If anyone tells you that they know the result before 1130hrs/1200hrs, it’s a misprint

Published: March 9, 2008 at 10:38am

Votes have to be counted. There are no miracles or prophecies, not even with computers that don’t malfunction.

The low turn-out and no-shows affected both main parties

Those who didn’t turn up to vote are ‘traditional’ supporters of both the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party. This information became available to both political parties over the course of the night as identity card records were checked. The no-shows were divided as follows:

52% Nationalist Party
48% Labour Party

This means that they pretty much neutralise each other, and that the government outcome of this general election will not be affected by the no-shows, but by the votes of those who did turn up to vote.

The identity of the no-shows also reveals a strong level of disaffection and disillusionment among traditional Labour supporters, who may have preferred not to vote rather than to go against the grain and vote for the Nationalist Party.

This indicates that it is indeed a close call, and that Labour propaganda about landslide victories and majorities of 20,000 are just a pipedream. At this stage, only die-hard gamblers are taking any bets, and it would be unwise for anyone to make any kind of prediction.

The Labour Party is already drawing in its horns – which it unwisely pushed out over the course of the last few celebratory weeks. The Nationalist Party has been circumspect in not giving its supporters any false hopes of victory, telling them the truth – that every vote counts.

Where is Jason?

If anybody spots him in public or on television, please report to this website at once. He has been nowhere to be seen since the day before yesterday, indicating that rumours he is ‘indisposed’ may be not far off the mark.

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  1. Char says:

    I think I just heard the sound of a firework (I’m in Sliema right now).
    If anyone of the party’s making some form of celebration, it’s utterly ridiculous.

    Oh come on, it’s too close a call to do such stuff -__-

  2. armageddon says:

    i beleive jason is at home curing his black eye and sipping some grey tea.

  3. D. Muscat says:

    Interesting observation. This debunks Profs Einstein Scicluna is on PBS (10.45am) saying “it-tnaqqir sar fil-fortizzi Nazzjonalista” so that the PN lose the majority of the 12,000 it had in 2003.

  4. Shannon Andrews says:

    If labour wins this election as it is being speculated, mark my words that next week we will start hearing about the “hofra”, and not one person will be accused of corruption.

  5. Nailbiting says:

    The Peacock was seen yesterday at 15:45pm at Siggiewi near Polling Station at the Primary School with several people around him.

  6. @Armageddon says:

    What black eye?

  7. WhiteRose says:

    In Zebbug (Malta) Labour supporters @ 10am this morning are already celebrating in the square.

    Very ridiculous I would say!!!

  8. Tonio Mallia says:

    Oh my God. This is so bad for my stomach acid!!

    Why did the chicken cross the road ?

    To see if it could build a golf course there instead of maghtab

  9. jags says:

    NET reporters have suddenly gone quiet – the past five minutes have just had live feed from Naxxar without commentary …………. telling I’m afraid ……… too telling

  10. Nailbiting says:

    Gudja labour supporters are letting off petards and celebrating too!

    Oqma b’Gonzi u se norqdu b’Sant gejja illum :(

    Wake me up next election please!

  11. Jonathan says:

    At 11.20am … Betfair will give Labour .01EUR for every 1EUR bet, PN 3EUR for every 1EUR bet. Just give up.


  12. J.Mifsud says:

    I definitely do not agree about the comments on Jason. I’m afraid that all this might foment trouble.

    Remember, all in all, we are all Maltese, and we might be related without even knowing.

    Please think before you type.

  13. William Henderson says:

    It seems all over for the Partit tal Conmen. No matter how bad Alfred sant or labour is, people have had enough of the systematic rape of Malta. The appointment of crooks, thieves, land developers and other scum as ministers seems to be backfiring now.

    [Moderator – No matter how bad Alfred Sant is? I’m not surprised you’re posting from Cyprus.]

  14. Thomas says:

    labour party supporters are celebrating in hamrun… and even some pn supporters.. cant leaders calm there followers?

    [Moderator – Try calming a bunch of headless chickens.]

  15. William Henderson says:

    Fair comment :-) Gonzi has done numerous good things but he has also failed to weed out some of the corruption in the government. If PN does win, then i sure hope it will be on his top priority list.

  16. Lorna says:

    PN supporters are celebrating??? Are you sure?

    Any celebrations going on in Gozo yet?

  17. Ann says:

    Jason just appeared on Super One, he’s at the voting hall

  18. Corinne Vella says:

    Jason’s at the counting hall? How’d he get his feathers through the door?

  19. Roberta says:

    Jason just told NET crew that he is sure that inside the boxes, one of the parties has absolute majority. He is at the voting hall. I am curious to find out how he reached this conclusion with such certainty.

    [Moderator – Birdsense.]

  20. CATherine Desira says:

    Is this debunks Profs Einstein Scicluna – the same one that said that (we) Malta would never make it to the EURO change-over by the beginning of 2008? ? Profs. Einstein eh…! :) :)

  21. Matthew Borg says:

    Reports state that PN currently have a slight edge in the voting process.

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