self-serving yap from Brussels, where he has made an alternative life for himself that involves lots of clawing ambition and the occasional bit of popularity with the ladies.

Last week, in one of the newspapers, he gave a yapping description of Malta’s long, hard struggle to achieve EU membership against the considerable odds that were put up by the man who groomed him and tied a pink ribbon round his neck. ‘Over the past decade,’ Joseph Muscat wrote, ‘the country’s conservative establishment successfully encroached on the EU issue, culminating in membership in 2004.’

U mur hudu f’gh***ek, as Josie Muscat memorably said during one of the Broadcasting Authority’s televised debates. For 15 years, this yapping poodle and his chicken friend have been putting great obstacles in the path to Malta’s EU membership, and now here he is, shamelessly dismissing those who wanted membership as the ‘conservative establishment’ – a phrase straight out of his socialist mentor Mario Vella’s handbook of grudges.

He should be thanking us instead, because without us, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

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  1. Matthew Muscat says:

    The general election is here, and I have one recurring thought im my mind:


  2. kenneth Spiteri says:

    A few days ago I approach him while driving his nicely Alfa Romeo….and I ask him what about the Toyota starlet?

    yepp ….

  3. Dumbledore says:

    Does anybody know whether anyone has promised to stop the Mistra disco project if re-elected?

  4. Dumbledore says:

    Anyone want to comment on this?

    I’m refering to the article that begins about a quater of the page down.

  5. effie carbonaro says:

    why all the fuzz.dr.alfred sant will br prime minister next fosos pics or anti sant articles is going to change that.people are fed upwith gonzi and his clean ministers

    [Moderator – I believe the spelling says it all: elf. ‘effie carbonaro’ and ‘raphael stafrace’ are the same person.]

  6. John Zammit says:

    I would like to say some facts re the recent rush of hot half cooked permits being dished out by our ex works department transformed into the ex awtorita tal ippjanar and now the again transfugured disguise of Mepa. What makes me wonder is that most of the clucking which was clucked my labour, is hiding under the guise that mepa is some sort of pro nationalist organisation. How coincidental that these hot permits should be served to the public, knowing all to well it would damage the government, so close to the elections. Caqnu has no problem dealing with it because whoever comes up is going serve him well. Recently we heard on bondi+ that caqnu was seen dining happily with a very top labour mp! So I am sure that caqnu has no worry re who is going to be elected. What should worry us is that there are some who are very good saboteurs ,who conveniently dish out hot permits sabotaging the Government on the eve of the election.
    I shudder to think how sleazy a person could be and if this is happening, what are we going to experience in the future? Thanks for the machiavellian way labour operates to smudge a Government.

  7. Vanni says:

    @ effie

    Quick question.

    Why do you, the great MLP unwashed, always refer to AS as DR Sant?

    In this day and age, the flouting of degrees is pretty uncool, and nobody hip enough to use the word ‘fuzz’ would normally use a person’s academic title, unless it is to cover his other shortcomings.

    Just curious, bro.

    [Moderator – I believe he meant ‘fuss’. Either way, the mind boggles.]

  8. Yves Cali says:

    There you go Vanni. And I thought ‘fuzz’ was short for ‘Fuzzy Logic’ which is an extension of Boolean logic dealing with the concept of partial truth, something they are so exceptional at ;-)

  9. Vanni says:

    Aha, or mkaybe he is refering to Fuzzy Hair. :D

    Nah, he wouldn’t want to go down that particular road………………

  10. John Schembri says:

    Just a small observation to keep in mind for tomorrow being also World Women’s Day ; the MLP are using the beauty of a woman as an object for propaganda purposes. The PN are presenting their front man on their posters : What you see is what you get , Gonzi.
    On the other hand MLP are not presenting us with pictures of Dr Sant , instead we had a ballerina and other non political pictures with no real political message :what you see is not what you get.
    MLP criticised PN for showing us Dr Gonzi in this electoral campaign , I was waiting to see the final MLP poster to be Dr Sant together with his ‘team’ of candidates (Remember 1998 Eddie with candidates), or at least Dr Sant’s face. We are being presented with the face of a Wella girl being used as an object for propaganda on WWD, instead . Can’t Jason get one right?

  11. m farrugia says:

    Being Women’s Day, tomorrow the majority of women will vote for Dr Gonzi, to show their appreciation for Dr Gonzi’s continuous stive to help women integrate their family and working roles.
    The non taxable year for working mothers and the avaibility of an abudance of jobs suitable for working mothers come to mind.

    Dr Gonzi, in-nisa warajk!!

  12. Amanda Mallia says:

    m farrugia – In-nisa (u l-irgiel) warajh ghax hu bniedem tajjeb biex imexxi l-pajjiz (u barra minn hekk, ghandu l-“charisma” li xi hadd iehor m’ghandux!)

  13. John Schembri says:

    Thanks Dumbledore for the site , another confirmation that AD never considered PN for their so called coalition.He is on my district list , I was considering him as my number 8 , I’d rather have a macho (il-limbu) than him!

  14. m farrugia says:

    Exactly Amanda, Dr Gonzi is energetic, forward looking, ambitious, eager to listen and learn from mistakes. He managed to attract support from students, families, self employed, professionals ….

    These factors emerged very clearly in the campaign and will emerge again tomorrow, when the majority of voters will show him their trust.

  15. Maria Scerr says:

    Vera in-nisa wara gonzi!!! Ghax l-anqas biex nghixu ma ghandna…

  16. Maria Scerri says:

    Iva ghandu dik il – karisma li jghid haga u jghamel ohra….kellu bzonn johrogli permess ghandna ghalqa gewwa iz-zurrieq!!!

  17. m farrugia says:

    ma nahsibx li ghada ha nivvutaw ghal permess ta l-ghalqa tieghek

    nivvutaw ghal gid tal-pajjiz in generali, ghal futur ta uliedna u taghna ukoll

    edukazzjoni ahjar, opporunitajiet fl-ewropa, universita u taghlim b’xejn, child care centres tal gvern kwazi b’xejn, jobs bis-sens, fondi kbar mill ewropa biex jaghtu spinta lil kulhadd,
    policies tajbin fit-turizmu bhal low cost airlines u airmalta aktar kompettitiva, li awtomatikament joholqu aktar kummerc u jobs ……….

  18. Mary Borg says:

    Whoever gets elected this weekend, this site cannot be shut down. I think that it would be a violation of rules or laws dealing with freedom of expression. Am I right? I stand to be corrected though.

  19. Bernard says:

    @ Vanni

    Quick question.

    You asked why MLP refer to Alfred Sant as Dr.Sant. Why does PN refer to PN as gonziPN?

    got me thinking…

  20. m farrugia says:

    l-ghalqa ta mary – punt iehor fuq il-permess ta din l-ghalqa, nifhem li kulhadd tieghu jara imma
    allahares nerghu nigu fi stat li permess ta ghalqa jiddependi minn prim ministru

    bhall f’ kull pajjiz zviluppat u demokratiku, hawn Malta kienet inholqot struttura apposta biex tiehu hsieb dawn il permessi. Bid -difetti taghha kollha il-MEPA nehhiet il-poter dirett tal ministri fil permessi

    kieku naslu f’dan l-istat, nergghu immorru lura minn fejn bdejna fl-1987, insomma alfred sant, fost it-tbazwir soltu tieghu, darba qal li l-MEPA mhemmx bzonnha

    kieku naslu f’dan l-istat la n-nisa u lanqas hadd ma jivvota lil gonzi ghada

  21. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    Well, actually, the Labour Party calls him ‘Doctor-Alfred-Sant’, not even ‘Doctor Sant’.

  22. Vanni says:

    @ Bernard

    Glad that you are exercising those grey cells :)

    I call PN – PN, LG – LG, AS – AS, DCG – DCG.

    But than again, I am a very non respectful person.

    Tell you what, why don’t you ask Stamperija? I’ll get you the number if you like.

  23. Bernard says:

    Daphne, they call him ‘Dottor’ not Doctor if my hearing does actually work well and i really don’t find anything wrong with that. Of course others might have a different opinion, but hey, no one governs opinions.

    Still why is it gonziPN?


    Vanni, I’m sure i didn’t ask what is it that YOU call them. For me you could be calling them mr.Dumb and mr.Stupid – that wouldn’t make any difference to me whatsoever.
    Actually i like to call my friends with nicknames too. I still respect them and enjoy their respect too.
    But a political party changing it’s name? Why? Is there a need for a change? :P hahaha!


    Is it just me feeling this or also you that think that after just a couple of comments i’m labelled. A labourite of course.

  24. Vanni says:

    You mean like MLP has called itself:
    Partit Labourista
    Malta Labour Party
    Partit Socjalista
    New Labour

    I guess that everybody tries to come up with something catchy. TBH, I don’t know, and couldn’t give a toss, no not even about MLP, or New labour, or whatever, as that smacks as marketing to me.

    When I said what I called them, it was my way of saying that as I don’t follow the rules, and obstinately call each what I want, you are asking the wrong person.

    But I did give you my best answer, when I referred you to stamperija. In the meantime I did a Google for both gonziPN and PN. Give it a try, and see which gives the homepage of the party.

    BTW, when I did a search for gonziPN, all I got were You tube and some MLP sites. So it seems no official change of name was effected, as the first thing any self respecting organization would do was to update the search engines.

    Now maybe you would be able to answer my original question, which I had made to effie, i.e. why do MLP (or whatever) supporters call him DR. all the time?

    [Moderator – ‘effie’ is not a real person. It is an elf that has posted comments under different names.]

  25. Vanni says:

    @ mod

    You mean we might never know the answer to the BIG Question?

    This is serious stuff, give Bondi a call, get a lip reader, hold the presses, contact Super 1, get me Helena Dalli (err better not).

  26. Maria says:

    Michael Falzon ( MLP ) is sending out out smses biex niftakru fih when suppost no propoganda yesterday and today. Jien jaqbadni lapsus kif nara wiccu ahseb u ara kemm ser nivotalu.

  27. Bernard says:

    @ Maria

    Ghandek idea ta xi tfisser lapsus?

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