Jason – he’s back!

Published: March 9, 2008 at 12:24pm

Jason Micallef the giant peacock

Jason Micallef has been spotted on Super One saying that he is morally convinced that the ballot-boxes contain an absolute majority (they don’t – because the ballot papers have been removed).

Please remind me to ask Jason what kind of foundation make-up he uses, the next time I meet him.

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  1. D. Muscat says:

    Counting started now. 12.24. From this the political parties will take their samples.

  2. Marie says:

    fingers crossed

  3. A Jones says:

    Nothing’s started! There’s actually a protest because they don’t seem to be handling the votes properly!

  4. Victor's nephew says:

    Jones.. only on 1 district the rest are sorting

  5. A Jones says:

    ok NOW it’s started

  6. KC says:

    Courage guys! We can be on top again!

  7. Pauline says:

    I can’t stand this waiting. Hope the maltese saying is right…”Min jistenna Jithenna”

  8. D.M. says:

    i think everyone knows that there are rumors about him..if you know what i mean

  9. D. Muscat says:

    some have it “min jistenna jitherra”

  10. chris says:

    U leee let them say what they want; it will only make them look like bigger idiots tomorrow

  11. Danni says:

    Did you notice that PN are up to date with PDA’s and MLP are still with Pen & Paper? You can actually compare that to the election.

  12. Simon says:

    These will be the longest 2 hours or the longest afternoon of our lives

  13. mario debono says:

    posted 12.44: Jason Micallef tells MT that the Labour has strong majority posted12.40 :

  14. Simon says:

    First indications: too close to call

    Forty-five minutes into the vote counting process, officials of the two main political parties say the contest is too close to call.

    The sorting and counting of votes started at around 12.30 p.m. and officials said the representative samples across all the electoral districts were presenting a mixed picture, although Nationalist Party officials appeared to be more positive than they were earlier in the morning.

    Meanwhile many Labour supporters started celebrating victory even before vote counting began, notably in the southern part of Malta but also in Birkirkara, San Gwann and Gozo.

  15. Amanda Mallia says:

    NET NEWS just showed Jason and Michael looking decidely worried, with Jason scowling at the camera when he noticed he was being filmed … I’m hoping that’s a good sign for us (And by the “us”, I mean the whole of Malta, since a PN government has never been “gvern tan-Nazzionalisti BISS”)

  16. C says:

    Daph, you crack me up!!! You’re the best tonic on this nail-biting day!

  17. mark says:

    Just heard that a large group of mlp supporters celebtrating infront of their club have been told to disperse and go home

  18. Lisa says:

    thanks for providing us with a little comic relief on such a nerve-racking day! :)

  19. Cor says:

    i live on st julian’s sea front…. two
    PN cars are carcading…

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