Premature fireworks and murtali

Published: March 9, 2008 at 11:01am

People are calling and posting comments that in the St Julian’s/San Gwann area, petards are being let off by Labour supporters already. Unless these Labour supporters know something that their political masters don’t (which is impossible), they are counting their chickens before they’re hatched. So ignore them – there’ll be enough fireworks, whoever wins this one.

Why did the polling-booths stay open an hour longer?

The excuse given was the build-up of queues at the booths, because of the local council elections in some districts. That seemed pretty lame to me, because other elections have coincided with local council voting, and the booths were never kept open. I immediately thought the Nationalist Party was panicking, giving supporters enough time to change their minds about not voting (difficult, given that some of them didn’t even bother to pick up their voting documents). Presenters on both political channels urged people to do their duty and go out and vote. Then I found out who actually asked for the extension on voting time: it was the Labour Party, which had noticed that lots of its traditional supporters were not turning up either.

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  1. Chris says:

    Rumour has it the PN has won Naxxar by over 5000 votes…

  2. D. Muscat says:

    Michael Falzon (the lion king) just hid his face from cameras which briefly focused on him (11.05am). He looked worried.

    I know this is foolish …anyway elections are fun
    PS Stop hurling insults to him because he is catholic because I’m like him (but only in this sense).

  3. Lorna says:

    Update from Siggiewi: Suffarelli have been heard from the area of the Centru Laburista and honking cars sporting red and Labour flags are circulating around Siggiewi.

  4. S says:

    There are labour supporters waving their flags and hooting their horns in Sliema as people walking on the front are looking at them perplexed since no result is yet known.I hope that we will see NP flags later on…Fingers crossed guys.

  5. europarl says:

    Good luck to Labour from Brussels!

    [Moderator – Kevin Bonnici, a note of thanks to the Nationalist Party for making it possible for you to be in Brussels in the first place would not go amiss.]

  6. D. Muscat says:

    Labour supporters prematurely celebrated in 1987. I remember it clearly after the Zejtun district results were issued and it seemed that the socialists one. There were no sampling at that time (it was the Mintoff era).

  7. stormy says:

    There seem to be many MLP supporters counting their ‘chickens’ before they are hatched!

  8. D. Muscat says:

    Hey I like fireworks!

  9. catherine says:

    In the Fgura area petards can be heard, horns blaring, The Only Way is Up at full blast and I saw people hanging MLP flags on their balconies.
    But then as my husband told me, it might be a case of HE WHO LAUGHS LAST………. I wouldn’t understand an MLP win as personally I think they don’t have a ‘leader’, and didn’t have a ‘campaign’. So I conclude that if MLP win, campaigns, in my opinion, are then certainly a waste of health time and money!

  10. Chris says:

    Something I find interesting:

    In statistics, it is possible to obtain a fairly accurate result based on a relatively small sample.

    It has been worked out that it only takes the first ballot from 1000 boxes (chosen randomly) to give a pretty accurate (less than 1% margin of error). Therefore, in all likelihood, the result is already known, but we are waiting until it is made official…

    [Moderator – Counting hasn’t even begun.]

  11. Mark Bonello says:

    Time will tell but from Net TV seems that Labour Won

  12. catherine says:

    We also should remember this day 5 years my friend when the Partnership had won !

  13. CD says:

    Why did the chicken cross the road ?

    Biex tithol fil kazin tal Malta Labour Poultry

  14. David Thake says:

    There is absolutely NO indication about a result. Votes still have not started to be allocated so the Parties have NO indication yet.

  15. Fel says:

    From what I’ve heard, the labour supporters were given a directive to go out with their cars at 10.30am… not sure about the fireworks though.

  16. D. Muscat says:

    The sampling starts only when the ballot papers start being turned. Mr Thake is correct.

    However, Labourites were deluded that all no-shows and no turn-up are nationalists.

  17. factsnotrumors says:

    Just a small note…this year there is an increase of circa 8,000 votes casted over the last general election

  18. V says:

    nice one CD!
    I’m still hopeful… At least, I HOPE the majority on this island is not stupid…

  19. Vanni says:

    @ David Thake

    Ara x’qala l-bahar :)
    It’s been a long time.

    I still have that old compass should you want to make a point :)

    Take care old friend :)

  20. Lorna says:

    Mr. D. Muscat/Ms. D. Muscat: I remember very well the 1987 election. I was a girl then, but I recall gangs of men and women in red assembling in front of our front door and the front doors of other Nationalist families in Paola. I can never forget those days.

    To everybody: I’m almost certain PN lost. However, still feeling extremely queasy, nauseous and over all ill. Anybody feeling the same way?

    [Moderator – Yes.]

  21. johann spiteri says:

    cry, cry, cry, dear daphne, the lions of change are coming

    [Moderator – Daphne isn’t much of a meal. They should try eating La Barocca instead.]

  22. CD says:

    Don t panic just yet people – there is no REAL indication that labour celebrations are anything but premature.

  23. Lorna says:

    Good one Mod :)

  24. Marie says:

    Lorna, that happened to us in 1981 too…….banging on our door in Santa Lucia. I was very young and I will never forget what we went through.

  25. David Thake says:

    I cannot understand how people on this blog are “certain” that any particular party has won/lost. The parties have NO idea yet. Both parties will keep a smiling face on at this stage and will remain bullish. It’s the nature of the political beast.

    By 1pm i think we will have a pretty good idea who will be Prime Minister tomorrow.

  26. Victor's nephew says:

    FEL… a know that a nationalist supporter received an SMS yesterday to go out today at 11:00a.m. so i thinks these messages are all SPAM.

    Lorna – I remember 1987 election too when as a 10 year old, nationalist supporters came swearing at my dad underneath our balcony – by the way, before you mention anything, to my knowledge my direct family never received any political favours

    Michael Falzon already spoke on TV – very cautions and careful what to say. It was Joe Saliba who refused to make comments to Daphne of PBS

    Finally – he who is carcading is making a big mistake and should go back home.

    [Moderator – I understood about 50% of what you tried to say.]

  27. Becca says:

    the labour issoltu..wahda min taghhom….ghandom dirrettiva biex johorgu jiccelebraw fl-10.30

  28. Mark Bonello says:

    Jason is on TV!!!

  29. Christian says:

    Even in Bbuga carcading in red has started and is increasing steadily. Probably it will be a Labour victory but this really is premature celebration and One tv should instruct its viewers that it is still early.

    [Moderator – They haven’t even started counting yet.]

  30. Mark Bonello says:

    Indication is….MLP 52 % , PN 47 %

    [Moderator – They haven’t even started counting yet.]

  31. D & G says:

    yes we have just seen the peacock on super duper 1….we’re going crazy here. is it possible that no votes have been counted for a sample indication yet?

    [Moderator – No votes have been counted yet.]

  32. Vanni says:

    @ Victor’s nephew

    I also remember when EFA’s house was ransacked. While in no way agreeing with what happened under your dad’s balcony, I prefer people swearing than people burning houses.

  33. D & G says:

    thank you moderator for reassuring us and keeping us level-headed

  34. j says:

    In here, that is Siggiewi the MLP supporters are already celebrating around the village.

    [Moderator – Again, they haven’t started counting yet.]

  35. Corinne Vella says:

    Time for some light relief.
    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    That wasn’t the chicken. That was Josie Muscat looking for moral aberration.

  36. D. Muscat says:

    dear moderator, there is a difference between counting for sampling and counting/sorting.

    So …to avoid confusion the so awaited party sampling has not yet started ..

  37. Leonard says:

    Up at 5am yesterday to end up watching ManU literally get bundled out of the FA Cup and up today at 5am by some a**hole buzzing downstairs to go out, find no one and lock myself out in the freezing NY cold. Doesn’t bode well does it?

  38. Gozo says:

    Labour supporters carcarding in Gozo. It seems they won.

  39. Victor's nephew says:

    Vanni you are right.. my point is that although we should not forget those horrible days… we thank god they are over. Still… I am 100% certain that we will not go back to those days and we should not put them up arguments as they are sense less.

    Whovere wins, the police should be on the alert and stop any acts of vandalism.

  40. Anthony says:

    Yes i can confirm that carcading started in gozo aswell… However cars are going around singly and not in groups. No ppl yet infornt of labour party club.

  41. Corinne Vella says:

    Hello Victor. You’ve gone all quiet. What’re you hatching?

  42. D & G says:

    the lion king is speaking on super one with a smirky grin on his face….though he too is being cautious about premature winning indications… so hang in there guys….hold on lion king is saying that at 1.30ish is the first slight indication

  43. Corinne Vella says:

    More light relief.
    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    That wasn’t the chicken. It was Victor Laiviera hatching yet another conspiracy theory.

  44. me says:

    Let’s go for some fun.
    Can anybody enlighten us about AS’s second name if he has one. It could be ‘Stephen’ or ‘Simon’ or ‘Sebastian’ for all I know, but if so his initials would look rather……

  45. Vanni says:

    @ me

    Hehe, you rumbled on my spot of fun. I thought I was getting away with using the possesive as much as I could (AS’s)whenever I could.

  46. me says:

    I guess it would be more fun if we are able to define that second name.

  47. maria says:

    Here in Bormla the horns and Mary Spiteri’s voice blaring the Innu, are being heard all over the place.

    [Moderator – I’m glad I don’t live anywhere near Velentine Confectionery.]

  48. europarl says:

    Carcades have started here in Brussels – it’s the Torca banner everywhere. We did not vote but we still honk our horns for Labour. I’m off to Malta House now to join PES in the premature celebrations.

    Thanks for divulging the wrong name, btw, moderator… I wouldn’t want to bump my head against yours ;)

  49. Batman says:

    For your info, it seems that there is a free to all party at the Paola main square…. looks like the chickens are out already for a in what in Maltese we call ‘Burdellata’ coated with extra ‘Hamalagni’

  50. Vanni says:

    @ europarl

    I wonder how you can write the crap you write, while hogging the benefits that labour mps get when representing Malta in Brussels.

    What would you do if the EU decides not to accept AS’s request to reopen the negotiation packet? Show your moral fiber, and leave the gravy train, and become unemployed? Sure you will!!!! ;)

  51. G78 says:

    I’m beginning to give up….it seems that there is more probability that labour won:((( though I still have a thread of hope….

  52. europarl says:


    The Accession Treaty cannot be reopened. Since then, Dos Santos has colluded with Il-Gonz to ratify the EU Constitution (twice!) without asking the people.

    Do you know what the Treaty of Lisbon does, Vanni? Or are you still stuck on Il-Pakkett?

    As for the gravy train, my job is to throw that gravy in the train driver’s face. I am obligated to neither the Leftish-Right nor the Rightish-Left. I avoid charades.

  53. A Jones says:

    NET zoomed in onto our peacock friend and the worried look on his face was very encouraging until his neighbour warned him of the cameras and he gave one of those fake smiles that makes my stomach churn – just goes to show how their optimism is just a facade and they’re just as nervous as we are!

  54. Amanda Mallia says:

    Europarl – Don’t embarrass the Maltese further, please.

  55. europarl says:

    Your embarrassment is my embarrassment, Amanda. You all sound like petty squabblers to me, you, Dos Santos, Il-Gonz and all the lajinz and cikinnz and tajgerz and majs…

    [Moderator – Fine, we’re all squabblers. Now please kiss and make up.]

  56. Vanni says:

    @ Europarl

    So you will not resign your position? Why not?
    Or are you waiting for some konvinzjoni morali to hit you first?

  57. europarl says:

    From what I can gather from my hole in Brussels:

    Word in the Labour camp is that PN won.

    Word in the PN camp is that Labour won.

    The contest goes on…

  58. europarl says:

    Vanni, you wouldn’t understand. I’m fighting the system. Just keep focused on your game there, it’s more important than what I do.

  59. Amanda Mallia says:

    Europarl – While fighting the system, please ask Sharon not to kick up a fuss about the kids not being able to learn Maltese at school. We Maltese should be thankful that many of our European counterparts can’t fully understand the ignorance that is spewed out on the Labour media …

  60. europarl says:

    It’s a very different story, Amanda, take my word for it. It’s not the inability to learn Maltese that’s the problem, but the demotion of Maltese to 3rd or 4th Language (optional).

    That means that officially, the Maltese students’ mother tongue is English (just like the Irish) and their second language is German or French.

    The 2nd language is the one used for 3 important subjects in the third year. It’s not easy to sit for history exams in French when your actual second language is English and the school hasn’t taught you much French anyway…

    This is highly discriminatory.

    So don’t spew out comments when you don’t know the details.

  61. Vanni says:

    My “game” here is not paid by taxes. And the company I work for would take a very dim view of paying for any gaming.

    And what would you know where ‘there’ is anyway? One should not jump to conclusions. ;)

    BTW, I resent your fake know it all attitude, “you wouldn’t understand” is not only elitist, it reeks of pseudo intellectuality.

  62. europarl says:

    People who elect EU-critical MEPs pay taxes too, Vanni the non-pseudo intellectualizedddd

  63. kevin says:


    its almost official now, hold tight for a few more minutes

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