The beacon of hope becomes a flame

Published: March 9, 2008 at 2:34pm


Keep your fingers crossed – it looks like we’re about to see the back of the chicken for good. But still, don’t count your chickens.

The people at the counting hall are waiting for the grand entrance of the mexxej tal-Partit Laburista. I hope he’s not gearing up for a repeat performance of the rizultat fazull of 1998.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Daphne… tx for the site… never wrote on the blog but have been following constantly!! As they say… minn fommok ‘l alla… gonzi should be the one leading the country :)

  2. Amanda Mallia says:

    Taken from The Times online just now:

    Sunday, 9th March 2008 – 14:31CET

    Both parties have same predictions – Falzon
    Both political parties have the same predictions of the election outcome, MLP deputy leader Michael Falzon has told journalists in the counting hall.

    He did not say what those predictions are but said one should wait some more. PN officials have also advised caution.

    It is understood that Labour leader Alfred Sant will visit the counting hall shortly.

    Meanwhile the streets have become noticeably quieter after Labour celebrations earlier in some areas.

  3. The most “beautiful” Nationalist victory was 1987 for two reasons: Labour Party supporters celebrated victory prematurely and then the Blues won with a wafer-thin majority. We want a repeat!

  4. Roberta says:

    just heard that labour supporters gathered outside their headquarters were asked to go home….can anybody confirm this?

  5. Matthew G Borg says:

    AD only 1.5%. Very good no seats in Parliament, Relative majority should be enough!

  6. Amanda Mallia says:

    Just got this from The Times

    Sunday, 9th March 2008 – 14:13CET

    “Still some way to go” – Jason Micallef
    Labour Party general secretary Jason Micallef has said there is still some way to go before a clear election winner emerges.

    Officials from the two main parties are pouring over over the first sample of votes taken from the 13 districts but it appears that the parties are evenly balanced.

    In the morning Mr Micallef had said he was confident that the winning party would enjoy an absolute majority.

  7. Dumbledore says:

    Will AS resign if MLP lose?

  8. Simon says:

    posted 14.41 MaltaToday
    In a terse statement to the press Michael Falzon (MLP) said that result is still undecided

    posted 14.36 MaltaToday
    Initial sampling for AD put the greens at a disappointing 1.5%, with Cassola on the 9 at 3%, Victor Galea on the 13 with 1.8%. No sampling exists for Vassallo on the 10th

  9. CODama says:

    I live close to id-dar tal hgieg and I can no longer hear horns or people celebrating outside…finger crossed may history repeat itself like in 1987

  10. C says:

    U kemm immansa issa l-Iljun!!! He’s looking decidedly sheepish on TV…

  11. kevin says:

    gonzi gonzi gonzi

  12. William Henderson says:

    Good to see AD not getting any seats. Quite frankly some one who can not abide by the law, should not be allowed to have contended in the first place. The presidential pardon is pathetic too….

  13. IvanC says:

    If PN *did* win, talk about snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory!

  14. D. Muscat says:

    I hope Alfred Sant stays within the MLP. The infighting within it will be a spectacle better than this.

  15. CODama says:

    Dumbledore will he? naaaa he is too obsessed with power

  16. Sarah says:

    Daphne… anything new from your front?

  17. IvanC says:

    Dumbledore – remember 2003? He resigned and all Malta sighed with relief, then some (misguided) souls decided he deserved (yet another) chance!

  18. Steve says:

    I propose a short break. At 1500hrs on Radju Marija (102.3 FM) the rosary is recited. Lets stop and pray. If we all pray together our prayers will not go unheared by Our Lady.

  19. Daniel Scicluna says:


  20. Dumbledore says:

    I hope AS *does* resign because the country deserves a better Opposition Leader, a more constructive parliament … and, wishfully thinking a number of parties in opposition. ;)

  21. eyesonly says:

    It’s good – we will not get a repeat of the 1981 anomaly….

    funny… I just heard on tv a woman in the hall saying she’s wearing too much clothes (as she was told it was very cold there) and she was feeling the heat… I can imagine what Striscia La Notizia would do if this was Italy.. :)

  22. D.M. says:

    OMG i m so exited i cant contain myself..haha all the carcading and horns stopped in zejtun YIPPIE:D

  23. Sarah says:

    this tension is killing me… any idea at what time we’ll have a clear indication?

  24. Dorrie Galea says:

    I think AS should stay. He is a perfect foil to our Gonzi.
    An old Maltese proverb goes, ‘Qatt tipprova tahsel wicc haddiehor biex jidher isbah minnek!’ Let him stay on making his little mudpies.

  25. Sarah says:

    from Malta Today 15:03

  26. Paul Spiteri says:

    If it is as close as it seems maybe we should all be as the TV commentators are saying and be “kawti”

  27. Dumbledore says:

    MaltaToday: posted at 15.03hrs

  28. Nikki Aquilina says:

    Car cading in Sliema stopped too…

  29. CODama says:

    IvanC, I’m looking forward to see the day,he pronounce it again, but ‘miskin’ the maltese people did not gave him enough time to (luckily not enought time to keep ***kin up Malta)

  30. CODama says:

    Sarah a sigh of relief, THANKS!!!

  31. Paul Spiteri says:

    From Malta Today

    posted 15.03 PN OFFICIALS TELL MT THAT THEY HAVE A 4000 MAJORITY, LABOUR REFUSE TO CONCEDE AND INSIST THAT IT STILL TO CLOSE TO CALL. AND WITHIN MARGIN OF ERROR posted 14.52 AN officials tell MT that they are disappointed with their first count votes posted 1450 Mood in the streets has changed with Labour carcades coming to an abrupt end posted 14.41 In a terse statement to the press Michael Falzon (MLP) said that result is still undecided posted 14.36 Initial sampling for AD put the greens at a disappointing 1.5%, with Cassola

  32. Matthew G Borg says:

    Hey Daphne can someone confirm this news coming from MT!

  33. KC says:

    I cannot take it anymore! But I got big hope! **It-tigrija sal-barkun lions!** :D

  34. D. Muscat says:

    advantage of PN within margin of error. More sampling needed.

  35. CODama says:

    Sarah a sigh of relief , thanks

  36. R Borg says:

    I live in Cottonera. The PN supporters are carcading here. Lets hope that its not a false alarm. Keep on praying so that AS maybe he resigns once and for all

  37. joseph says:

    I’m dying here, at the airport waiting to leave and hungry for results. And it doesn’t help to watch tv without and tone GRRRRRRR

  38. AMangion says:

    NET journalists are really professional. They keep insisting that there is still no result. Labour should have done the same.

  39. D.M. says:

    hope they’re right istra!!!! even my dog is excited hehe

    [Moderator – So are mine. I’ve read they can sense earthquakes.]

  40. claud says:

    this morning i woke up with a huge feeling of foreboding…then i kept refreshing your blog every 30 seconds to look for news, switching from superwann to net tv….the sms’s are coming in…looks good, but until i see Gonzi/Sant saying so i’m not going to count my chickens….

  41. chris says:

    Aw imma on NET they didnt mention anything about the 4000 votes,fil fatt they just said there still no indication for results. MT is a good source jew?

  42. A Jones says:

    What’s that smile on the lion’s face all about?!?!?

  43. joseph says:

    i can see l-iljun talking on net, (but no tone) what are his comments pls.

  44. cliveb says:

    Majority now down to 1500 – very close call….
    But even one vote is enough…

  45. AMangion says:

    yes i confirm the same things from good sources … but again no official result yet … obviously because the lead is too small.

  46. Lorna says:

    Michael Falzon on One Tv does not seem too “sheepish”. He looks quite confident actually.

  47. CODama says:

    can anyone confirm please, the sweet shops are closed now and I ran out of chocolates

  48. Chris says:

    Haha Michael Falzon just appeared on ONE denying that he had said he has a clear indication.

  49. D.M. says:

    yes mod, earthquake in our favour hopefully;)

  50. Dumbledore says:

    The Malta Today says “PN tells activists to gather at Stamperija”

  51. John Bugeja says:

    posted 1513: PN officials tell MT that it is more like 1500 votes majority. Tension runs high at Naxxar counting hall, PN tells activists to gather at Stamperija.

  52. D. Muscat says:

    The Lion’s King stroll is a tactical shrewd move (he is not a chicken as some want him here). Defeat or not for the MLP this walk will give him great popularity among Labourites who are dying with tension just like us. (Qed jahseb ghal xawwatu). I think Michael Falzon is not that dumb after all.

  53. CATherine Desira says:

    I never chatted, blogged or even posted comments on any site before. Pls keep this site going even after the 2008 elections. Yours is a site full of interesting articles, info and comments. And met quite some personalities as well! A job very well done indeed.

  54. Roberta says:

    I m hearing ‘We take the Chance’ in Valletta :D :D

  55. Common says:

    On a lighter note, can you immagine if the maltese electoral commission was in charge of counting votes in America? It will take years to know an aswer!!!! CNN give predictions withinf minutes of polls closing

  56. Eddie says:

    keep up the good work daphne!!!!

  57. Roberta says:

    Gordon Pisani @ 15.22hrs Net Tv

    “nappellaw ghal prudenza .. m hemmx rizultati ghalissa”

  58. Chris says:

    I am dying of tension!

  59. Matthias says:

    i hope we get some definite results because tv stations are getting nowhere and i’ve been hearing different versions of how the sampling is going… arggg tensed

  60. DaVe says:

    Tridu xi cafe? jew 2? :)

  61. Rebecca says:

    My stomach is in knots, please please let me believe that the Maltese still have some sense in their grey matter and have elected a Nationalist government once again!!

  62. Roberta says:

    2 valium or imodium would be better dave :-)

  63. Alfred M. says:

    Ladies and Gentleman, Let’s Celebrate :)!!! Fgura seems to be awfully quite at this time ;-)

  64. Pauline says:

    i think gormina or maypole will be open:)

  65. A Jones says:

    If you go out and celebrate now you will be as bad as them and show how you stoop down to their level – stay home and keep a level head until something is announced.

  66. Alfred M. says:

    Free lemons to our friends on Super 1!! aw il gid!!

  67. K Zammit says:

    I am not in Malta. Has ix-xemx hamra hanina laburista risen today????

    [Moderator – Blue skies so far.]

  68. Dave, I’d prefer tea. Lion tea! Remember that ad? “Te ta’ l-Iljun … jerhi u jerga’ jerhi!”

  69. Anthony says:

    Am drinking whiskey to calm down my tension :). lets hope for the best.

  70. stephanie says:

    i need to go to the loo every like 2 minutes….

  71. Common says:

    I’m hearing that it is only a matter of time. PN will announce a win soon. I agree to stay home until official. Let’s be different.

  72. D.M. says:

    haha good one moderator and k.zammit ;)

  73. Simon says:

    Talking of chickens – No one should EVER count the chickens before they hatch. MLP supporters have done this and big time. PN supporters should not repeat the mistake. Let’s all wait…impatiently!

  74. DaVe says:

    Yes i do remember d add lol good 1! im not drinking atm but hell am i smoking! this tension aint good at all!

  75. Roberta says:

    Cannot sleep :( nyone knows at what time will an official result be out ??

  76. Corinne Vella says:

    Why is everyone here so sure Alfred Sant will resign if he loses this election? This is the man who won a lost referendum, remember?

  77. KC says:

    I don’t advise you to go out and celebrate now due to accendents that have occurred. Like both parties said…”let’s keep prudence” and keep our feet on the ground…BUT I GOT HOPE! :D

  78. DaVe says:

    I`m shure! coz if he doesint, the people around him will make him for shure this time.Ax xebaghu johorgu idoqqu ghal 5 minuti u jergaw jidhlu kull 5 snin

  79. Charles Spiteri says:

    When Alfred Sant or his entourage concede defeat, that’s when PN can safely say they’ve done it – not before. So until then, everyone – just stay at home and play playstation or cranium or something, OK?

    [Moderator – I’m playing that chicken game that Genome had posted.]

  80. pajper says:

    i’m from zabbar, this morning i felt sick, all those mlp people, i do hope we win.

  81. Awaiting says:

    Gordon Pisani asked everyone to be cautious.

    The results are still uncertain.

    The Times of Malta

    A PN media director, Gordon Pisani, said people should not jump to conclusions and should stay calm since at this stage there was no clear result. He said the process was slower than in the past and it may take a couple of hours for the situation to be clarified.

  82. MalKu says:

    hehe najs dave gd one..let’s hope huwx ;)

  83. lelina says:

    Is it just me that’s still so scared that the rumour that we have won might be just a ‘dream’?

  84. Marco says:


    MLP has for the last few elections honoured their latest tradition., That of Celebrating the ‘opening of the votes boxes’. As soon as the boxes are opened (or even a bit before) they go out on the roads, celebrate early at around 10/11, then go back home and leave the roads to us to celebrate the winning of elections.

    I hope they keep this tradition going for future elections too, cos in a way its fun.


  85. Simon says:

    I am sure that we will see more of Michael Falzon in the future!! He did so well in Sliema, surpassing Sant’s close friend Varist

  86. John Bugeja says:

    posted 1540 Labour officials told MT that they are awaiting the PN to declare victory for them to concede defeat.

  87. Christian says:

    posted 1540 Labour officials told MT that they are awaiting the PN to declare victory for them to concede defeat… Malta today

  88. MalKu says:

    ejja ppls naqa ohra u narawhom jilaqu l-hmieg tal-art lir-reds..go blues!!

  89. Camillu says:

    VIVA GONZI!! ir-rebha tana terga tkun!! ha nghaqdu kwart ta seklu fil-gvern!!!

  90. anthony says:


  91. MalKu says:

    najs comms guys ed togbuni
    gooooonnnnzzzzziiiiiiii :D:D

  92. Camillu says:

    the only way is up!! ax mandomx iktar fejn jaqaw fil-baxx!!!! VIVA PN!!! fil-gvern al 5 snin ohra!!

  93. DaVe says:

    We should change somthing in our emblem now…maybe change the backround into SILVER? :)

  94. Marie says:

    I just cannot believe until it is official. I mean, it makes sense but ?? too good to be true??

  95. Camillu says:

    The only way is up!! tafu ala?? ax mandomx iktar fejn jaqaw fil-baxx!! hallejniom l-art!! Viva PN! ahna fil-gvern al 5 snin ohra!! GO BLUES!!

  96. Lorna says:

    I advocate caution again! Better resign oneself to defeat than to think one’s won and then discovering one’s lost. Let’s keep calm. It’s the greatest service we can give to “Gonzi u shabu” :)

  97. Waiting says:

    Il-Maltatoday online qalet dan:

    Labour officials told MT that they are awaiting the PN to declare victory for them to concede defeat. posted


  98. MalKu says:

    ve camillu naqa relaxed ghalissa ma jmurx jitilghu huma(u jfallu pajjiz insomma..)..imma xorta taa man, flimkien kollox possibli ras!!! :)

  99. Joe Mifsud says:

    Let’s not count the chicken before they hatch.

  100. Camillu says:


  101. Common says:

    can someone post this maltatoday link as I cannot find your quotes

  102. R. says:

    Seems Gonzi on way to Naxxar … so keep watching net.

  103. D. Muscat says:

    Daphne, the end was not so near after all!

  104. Rebecca says:

    This site is sooooo great it keeps me laughing even when I’m still worried sick so keep up the witty lines guys

  105. Ben says:

    posted 1614: Lawrence Gonzi is expected to visit the counting hall at 1700…
    judge for urslef ;)

  106. stephanie says:

    lets keep calm…..we can affor d afew hours to make sure ..we have a whole five years to celebrate hehehe

  107. Bugi says:

    il malta today issa qalu li gonzi ha jmur in-naxxar. wara dak il kumment li l-labour qed jistennew lill-pn biex jikkonfermaw ir-rebha, jin nahseb li gonzi sejjer in-naxxar sabiex jikkonferma din ir-rebha.

  108. Ben says:

    guys… prepare to carcade as soon as they annouce the win!! things are looking alot better!!!

  109. Moggy says:

    Seems that things are looking up!!!

  110. chully says:

    Found on press on election 2008

  111. anthony says:

    get your horns out people and lets show them how to carcade once again!!

  112. Moggy says:

    Still cannot believe it! Maltatoday seem to be quite clear about it, and Labourites are actually conceding defeat on other fora (which means they know from their side that it’s a hopeless case)……….

  113. ryan says:

    ibqaw kalmi nis nafu li rebha hi iktar qrib tana ima tohorgux qabel janonsjawlna l partit nazzjonalista

  114. Laura V says:

    This is awesome! guys,there’s no turning back now, the sampling exercise is more than conclusive. Do we have to count all the f……. votes!Am off to watch the revellers

    A noi

  115. etos says:

    Let’s not rush and wait for Gonzi to announce the victory. There will be time for revelling later!

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