Baby, it’s a chicken barbecue

Published: March 9, 2008 at 3:19pm

Spineless chicken

The sampling so far indicates a 2,000 majority for the Nationalist Party. There’s a margin of error to be considered (because sampling is like surveying) and it’s very, very tight.

But I think you can safely say that it’s going to be a chicken barbecue tonight. I’ve heard that Alfred Sant is on his way to the counting-hall to admit defeat, but you never know with that man.

I still have my heart in my mouth (that’s the way we prepare-for-the-worst-but-hope-for-the-best people are), but now I think it’s safe to go and have a shower, having been stuck near the television and computer in my dressing-gown since 0800hrs.

I really don’t want to miss the first sight of Big Bird, though. What’s it going to be this time? Rizult fazull? Rebah il-partnership? I don’t believe in referendums?

Whichever way you look at it, if Labour’s lost this election, things are going to be very, very interesting over the next few weeks. Big Bird is not going to survive three electoral hammerings and one referendum bashing. It’s the end of the road for him – and not before time, given that he should have resigned after his first defeat 10 years ago.

What this means is that when we come to the next general election in 2013, the only electoral majority Labour will have won in almost four decades (since 1976) is that Alfred Sant aberration in 1996 – a government that collapsed after just 22 months.

If Labour doesn’t get this message, it’s never going to get any message at all. Clear out your house. Get rid of the ‘hamalli-and-criecer’ approach to politics that scares off everyone else. Ship out the envy and bitterness and the inferiority complex.

We need a real opposition party, a real alternative. The country is crying out for one, so deliver it.

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  1. John Schembri says:

    A 500 VOTE majority is good enough , for me not to tell you ideal.

  2. Sarah says:

    i’m hooked now!! malta today 15:13
    PN officials tell MT that it is more like a 1500 VOTE majority. Tension runs high at Naxxar counting hall, PN tells activists to gather at Stamperija.

  3. By 1 vote is even better. Then all those who voted Nationalist could claim that it’s theirs!

  4. R Borg says:

    Hope you are right but on tv everyone is saying to be cautious.

  5. claud says:

    after 20 years in opposition they labour should have won by a massive landslide.

  6. lino says:

    Daphne, I just love your style and the way you are able to communicate common sense to chicken and all.

  7. D. Muscat says:

    The 4th sample has started. Amazing! The majority could just be something like 2000 votes.

  8. D.M. says:

    i hope you are right daphne!!

  9. CATherine Desira says:

    When you say: “We need a real opposition party, a real alternative. The country is crying out for one, so deliver it” You cannot be more right than that. And that’s my view too. But, do you see anyone in the MLP candidates list that has leadership characteristics? I fear, most unfortunately, that there is none.

  10. Matthias says:

    i hope they announce some definite results because tv stations are getting nowhere and i heard different versions of how the sampling is doing… arrg tensed

  11. Corinne Vella says:

    The MLP’s last stint in opposition wasn’t 20 years. The MLP was last voted out in 1998.

  12. Joe Mifsud says:

    Partnership has “one”

  13. zxc says:

    you’re hilarious Daphne !

  14. D.M. says:

    here in zejtun is like a graveyard…no one in sight and dead silent…how different from 12.30pm hehehe at least they can cut the crap!!!! super wann is warning people not to go out and celebrate (probably to save their arses..afraid to repeat the same partnerxipp won)

  15. James De Giorgio says:

    Its very very probable that the pn have won the elections, im overjoyed. but CAUTION stay inside. L-Istamperija in hamrun is already full of supporters. PN 48-49%, mlp 46-47%. Majority between 3000-5000 votes

  16. lino says:

    I can only spot Maria Muscat as the only contestant for liedership in the MLP

  17. Francis V says:

    “It can go either way” Dr Falzon told journalists in the counting hall at Naxxar. – from The Times

  18. Anthony says:

    Labour do not want to admit that they lost yet, thats why no result yet. (sors mil-istamperija)

  19. K Zammit says:

    No bring back lino spiteri and joe abela if they loose. We need some decent opposition. I am sure that the only hunter who voted was Micheal Falzon yesterday.

  20. Robert says:

    You forgot to suggest to the MLP that they also have to learn to apologise…..

  21. Clint Zammit says:

    Does anybody knows where is Jason Micallef “Mr Cool”? Its been 3 hours since his last appearance on TV. Better luck next time.

  22. DaVe says:

    Last time i saw him was at KFC :)

  23. D.M. says:

    ERM probably telling off his makeup assistant because he wasnt happy with his foundation

  24. jags says:

    Labour officials told MT that they are awaiting the PN to declare victory for them to concede defeat.

  25. John Schembri says:

    posted 1540 Labour officials told MT that they are awaiting the PN to declare victory for them to concede defeat. posted 1513: PN officials tell MT that it is more like a 1500 VOTE majority. Tension runs high at Nax

  26. Gabriella Mifsud says:

    Where i come from, MLP activists have been drinking and murtali-popping at the pjazza since 10 am.
    Their amazing ability not to feel sorry for themselves beats me.
    But well, you dont exactly blame them…20 years…

  27. Lorna says:

    Guys, let’s be cautious. It’s still too close to call. I don’t want to be a wet blanket. If there’s somebody who wants this election it’s me. Nevertheless, caution is the virue of the wise (just made this one up!) Let’s be cautious.

    Daphne, God Bless You for this website!!!However it goes, please keep it running.

  28. DaVe says:

    It`s toooo late to apologiseee! :)

  29. lea says:

    Daphne, thanks for the site, love your style you always manage to bring a smile or should I say loads of laughter. I’ve been reading everything since the begining. Hope that the rumours of PN winning are true, don’t care by how much I just don’t want eccentric Alfred as prime minister. A big thank you for all those who live abroad and came to vote for PN. Hope this site continues we need it.

  30. dna blue says:


  31. Eddie says:

    jose herrera on pbs. final outcome to be known within 30 to 45 mins.

  32. Francis V says:

    Lawrence Gonzi is expected to visit the counting hall at 1700 – Maltatoday

  33. Kenneth says:

    I can safely say that in Gzira there is no trouble at all. Its pretty quiet in my area

  34. Matthias says:

    word is spread that there’s going to be an open air party at tigulio st julians provided pn wins… i wouldnt be so sure about the party coz it might be jst a rumour.

  35. Mario Spiteri says:

    This is Sicily calling: labour supporters are out celebrating here as well.

  36. Gozo says:

    Jose Herrera on TVM: Yes, I am very disappointed with the result.

  37. ih8ubigbird says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS now its in….samples, smiles, carcades, stamperia opened up… do we need anymore sighns.

  38. Batman says:

    Whose firing petards in Birkirkara or Lija area?

    [Moderator – Tonio Borg’s friends at the fireworks factory.]

  39. Dumbledore says:

    I’m hearing fireworks in the Lija area too. Is it really Tonio Borg’s friends, mod?

    [Moderator – Sorry, that was a bad joke.]

  40. Moggy says:

    Yep, hearing them…

    :) :) :)

  41. Moggy says:

    Fireworks! :) :) :)

  42. Dumbledore says:

    I didn’t get the joke, Mod. :(

    [Moderator – We’ll go into it another time.]

  43. Matthias says:

    Charles Mangion TVM: “its gonna be a photo finish”

  44. DA says:

    I remember those words once …

  45. Moggy says:

    Yeah, same here.

  46. Matthias says:

    Gonzi arriving at naxxar at 5… (to declare victory :P… fingers crossed)

  47. Matthias says:

    Imqaret, Qassatat u figolli bxejn at naxxar…

  48. la gonzaga says:

    tvm just announced PN vitory… WHAT A RELIEF!!

  49. Batman says:

    Babes and Dudes lets keep calm and wait for a real confirmation, the difference is really thin and one must be very cautious till an official release is issued in my opinion.

  50. Pauline says:

    how much longer do we have to wait???????

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