Super One views: The Lion of Change clutches his lucky santa tal-Madonna

Published: March 9, 2008 at 12:29pm

Michael Falzon’s Santa tal-Madonna

I wouldn’t want to be that santa tal-Madonna fil-but right now. It’s probably been getting a really good pressing from l-iljun tal-bidla’s paws. Give him some Red Bull somebody!

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  1. D. Muscat says:

    Stop this … I’m Catholic.

    [Moderator – This is not meant to offend the sentiments of anyone but the Lyin’ King.]

  2. J.Mifsud says:

    I too do not like it. It might unintentally make people swear at it for various reasons.

  3. Chris says:

    I would also remove the picture

  4. Kathryn Z. says:

    Swear at it? I think I’m going to put one in my pocket myself with all the horns and murtali I’m hearing.

  5. Andy says:

    Don’t back down moderator – religion (of any flavour) should have no influence on freedom of expression.

    [Moderator – I won’t; and it’s no coincidence that my undergraduate dissertation was about the influence of religion on freedom of expression.]

  6. Chris says:

    It is fine to have faith. A Santa fil-but is just superstition, though.

    [Moderator – Too right.]

  7. Paul Vella says:

    I’ve been sayin’ it for a couple of days now that MLP are goin’ to win. Tonight I dreamt that Michael Falzon died of a heart attack from being too fat.

  8. Graham Crocker says:

    Why is a picture of the Madonna offending catholics?
    Go talk to Moofassa whos been keeping it warm in his pocket.

  9. Paul Vella says:

    E btw… hallikom mill-istampa tal-madonna, hanina dinja. Mhux naqra sense of humour jew? Miskom taraw South Park kemm tiehdu ghalikom kieku. Hemm episodju jismu “Bloody Mary” miskom tarawh.

  10. V says:

    uwejjjaaaa!!!! bl-iljun tal-bidla qed titnejjek daphne mux bir-religjon… and rightly so :D keep on entertaining us pleaseeee!!!

  11. mario debono says:

    Nehhieha daphne please. Our lady has nothing to do with this

  12. John Schembri says:

    “In the face of defeat , defiance is the last strategy”. Please show some consideration to the sentiments of the many Maltese Catholics.
    The way to hell is paved with ‘good’ intentions . I hope you are not using this site to offend other people’s sentiments! The green eyed monster is taking over.

    [Moderator – We are not using this site to offend the sentiments of anyone but Lyin’ King.]

  13. Marie says:

    some more humour please …… needed BADLY

  14. claud says:

    lol @ mufasa.

    so what ministry do you think he’s going to be given?

  15. Joseph Abela says:

    Il-lion ahjar jilbes labtu ghax santa mhux ser tkun bizejjed biex jmexxi jekk jirbhu huma!!! Rajtuh ic-curkett gold tal-lion x’naqra touch exquisite taste????

  16. J.Mifsud says:

    m’ghandiex dubju li Daphne mhux titmejjel biha, izda mhux ahjar ma nuzawx santa biex inwasslu messagg?

    [Moderator – Bhala nisrani temmen li Alla huwa kullimkien. Anke jekk tuza gebla biex twassal messagg, hemm Alla go fih.]

  17. TheReasonWhy/Dumbledore says:

    Has anyone seen the latest election update on The Times’ website? Hmmm … I wonder what to make of it.

  18. eyesonly says:

    I’m catholic but I’m not offended..
    thanks Daphne..
    on the contrary it’s the Lyin’ King who is anti-religious just like Sant (who won’t call the new hospital Mater Dei) and is ‘using’ (or trying to) the santa for his advantage…

  19. sue micallef says:

    relax people … we just have to wait

  20. J Bor says:

    oh noes a religious symbol on a website.Are we going to start acting like Christian extremists by burning some Maltese flags & threatening to behead some journalists?

  21. mario debono says:

    ok the first sample is very very close. too close to call, but the PN is ahead with literally a handful of votes. does not mean anything. we have to wait. its going to be a long afternoon

  22. John Schembri says:

    Not everyone understands your way of reasoning, even offending the sentiments of The Lyin King is not Christian. Love your enemies , especially if they are the ones who are your ‘neighbours’.Be good!

  23. D. Muscat says:

    This is bad taste. Viva d-Duluri!! In few hours very few will be surfing this site.

    Anyway, don’t take too much heed to the big smiles on Jason’s face. It is fake just like his party’s political manifesto.

  24. Chris says:

    Hi – see that last TOM update – touch and go but with PN officials slightly more positive!

    I am praying and praying – we need stability.

  25. zxc says:

    The worst thing if MLP are in government is that i will have to graduate under a labour government … the last thing i wanted !

  26. J Bor says:

    I’m sure Freddy will want to get some revenge on university students if MLP go up.

  27. Amanda Mallia says:

    J Bor – Did you ever doubt it?

  28. Charles Spiteri says:

    5300 didn’t collect their vote, 22000 odd didn’t bother voting, even though they’d collected it. That’s nearly 10% of the electorate. That says a lot. For one, they weren’t ready to give that vote to either of the smaller parties. Secondly, they didn’t even want to give it to Sant. Thirdly, nor did they want more of the same.
    If we get a labour Government, it will truly be a vote for change – for MLP to show all Malta that they really are pro-EU, and can run a Government and achieve results without mud-slinging, without that doomsday feeling and withoutd calling everything a hofra. For the PN, to clear out the people within it that did not inspire ocnfidence with the electorate, and to the AD, to come to terms with a reality that at least 27500 people who really had THAT choice, in the end opted away from coalitions. I don’t really have anything to say about AN, or Norman Lowell, I’m afraid.

  29. Amanda Mallia says:

    J Bor, just to clarify – My post “Did you ever doubt it?” was in answer to the following post of yours:
    “I’m sure Freddy will want to get some revenge on university students if MLP go up.”

  30. Lorna says:

    Come on guys! I’m a practising Catholic myself but to be honest, the image of Duluri is soothing in itself. It is very clear that the image is not intended to mock what the image symbolizes. Let’s not be too pedantic.

  31. Lorna says:

    Just a thought – sorry for writing again – does a site like this for Labour supporters/sympathisers exist?

    I have to be honest: I was nauseous this morning, I’m having visions now but whichever way it goes, it is far from being the “rebha fenomenali” it was touted to be by Michael Falzon & Co.

    [Moderator –]

  32. J Bor says:

    To Amanda Mallia

    Nope,and it scares me.

  33. Geraldine says:

    Just heard PN are slightly in the lead. Fingers crossed!!

  34. zxc says:

    some good news … some inside info … 1st count looking good (in our favour) but keep feet still on ground !!!

  35. Fel says:

    Good one Mod! :)

  36. Charles Spiteri says:

    Rebha fenominali or not… winner takes all.

  37. V says:

    i heard so too zxc!!!! aaa

  38. Chris says:

    Yes people heard the same news but margin of error still too large

    So again hope and pray.

  39. zxc says:

    V ….. are you a V ?? hihi

  40. Genome says:

    Yes, we call ourselves democratic but winner becomes a dictator !!!

  41. Amanda Mallia says:

    J Bor – (Bir-rispett kollu :)) You are then either too naive to have thought otherwise, or too young to have experienced their atrocities first-hand. Either way, am still hoping that all will turn out well.

  42. Carmel Scicluna says:

    Li kien id-Duluri tidhol ghalina! Jitla’ min jitla’ jien fejn jien ha nibqa’. Jien personalment mhu se nirbah jew nitlef xejn. Imma meta niftakar f’uliedi u f’dal-pajjiz … il-mirakli li ghamel Gonzi f’temp ta’ erba’ snin u x-xoghol li jonqos li jsir minnu … kif jista’ jkun li kollox isirlu suf? Kif jista’ jkun ikollna lil Tal-Parrokka prim ministru?

  43. Malcolm says:

    Oh come on publish my comment. Don’t be a chicken run Daphne!

    [Moderator – ‘Daphne you’re disgusting, Daphne you’re vomit.’ There – I published it.]

  44. Charles Spiteri says:

    Gerome, sadly, this has been our system for many elections…. we now must face up to this one in same way as in previous ones.

  45. Amanda Mallia says:

    Malcolm – Show your full name if you’ve got the guts to do so.

    At least my sister has the guts to say what she thinks, despite the adverse repurcussions that brings with it.

    Hiding behind a first name – which could also be a fake one at that – to chuck insults just shows how some people don’t have any b*lls, and you, it seems, fit into that category.

  46. Malcolm says:

    Amanda, those where not my true words…. Daphne didn’t have the guts to publish my true comment but published a distorted version in inverted commas! Daphne has my full email address aswell, so she can check if I’m hiding behind a pseudonym or not. Oh well my surname’s Bonnici. I’ve got nothing to hide.

    [Moderator – Daphne does not have access to your email address. These are tense times, and it is not your place to pick a fight with the owner of this site.]

  47. V says:

    net are saying “ikun x’ikun ir-rizultat, irridu nirrispettaw id-decizjoni tal-poplu”

    isn’t that a bad sign…?

  48. Amanda Mallia says:

    Carmel Scicluna – Nisperaw li hemm hafna nies ohra li jahsbuha bhalek. Sfortunatament, imma, hawn wisq min jahseb fuq il-bankina ta’ quddiemu, jew fuq xi hofra fit-triq u cucati hekk. Issa naraw … Nisperaw dejjem.

  49. A Jones says:

    Is the positive news I heard correct?!!?

  50. Amanda Mallia says:

    Comic relief –

    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    To see if it could get a glimpse of Jason behind the screen!

  51. Charles Spiteri says:

    Isn’t it time to have a national government? Gonzi PM, Sant as Vici PM and then swop around for the next two years? Something like that.

    [Moderator – And my pet rock as Minister for Public Works.]

  52. Lisa says:

    Labourites aren’t looking too happy anymore. No ones smiling on both ends.

  53. Corinne Vella says:

    Why did the chicken cross the road? It doesn’t matter which road it was. All roads lead to Castille.

  54. sigal says: is informed that two samples taken by both parties have not yet given a clear indication of the result and a third sample is being taken. In previous elections, parties could determine the result after the first sample. This is probably an unprecedented situation.

  55. Anna Tabone says:

    lets all sing and relax…..
    everybody loves somebody sometime….

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