Published: March 9, 2008 at 5:58pm

When a few weeks ago I warned the Alternattiva Demokratika people that they had made a grave miscalculation and were setting themselves up to become figures of hate, they pounced on me and accused me of scaremongering and all sorts of horrible things.

Now here they are, the proverbial spanner in the works and what for? What good has it done to anyone? All it’s done is create a hell of tension and thrown the country into discord. So maybe Harry Vassallo and all those damp squibs and useless people he has gathered around himself are enjoying their role as dog in the manger. But they’re not going to be the most popular people around over the next 24 hours.

This is the situation, and believe me, it’s the official position. It is exactly what was predicted by those of us who warned against the AD factor before the election.

Neither of the major political parties has won 50% of the vote. This means a relative majority. The Nationalist Party has won the majority of the votes, but the Labour Party, with the districts drawn up as they are, has the majority of seats. If AD does not win a seat, then the Constitutional mechanism which adjusts seats to votes comes into play, and the Nationalists form the government. If AD wins a seat, Sant becomes prime minister with a minority of votes but the majority of seats.

Has AD won a seat? No, it hasn’t. But with at least 600 first count votes on one district, before any official position can be taken on whether the Constitutional mechanism comes into play, AD has to be eliminated, even if it takes eight or nine counts. This is going to drag on for hours.

Yes, the Nationalist Party has won. But because of those bloody people who were so damned keen to sacrifice the stability of the country to their own selfish ends (instead of staying home and filling in VAT returns), we are temporarily in a mess. They haven’t won a seat and yet we are still in a mess.

They didn’t believe us when we explained this in great detail before the election, and now here we are: if AD wins a seat, Sant becomes prime minister with the minority of votes. If AD doesn’t win a seat, Gonzi becomes prime minister with the majority of votes.

Go ahead, all those who voted AD – pat yourselves on the back. What exactly have you achieved here?

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  1. D. Muscat says:


  2. Kenneth says:

    Oh *expletive* hell

  3. mf says:

    Another 1981 (i dont remember), and not nice.

  4. Alba says:

    How many votes are required for a seat?

  5. B says:

    I think that is why Joe Saliba silenced PN supporters. There’s a possibility of AD getting elected, and then seats counts not votes. Gonzi’s District 10 No 2 votes will give us a clear idea.

  6. matt says:

    Rightly said Daph. we’re in a gr8 mess. I hope that all AD voters out there learn their lesson once and for all and learn the difference between stability and chaos!

  7. Dumbledore says:

    PN should have listened to its people’s cries over the past 3 years – extending the ODZ zones wasn’t such a bright move after all!

  8. Malcolm says:

    Erm, I think that Joe Saliba stated that although technically what you are saying here is right, it is far fetched that Harry Vassallo does in fact obtain a seat form the 10th district.

    And he also said that since the the gap is so close we cannot say for sure until the first count is over. However he did give an indication that as things stand PN are in front. It’s just that the race is not over and MLP might (and may I stress the word MIGHT) overtake PN.

  9. Anne says:

    Dear Daphne,
    i think you need to check up the word ‘democracy’ and study the meaning of it. Political tacticts is no reason to not form a party if the state of the existing parties are seen as not sufficient to raise the issues relevant to a person. Thank god we live in a democracy where we all have the right to take full use of our human rights. I am really surprised that you of all people are hitting out at people who are after all just trying to create change. After all, what is the difference between you using your freedom of speech to express your opinions in this blog, and AD supporters to use theirs by voting for a party they feel express their political views? Should they not vote according to their believes just cause the political system in malta is biased towards the existing parties? The road to change has to start from somewhere…

  10. PC says:

    Is it really a disaster???

  11. Matthias says:

    thnks daphne for the info.. hope for the best

  12. Lorna says:

    This is a waking nightmare.

  13. Lorna says:

    Well done, AD Voters. We’re all so proud of you.

    Forming a coalition with Alfred Sant must really be the dream of any accomplished politician.

  14. K Zammit says:

    Daphne, a serious question please.
    Could you please explain how AD can get a seat? Do they need to get a quota on one district? Do the total amount of votes cast over the 13 districts change the situation in any way apart from preventing one party getting an absolute majority?

    [Moderator – Yes, they need to get a quota on one district.]

  15. B says:


    “Joe Saliba żied jgħid li f’dan l-istadju l-partiti ż-żgħar mhumiex ta’ tgħeddida għaż-żewġ partiti l-kbar.”

  16. Karl C. says:

    I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

    Well done to all those who voted AD………..

  17. Corinne Vella says:

    Some more chicken jokes, maybe? We’re going to need something to keep ourselves amused for a while longer.

  18. William Henderson says:

    What happened to freedom of speech? Those people believed in the ADs policies and voted for that.

    Now because that’s not convenient for the PN, they we’re/are told to shut up or else?

    [Moderator – It’s not convenient for the whole country.]

  19. Moggy says:

    What a mess!

  20. Matthias says:

    ehe vera i heard him… wot next.. it would have been better if they jst arrested Harry Vassallo in october (when the direct order was suposed to be carried out). Presidential pardon.. plllleeaaasee

  21. jags says:

    If this is the case, why did Joe Saliba specifically say the small parties are not a factor at the moment ?

    I will do anything to help keep Alfred Sant out of the PM’s office but on the other hand believe in democracy and the right for anybody to use his/her vote as they deem best – including voting for AD !

  22. me says:

    I understand that the quota for the 1oth should be around 4150. If we are talking about first count votes and AD have around 600, it doesn’t look much of a problem. MLP have every right to request that the winner be declared after the first count of all district. It is to be expected if the difference is that being murmured, considering that any party can increase or decrease votes in any district.

  23. Chris says:

    Tfarrakt fuq is sufan.

  24. Marcellinu says:

    The way I see it is not that AD will get a seat but we have to wait for the counts to see that they WILL NOT get a seat before we can celebrate.

  25. Dumbledore says:

    Moderator, you say “It’s not convenient for the whole country.” So why not ban 3rd parties from contesting elections? Sounds to me like that’s what you and Daphne would like.

    [Moderator – This is the problem with AD – they think they’re fighting against some great dictatorship. When are you going to grow out of your Che Guevara y-fronts? No one is suggesting banning third parties, as much as AD is not suggesting the banning of the criticism of small parties.]

  26. Moggy says:

    They need to get a quota on the district which they are contesting. Let’s hope that AD did not get many number 2 votes.

  27. jags says:

    According to L-iljun there will not be any 3rd party in parliament ……..

  28. ETHEL says:

    The tension is killing me!
    Why dont they count ALL the votes and give us a straightforward (hopefully PN) result !

  29. PC says:

    What has Michael Falzon just said??

  30. Mikey says:

    have to agree with marcellinu tbh…

  31. Roberta says:

    ahseb u ara dawk il-Pulizija Chris … the faces i ve seen this morning are still there

  32. Daniel says:

    Min hawnhekk nixtiew nselli lil mark, joshua u matthew u nighdlu thankyou talli dan llejl laqana ghandu!

  33. Dave Alan says:

    if AD get a seat it’s because people voted them in, and that can never be a bad thing in itself. AD didn’t make the current election system, and can’t be held responsible for quirks in the system.

    Speaking the way you speak sounds stupid, even to a nationalist.

    I think the most important concept is democracy, and other people’s votes happen to ruin your party, it’s still their prerogative to vote for who they think should be running our country.

    That said, seems PN is set to get elected again, and hopefully they won’t repeat the messes that lost them their advantage over the last 5 years.

  34. Chris says:

    Message for ANNE,

    I think that you have not realised the possible (hope remote) situation:

    1. PN say 49% no 1 votes – minority of seats
    2. MLP say 48% no 1 votes – majority of seats
    3. Small parties – 3% number 1 votes

    BUT Small Party (read AD) get a seat through number 2 votes. End result

    MLP govern – PN and AD (majority of votes between them) in opposition.

    This is the disaster that we are worried about and this is exactly why we have been saying – vote Harry get Freddie!

  35. Andy says:

    This is fascinating stuff.

    On the one hand, we have the tactical voting argument – that votes for AD cause disproportunate problems for the outcome, and are therefore unwise or even selfish.

    On the other hand, we have the conscience voting argument – that if you believe in AD, you should damn well vote for them.

    I’m leaning towards the latter argument – because I’m one of those tiresome people that believe freedom should be absolute – but I can certainly understand the strong feelings of nationalist supporters right now.

    Keep it coming :)

  36. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    Anne, whatever action you take in life, you have to consider the consequences. Doing something just because you want to, or feel like it, is what you do when you are immature, and not when you are grown-up. Saying ‘I want to vote AD and I don’t care about the consequences’ is, was and remains a highly irresponsible act, particularly given that there are no real or tangible benefits to be obtained from voting AD, and lots of damage caused by doing so. Yes, this is democracy, but don’t expect to be loved or even liked for putting people into a position where they are governed by a man who does not have popular support or the majority of votes. Our right to dislike what you are doing, and to say so loudly and often, is democracy too. All this for somebody with a criminal conviction, may I remind you.

  37. Liam says:

    I believe it’s called democracy.

  38. Marcellinu says:

    Anyone knows anything about trouble in the South ?

  39. Matthias says:

    heh.. i guess now instead of celebrating and saying F*** il labour… it’ll be f*** lalternativa..

    p.s. i dnt agree with any of these offences during meetings.. imma anyway

  40. Lorna says:

    Anne, it is not a matter of democracy or change. Change to what?? To the chaos that rules now? To the problems there will be in parliament? Is it democratic that the party with less votes rules the country? Yet, that is what a third party brings about. Coalitions do not work anywhere. Why should here be different?

    One less pleasant note: the difference between the parties is becoming even smaller.

    I see no end in sight. At least, no end to Alfred Sant.

  41. C Gauci says:

    I’m shitting myself.
    Hope we get some kind of reassurance soon… :(

  42. jb says:

    AD don’t need a quota to elect an MP. If Harry is one of the last two persons on the tenth district, with more votes than the other candidate, he will be elected by default when the other one is eliminated.

  43. lino says:

    Anne, Daphne is referring to PN voters who for a relatively insignificant reason have opted to shift their vote over to AD knowing the possible negative outcome. Democracy calls for unselfish responsibility above all.

  44. K Zammit says:

    Ok that’s more reassuring then. Thanks for the answer. Unlikely to get loads of twos and threes then. The Zombies are back on super one by the way. After some escalator music, they are giving some hope again. Let’s hope they don’t go out again. I assume they have consumed their stores of fireworks this morning.

  45. D. Muscat says:

    The 5th seat can be assigned WITHOUT quota. THIS HAPPENNED many times in past elections.

    I think that THE CHICKENS ARE THE SLIMIZI who voted Cassola.

  46. Plasticine says:

    AD has existed for over 15 years- I believe that what’s happening right now is a step forward for this country; we need to shed the polarised, outdated political system we hold so dear in favour of a more flexible political system. As it stands, the confusion was created because of the arrogance of both major parties; the constitution fails to take in account what would happen in the case a “minor” party takes a seat. I believe that the current vacuum is the fault of the faulty legislation that supports the current 2 party system.

    [Moderator – Yes, and in that 15-year history they had one seat and achieved zilch. What will Harry Vassallo do that Wenzu Mintoff didn’t? Abolish VAT?]

  47. William Henderson says:


    Coalition governments are very normal in most parts of Europe, and generally it means governments cant just simply do what they want.

    Which would appear to be a good thing for Malta, if one looks at the current state of Sliema and at the actions of someone like Jeffery Pullicino whatever.

    Whats stopping PN making a coalition with AD?

    [Moderator – ‘Normal’ doesn’t mean that they are desirable. Would you like the kind of far-right controlled coalition government that exists in Denmark?]

  48. Dumbledore says:

    I hope that the PM will learn something from this. The extension of the ODZ needs to be reversed, MEPA reorganised, minorities’ rights recognised, Caqnu muzzled, ODZ permits revoked, old village cores preserved, rent laws revised, alternative energy use encvouraged, public transport improved, motorcycle/electric vehicle taxation removed, solar panel taxation removed, solar panels subsidised, and on and on and on.

  49. John B. Vincenti says:

    I voted for I wanted, not what the likes of you tried to dictate to me.At my age, I do not need your type to mother my life.

    [Moderator – ‘I voted for I wanted’ – who’s the dictator now?]

  50. joe says:

    yep, we are

  51. Chris says:

    Dave Alan – the situation was very simple – either Gonzi or Alfred Sant were going to govern alone or else Alfred Sant with AD was going to govern.,

    Before voting one had to take one of the following decisions:

    1. Think Alfred Sant is not capable of leading this country – so vote PN and PN alone
    2. Prefers a possible unstable coalition AS/AD- new government every 6-9months – then vote AD instead of PN
    2. Thinks that AS is capable of leading this country, then vote MLP.

    As long as one is clear on his decision and does not regret it then one is free to takeany of the above decision BUT in most cases, people voting AD did not want Alfred Sant but that is the risk we are in at the moment!

  52. Corinne Vella says:

    When small party voters cast their vote, do they think about who will lead the country?
    This is not a sarcastic rhetorical question.

  53. Francis V says:

    Don’t want to scare you but Dolores Crisitna got elected in 2003 from 9th distict having only obtained 647 first count votes. Question is how many PN voted 1 to PN and 2 to AD?

  54. Adrian says:

    on MT they’re saying it’s at 1000 votes now….

    losing hope again

  55. MIkeC says:

    just took a look at the 9th district results in 2003. Dolores Cristina got elected with 647 votes, but thats because she inherited more votes from elected PN candidates then 3 other nationalist candidates who had more first count votes than she did. Whilst I can see the AD candidate inheriting some PN votes, its unlikely that enough will be inherited to get him elected

  56. Marie says:


    step forward? are you joking?

  57. Francis V says:

    The difference between the two parties stands at 1,000. The MLP has a majority of seats. The difference between the two parties is 0.5% and it appears that none of the parties have attained 50 plus one of the votes – MaltaToday

  58. A Jones says:

    If those fools who voted AD had voted for us, this wouldn’t be happening!

  59. Plasticine says:

    It would mean the country has opened up its mind and accepted the necessity of this obsessive polarized political system, where both “major” parties are practically clones of each other in the ways they operate, and no clear distinction between “left” or “right” exists. Maltese politics has become simply a power struggle for those at the top, who will personally benefit from this system. My sincere hope is that the new generation of voters will change this. I think the way this election’s going is reflecting dissatisfaction with the system, not the parties, who may not not may have Malta’s best interests at heart. The point here is that if PN goes into government, again, nothing will change, Malta will continue on it’s path (which is a steady rise in economic strength) yet I believe that this would happen anyway beneath MLP. Both parties are the same. The only thing that would change is whose friends will benefit

    [Moderator – So, I suppose the fact that we have two extreme right-wing parties and one extreme left-wing party is a sign that we’re ‘opening our minds’.]

  60. Francis V says:

    Cassola is on the 9th and he might inherit Lawrence Gonzi votes (no 2s)

  61. Corinne Vella says:

    Let me put my earlier question in a different way:
    What outcome are the small party voters expecting and what net effect are they expecting for the country as a whole?

  62. William Henderson says:

    Well then why don’t the PN and the Church declare it a mortal sin to vote AD? :-) It worked in the fifties and sixties….

    [Moderator – Because you don’t have to be a member of any church to know that coalitions are a bad idea.]

  63. Plasticine says:

    the power of the internet is anonymity. I hate it that in Malta nobody believes me when I say I don’t hold with any party, but still have my political beliefs. I didn’t vote- I am plasticine as it can be moulded, but no party managed to win my vote. Nobody’s hands were strong enough to mold my opinions. I am totally disillusioned with maltese politics.

    Let’s drink to the decadence that is this rock

  64. Adrian UK says:

    A Jones, in the UK its even worse for us, we have a facist party, The BNP, so look on the bright side!!

    [Moderator – We have two fascist parties, and one that’s a weird communo-fascist hybrid.]

  65. Dumbledore says:

    @ A jones: “Those fools” might have voted MLP instead. Or maybe they wouldn’t have voted at all. Some of “those fools” are new voters who agree only with AD’s policies. Please try to be more tolerant in your choice of words.

  66. Mikey says:

    F*cking leprechauns!

  67. Roberta says:

    L-Iljun tal-bidla just excluded that AD will have a seat.

    [Moderator – What can I say, he doesn’t like the vegetarians.]

  68. Kermit says:

    If AD do not elect an MP and the PN has more votes than the MLP, then PN seats will be increased to ensure that the party with most votes has a majority of seats in Parliament.

  69. A Jones says:

    I don’t live in the UK so do you think i give a s**t! I’m sorry but just because there are people worse off than me doesn’t make my situation any easier to handle!

  70. Roberta says:

    We can all thank AD voters who, using their vote irresponsibly, have put their personal interests first and brought instability, stress, risk in the country, yes risk of being governed by somebody who DIDN’T get the majority of votes…and you call this democracy? Yes, thank you to all AD voters who are so dumb and thick not to realize this on their own. Il-bniedem bl-izbalji jitghallem. Pity that all Malta is suffering because of a bunch of ‘ezaltati’ who think they are the saviours of democracy…look what your crusade has brought us to.

  71. Adrian UK says:

    Moderator, that’s fine, however, our Facists can take up 35% of the vote. Bradford Council, where I am a Labour Councillor has 2 BNP Councillors, and has had 4!!

  72. Maria S. says:

    posted 18.44 Labour party insiders told MT that they are in the lead, with a visible swing in Gozo that should give the party a majority, but they said it was still too early.

    taken from MaltaToday website

  73. Corinne Vella says:

    “Both parties are the same”? Perhaps that’s the way they look to the new political kids on the block, but that’s hardly an accurate description.
    No matter that the larger parties are far from ideal, it’s oversimplifying things to say they are the same.

    My measure of the difference between parties is how well people can live (and I don’t just mean economic life) under the government that the party runs.

    What’s yours?

  74. Dave UK says:

    To tell you the truth, I’m happy with the way this election is going. It is very evident that it was a choice between two evils, that’s why it’s a photofinish. It is sending the message that people are fed up with Malta’s polarized politics. So that means, whoever the winner is, both parties will have a lot of soul searching to do which it seems they haven’t been doing for the past years (4 for the PN, 10 for the MLP).

  75. Mikey says:

    MT posted this statement:

    posted 18.44 Labour party insiders told MT that they are in the lead, with a visible swing in Gozo that should give the party a majority, but they said it was still too early.

    which was removed 1minute later, not sure what to make of it…

  76. Adrian UK says:

    Malta Today: The difference between the two parties stands at 1,000. The MLP has a majority of seats. The difference between the two parties is 0.5% and it appears that none of the parties have attained 50 plus one of the votes; well can it get any closer that that??

  77. Corinne Vella says:

    Another question about third parties:

    I notice that everyone waves the flag of democracy in defence of third parties when voting for AD is criticised.

    What flag do you wave when extremist parties are criticised e.g. the fascist IE and what the mod calls the communo-fascist hybrid (I think he means AN)?

    [Moderator – AN and IE are unmistakably fascist parties, but Forza Malta is the communo-fascist hybrid. Look at their manifesto, it’s something straight off the walls of the loony bin.]

  78. Simon says:

    They want to make sure that Harry Vassallo with his 600 ist count votes is eliminated from the ballot. That will take us to the 9th or 10th count. We’re in for a long one!

  79. Alistair says:

    I think everyone needs to calm down and read the message from both major parties – the message is clear “the third party is not an issue”

    The issue is that no matter how many samples you take with a 0.3% majority overall you need to wait till around 90% of the votes counted for the margin or error to be putside the 0.3%. The trend is in favour of the PN however from a statistical point of view the margin of error will remain 0.5% till 90% of votes are counted

  80. chris says:

    HAq how stupid some people can i’m not proud of being from sliema rigth now. We tried to stop harry, when he came around houses to try convince us that sniffing manure is the way, we kept him for around an hour to reduce the number of houses he visited. I hope that this time we had to bare with harry, and his partner (who was only interested at staring at my sisters breasts) wasn’t in vain.

  81. D. Muscat says:

    Dear Mr Henderson,
    It is the maths of the STV system that permits party cross voting. How could you still say that the system is unjust? In the Republic of Ireland there are 5 parties in Parliament and they have this system.

    It is just the voting habits of the people that have produced this situation. Alternattiva wants to destroy the STV. This will remove our freedom to choose among candidates just for the sake of Alternattiva having an MP. Shame on them!

  82. John says:

    Both Parties have said that it is clear that 3 rd party will not get a seat.

    Can t we say that this a PN Victory

  83. Mikey says:

    Posted on MT site and taken down just minutes later…

    ‘posted 18.44 Labour party insiders told MT that they are in the lead, with a visible swing in Gozo that should give the party a majority, but they said it was still too early.’

  84. Adrian UK says:

    Dave UK; Perhaps Malta needs New Labour and Dave “Green Boy” Cameron?? Not to mention Cleggy!!

  85. Dumbledore says:

    Mod – all I am saying is that there’s a choice and many new voters liked AD’s policies. So they naturally voted for AD. You almost sound like you’d preferred it if they liked MLP’s policies and voted for MLP because then they would have “voted responsibly.”

    People are free to vote for whichever party they like most. ACCEPT THIS FACT!

    [Moderator – And accept the fact that just because I criticise the decision of AD voters it doesn’t mean I want to take away their right to vote.]

  86. Moggy says:

    Andy: I am definitely NOT finding this fascinating!

    Re the quota, yes you’re right, though people on NET have been saying that the chance of him being elected is very remote, considering the number of candidates (PN) on that district, and where the 2s have probably gone.

    One thing is sure: I’ve never liked AD, and I will like them even less now.

  87. Joe says:

    The people who voted AD or gave them the 2 or 3 perfectly achieved their goal, silencing arrogant people like you Daphne.

    They have shown both big parties that their votes actually count and that the current system puts smaller parties at a disadvantage by fragmenting their votes over districts minimizing their chance of getting a seat.

    This system is evidently anti-democratic and the fact that the big parties issue such scare campaigns and apocalypse forecasts is not only also anti-democratic but shows immaturity of the party and an insult to people’s intelligence.

    Such manifestations are evidently showing the cracks and loose bolts of the system and as Anne said, will spark the awareness and initiate change.

    Every change has its casualties and involves sacrifice, and if this involves giving an advantage to another party which might (quoting yourself) have inferior proposals, then be it.

    [Moderator – Someone has been using The Elve (sic) Comment Generator.]

  88. eyesonly says:

    I like to call the 1981 anomaly possibility as ‘mintoff’s ghost’.. or his legacy at any rate..

    there’s no way I want a repeat scenario like those six years in the 80’s…

  89. victor says:

    I voted AD because I believe in what they are saying.
    You have no right to accuse us of betraying the PN. Secondly who told you that we prefer PN rather than MLP.
    It could be that we voted AD because we voted for a third party and a possible coalition with MLP.
    In any case we shall how it goes till end.

    [Moderator – I have the right to accuse you of whatever I want, in the same way that you have the right to accuse me of accusing you. Wrap your head around that one.]

  90. William Henderson says:

    Why would coalition governments be unjust? Holland for example has had coalition governments since the second world war and its not really harmed them. And most governments have served the full 4 years.

    PN could form a coalition with AD and would simply have to take more care in order to serve the full 5 years. Surely that cant be a bad thing?

  91. Moggy says:

    Chris: I believe you when you say that you’re ashamed to be from Sliema. The Slimizi seem to have caused the greater part of our worries this time round!

  92. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    Marcellinu is correct. It’s not a matter of waiting to see if AD gets a seat. It’s that no official position can be taken before AD is eliminated. In other words, we are waiting until AD is eliminated, which will be some time tomorrow.

  93. me2 says:

    strictly from an interested point of view, how did you reach the conclusion that if AD gets a seat, labour will govern please?

  94. V says:

    new election keyword.. photofinish! The Ljun tal-Bidla loves it

  95. D. Muscat says:

    victor, I have the right to say the truth as well. In the present situation voting Harry meant voting Freddy

  96. A says:

    Though it is quite funny to vote for someone who doesn’t know how to do his own VAT…

    and he’s a lawyer

  97. Chris says:

    Malta Today site is down, at the time of writing. Too many people connecting to it…

  98. A Jones says:

    Victor, any regrets now?

  99. Marie says:


    what are you trying to say?

  100. chris says:

    Victor when HArry vassallo came to speak to us personally it showed he was full of sh*t. The best was when he 1st spoke in favour of developing the manoel island area that it will be the nicest in the mediterrenean for xi 10 mins, when we said we dont agree he said ‘I think its a disgrace what they are proposing’ his words exactly… voting for him was stupid because you all knew he had NO chance of winning

  101. Moggy says:

    Victor: what exactly, that AD is saying, is it that you believe in?

  102. John Bugeja says:

    so we have to wait for the count of second votes too?

  103. John Bugeja says:

    we have to wait for the second count regarding ad?

  104. Roberta says:

    Joe Saliba seems kinda worried :S

  105. Mike says:

    I find it really irritating that you keep insulting ppl who voted AD. I didnt give them first preferance but they were included in my vote as i believe in what they say as well.

    I believe no one is accusing you of anything and you keep insulting everyone who does not agree with you.

    [Moderator – And I find your inferiority complex irritating. As computers say, criticism != insult.]

  106. Al says:

    Those who voted AD ate not Nationalist. The sad thing is that AD has done its utmost to destroy the Nationalist government, thus only to open the way for the MLP. This is selfish and evil.

    Those who voted AD did not betray the PN but our country, our people and our future.

    Yesterday a wise man told be “Ta’ l-AD hodor minn barra… imma homor minn gewwa”.

    Let us hope that we do not end up with the political instability of 1981 were the minority forms a government against the will of the people.

  107. Andrew says:

    no joe saliba it could happen that ad will elect a seat but its very remote!!!

  108. Vanni says:

    @ William Henderson

    What happens with the fines? Will they get waived, because of parliamentary privilege?

  109. Camillu says:

    can anybody tell me who is up front at this moment in time?? is PN leading by 0.5% or are MLP leading??

  110. Alistair says:

    One other point about the possibility of AD to get a seat especially in the 9th and 10 th district. It is true that Dolores C manged to get elected in the 9th district without obtaining a quota however one must take into consideration block votes. I think is is quote clear from the comments made by AN that the number of block votes was considerable and that the transferred votes to AD, AN or indeed MLP will be minimal. Keep in mind that for AD to get a seat their canditate needs to obtain more votes than the 5th most voted member in the district.

  111. Julian Cut says:

    too much tension . . aint good for anyone . .

  112. Moggy says:

    Why on Earth is Joe Saliba saying that things will be clear by 9.30 pm? Admittedly, though, he says, “if no other complications arise”.

    [Moderator – And if the xemx hamra hanina laburista doesn’t rise.]

  113. Henri Vassallo says:

    The following might put minds at rest :
    1. The 2 major parties are sure that AD will not get a seat.
    2). It seems that PN has retained its 2 seats in the 2nd District.
    So either way once the PN has a slight majority of votes it will form the next government without the need of a coalition and probably without even the need to add extra seats to its tally.

  114. Mike says:

    again my point exactly dear moderator…

  115. Dumbledore says:

    Al, I repeat: Why should new voters vote for PN instead of AD if they prefer AD’s policies? Maybe if there were no AD their second choice would be MLP! What about people that have voted MLP in the past an now prefer AD? Similarly, there might be people that have voted PN in the past but now prefer AD’s policies. Please mature Al.

    [Moderator – Because AD haven’t got a vegetarian’s chance in the Lyin’ King’s jungle of implementing those policies.]

  116. Chris says:

    The word is that the AD is not a danger, it’s the closeness of the lead which is in question.

    The PN’s lead of 1000 votes (at the moment) is non-conclusive. Thererefore more votes need to be counted to reduce the margin of error to a point where such a small lead becomes statistically significant.

  117. me says:

    I had the opportunity to write it before:
    The darkest moment of the night is just before the first sun rays cross the horizon.
    Have faith everybody…………

  118. William Henderson says:


    I did not say i agree with Harry Vassallo or even ADs policies. My point is that it would be a breach of freedom of speech to intimidate people to vote PN rather then AD on the basis that they will be considered a traitor.

    In regards to the VAT – Yes, probably he should be disqualified for that but i dont know the maltese law in that respect.

    [Moderator – It is as much a breach a freedom of speech to call someone a traitor as it is to call them a hero.]

  119. Liliana Risiott says:

    Everybody seems to be blaming AD when in fact everybody has the sacred right to form, join associate etc in a democratic society. What about the disgruntled protest voters who opted for a pathetic alternative for the simple reason that the PN in government failed to be servile towards their every whim and wish. Maybe reserved parking or plenty of dust. Good on you PN ha naqtghu dal-fsied…
    If only once and for all somebody stood up to the ever groaning moaning electorate who as we say in maltese want it hobbla u tredda’.(maybe I shall be considered hamalla nazzjonalista, now. To add insult to injury this electorate holds everybody else at ransom with a simple voting document or ballot paper. I truly believe that you reap what you sow and that everybody gets what they deserve. Awguri Maltin ta’ veru!

  120. Moggy says:

    Moderator: God forbid!

  121. Roberta says:

    ”and if the xemx hanina laburista does nt rise” .. Malta will be safe for another 5 years ;)

  122. David Buttigieg says:

    The latest I have is that the only worry at the moment is the AD seat on the 10th (still remote though not ruled out 100%)

  123. eyesonly says:

    Joe Saliba about the anomaly said it’s “remote but technically possible”..

  124. Dumbledore says:

    @DMuscat: You say “In the present situation voting Harry meant voting Freddy”

    Using your logic: if an ex-MLP supporter voted for AD then it meant he/she was voting for Gonzi :P

  125. Simon says:

    Maltatoday Latest news: “Labour insiders from Naxxar said that they have a clear lead with first count votes.”

    What’s happening?!

  126. eyesonly says:

    “Spicca z-zmien tal-hmerijiet” (Godfrey Grima on PBS)

  127. anna says:

    God, ninety per cent of you sound like a bunch of snivelling kids! Yes dears, that’s what Democracy is all about, so grow up! You may not like it, but in that case, why don’t you imigrate to Cuba or China! Somebody is hysterical because the Sliema voters had the gaul to vote AD! You make me sick!
    Viva id-Demokrazija!!!!

    [Moderator – The word is gall. Viva z-zbalji (in more ways than one).]

  128. A says:

    gaul – Gaul (Latin: Gallia) was the name given, in ancient times, to the region of Western Europe comprising present-day northern Italy, France, Belgium, western Switzerland and the parts of the Netherlands and Germany on the west bank of the Rhine river.


    [Moderator – Gall: resentment: a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will – Oxford English Dictionary. Cheers.]

  129. Kelinu says:

    …and are persons with jail convictions eligible to stand for election to parliament? and particularly when, in the normal course of things, such persons ought to have been in jail at the time they submitted their candidature?

    [Moderator – They are not, except in the case of fines which are converted into jail time – as are Harry’s.]

  130. Moggy says:

    Ma nafx. It’s all so sickening.

  131. cliveb says:

    What is so wrong about complaining about a (hypothetical) result we aren’t happy with?
    Democracy is about voting for whoever you like, it has got nothing to do with everybody having to approve of your choice.

  132. Jonathan Cassar says:

    If PN don’t get elected it will be totally their fault. All AD voters care a lot for the environment…..which PN systematically raped!!! PN also refused to change the constitution to a farer and more representative election, i.e. if you get 2% of votes you get 2% of seats. If anyone out there is undemocratic and all he/she wants is their party to be in power….serves them right!!

  133. John Schembri says:

    I think what MT is reporting about the MLP swing in Gozo , can be taken with a pinch of salt Their calculations went haywire in the morning when rumours were spread that there was a swing in their favour. It’s the final count of the ONES which decides the victory.

  134. Alan says:

    Maltatoday Latest news: “Labour insiders from Naxxar said that they have a clear lead with first count votes.”

    I thought malta todays server was down…

  135. Kenneth says:

    Charles De Gaul ?

  136. Roberta says:

    gall…ina :-)

  137. Chris says:

    Is it just me, or has MaltaToday been the most unreliable source of news today?

  138. me says:

    Anna: Get yourself a life.
    I spent my youth running all around Malta alongside many other Maltese because we had a minority dictatorship.
    Nothing we take for granted today could have been available today without the sacrifices of so many Maltese, and when I say sacrifices I do not mean eating ‘Desserta’ or qeueing for a tin of sardines, I mean being gased, stoned, beaten and even shot at for expressing what was right.

  139. A says:

    and if we’re being picky, it’s emigrate not immigrate

  140. MARVOLASS says:

    Anna, calm down. Are you suggesting that everyone who disagrees with your politics emigrates to China or Cuba? If Sant gets in I think I might choose China!

  141. A says:

    but in that case it would be Gaullist

  142. Vanni says:

    @ William Henderson

    I am going to remind you of a maxim, i.e. that one should practice what he/she preaches.

    And therein is Harry’s failure. He goes on about the rent laws (justly BTW), but has a slight problem on a personal basis with returning keys to a rented property.

    A politician (and a lawyer to boot) should (or at least seem to, if you will excuse my cynicism) uphold the law. Whatever happened with the VAT dept, he was duty bound to clear it up ASAP.

    [Moderator – I can confirm this. He is renting a flat in Valletta for about Lm140 per annum – about as much as he spends on cigarettes in a month.]

  143. Country in Limbo says:

    AD, AN or not it is a close call. Some considerations; it is about time we upgrade the process into an electronic one, having to wait so long is stupid, but worse the burden in terms of cost trying to fly in all the people who are abroad. It would be easier and cheaper to fly a few commissioners abroad then the other way round. I disagree with people saying we had to choose a lessor evil, I feel that the PN had for the past couple of decades better ideas and policies, having said that they are not perfect. I have a feeling that he perception of corruption hurt PN, however the what I believe was worse was that traditional PN supporters felt that the PN should have been more for PN supporters than it actally was. Which if we are to be honest is in itself not such as a greathing as basically then the electorate was hoping the PN was more corrupt! Then there is the environment issue, and anyone who was sitting on a property that could be developed, irrespective of the so called rape of Malta, wanted to develop it in such a way to earn a buck or two, people really got upset not because of the rape, but because some people were allowed to be rape more or faster than others. The hunting lobby are by now convinced that they are fighting the battle on their own, and in a civilised society it is no wonder, as one finds it very difficult to support such a barbaric sport, in any case this lobby lost the interest in both political parties and they can hardly support AD. I personally hope this lobby(hunting) is a dying breed, surely this lobby cannot be given the political power to determine which party governs. If I may rant on a while longer, what is interesting is, that although the elctorate increased in number, and the PN seem to have lost on all districts, they still added their total enough to be ahead even though marginally to the MLP. In my opinion this gives MLP more reason to ponder what went wrong. For me more than the PN, their old faces have to go, Sant and Debono Grech are two just to throw a couple of names. This should not stop the PN from doing soul searching, as if SANT goes as we all hope, PN will have a hard job to convince existing voters, abstenees, and new ones that they still have something to offer.

    I apologise to Daphne for taking so much of her blog space. :)

  144. Lazzru says:

    the moderator’s comments are mostly amusing, rather unlike the spectacle on local tv…

  145. F.Camilleri says:

    Jonathan Cassar……….. I think its FAIRER rather than FARER !!! Good Lord……must be one of the results of Labour’s havoc with education years back!!

  146. J. Zarb says:

    Let us put it this way, the PN in government will be an opportunity for the MLP to restructure itself constructively and become a really credible opposition, hopefully! Better for them and better for MALTA!

  147. victor says:

    So u are saying everyone who voted AD is insane.
    Everyone who voted MLP is stupid.
    Who are you to accuse AD voters of betraying the country & putting our future at risk and also so vile to call us selfish!!!
    Everyone votes for his interests.
    Are you the only few God’s chosen people who can decide for others.
    Anyway i think this is pure arrogance and also selfishness at its best.

    [Moderator – That’s what’s known as amoral familism.]

  148. Al says:

    AD cannot implement any change Dumbledore.

    My comments were very mature and clear from my party. [I hope Daphne agrees with me, this would be a first as I only have enjoyed her articles over last weeks ;)]

    I love the way ADers speak, meta u kif jaqblilhom. (as if we owe anything to the European Green who belife that “abortion is not to be prosecuted by the courts” source:

    I said AD voters are not Nationalists. If they are good luck to them. They have been miss led.

    We should not vote for a party but for the best option for our country.

    A vote to AD, when we all knew the situation, was very silly as it has caused uncertainty.

  149. lino says:

    Democracy is only needed in a community i.e. when a person does not exist alone. Does it suggests mutually responsibilty between its members. Each member’s rights are the other members’ responsibilities.

  150. everhopeful says:

    PN or MLP in Government with a relative majority will be in an absolute minority. Is that what we want?

  151. 123 says:

    It cannot be true that there was a swing in favour of mlp in Gozo. Gozo is well known to be “Fortizza Nazzjonalista” and that remains so! Mlp are just clutching at meaningless straws.

  152. Chris says:

    AD is not an issue. Get over it already.

  153. Vanni says:

    @ Anna
    The reason (as I see it at least) that people are upset with AD is NOT that AD may elect a seat for themselves, insamuch that AD may indirectly cause the MLP to win the election.

  154. John Schembri says:

    As Liliana Risiott stated , some people behave like spoilt children wanting more sweets . People who voted AD or AN made a statement , I am really angry with all the non voters living a stone’s throw away from the polling station. People around the world are still fighting for their right to vote.
    Reading that there were people who came from Beijing , voted and returned on that same day means that these people flew for around 20-24hrs in a very restricted space and waited at the airports for another 15 hrs and maybe another 6 hrs travel by car plus the jet lag effect and lack of sleep. For me such persons are real responsible citizens.

  155. lino says:

    You’re right on target Anna, but only because the MLP has not been a good enough alternative.

  156. Corinne Vella says:

    Thank you. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    It’s no use anyone going on the defensive about the way they vote and crying “intimidation”.

    The consequences of voting here are fairly predictable so we usually know where we’re heading when we vote the way we do.

    People vote. People are criticised for the way they vote. It happens all the time. Why would it be different for small party voters?

  157. bionda says:

    Well I’ve been reading this blog for the past days now and i must at this point also voice my opinion!

    I think that it is good that we get rid of this duopoly! As lillian said it also helps to make away with all these favour and ” I won’t vote cause my pavement is broken”. Yes a vote is personal and you do vote on what YOU think will give you the best quality of life, but lets look beyond our blinkers!

    The problem is that at this early stage, if AD do get a seat then MLP will get to govern, which I am sure is not what most people want!

  158. kevin says:

    can a person convicted of a crime be elected in parliament? what happens to the sentence if not executed yet? would a presidential pardon resolve the issue? would that be fair?

    [Moderator – A person who has a fine that is converted into a prison sentence can still stand for election. The President has said that a pardon will be considered when Harry decides to fill in his forms.]

  159. William Henderson says:


    Its not the point. Democracy is having the right to vote for your beliefs. And thats what the AD voters did.

    I qoute from a post on this blog ‘’
    “People love freedom of speech. Labour must learn to live with that.”

    It seems the PN supporters have a problem with living with it too.

    [Moderator – Read the full post. I don’t think anyone from PN tried breaking into this blog’s server – twice.]

  160. AD says:

    Il-fatt li l-PN u nies bhalek kull elezzjoni dejjem jipprovaw iwaqqfu lin nies milli jivvutaw AD ma hi xejn ghajr nuqqas ta kuragg, fiducja u semplicement biza li xi hadd inaqqrillhom mill-poter li kisbu f’dawn is-snin. J’Alla l-AD itella siggu halli tinghata risposta lil hafna nies….

  161. A says:

    Nepotism and the tradition of favours and pjaciri is never going away. Malta’s population is too small.

    [Moderator – Yep, just look at Iceland – I hear it’s one of the most corrupt countries in the world.]

  162. AS says:

    It’s called democracy…people vote for AD because they want AD representatives in power -PN don’t have some god-given right to our votes! Just goes to show that electoral system needs to be re-visited for fairer representation.

    [Moderator – Neither do AD have a God-given right to a seat.]

  163. kevin says:

    fill in his forms and pays his dues like the rest of us i hope…

  164. A Jones says:

    I can’t believe that i am stuck inside when i should be either out celebrating or inside moarning but at least one of the two!

  165. lino says:

    Democracy is having the right to vote responsibly for your rights but not excluding others’. One does not vote to exercise a democratic right but to improve his and others’ well being.

  166. D. Muscat says:

    Dear Alternattiva supporters (& other admirers)
    Alternattiva always spoke against what they perceived the “two-party hegemony”. They even coined a word precisely “partitokrazija” hinting to a dictatorship of the MLP-PN

    However, dismantling the Single Transferable Vote system means STRIPPING us voters the power to choose among candidates. Alternattiva always wanted that people vote to parties and not candidates. Can you realise the consequence of AD’s proposal? If the system is amended to suit AD’s wishes we would end up with the situation of politicians staying “cicci bilqieghda” in political headquarters and not bother to reach voters. We would ended up like Sicily or Southern Italy. What a shame on you!

    [Moderator – I studied the phenomenon of partitocracy at University and can confirm that the word was not coined by AD. Partitocracy is a situation were the major parties own big industries and control the country’s media and institutions. If this is indeed a problem in Malta, there is no indication that an AD seat in parliament will contribute towards solving it.]

  167. Waiting says:

    maltatoday posted this comment:

    Posted 19:41: Labour sources from Naxxar have now said that they are trailing by 750 to 1,000 votes. They say they cannot imagine a recovery with the number of first count votes that have still not been counted. ———–

    Can someone please explain what this means??

  168. A says:

    Ok, touché, but in my opinion it is too ingrained in our culture.
    (regards Iceland)

  169. kevin says:

    i believe a coalition with a sigle seat is ideed very destabilising towards the so called good governance. you just cannot have a government representing the majority of the electorate being subdued by a single seat minority. personally i have nothing agianst coalitions, italy has been governed by coalitions ever since ww2 to avoid being led by the commnist party and despite the spaghetti mentality it is still a g8 member despite its relative size and the fact that only the north is productive. but look what happened to the prodi government who had to make pacts with all the small parties and crumbled when mastella decided against a vote of confidence. prodi had to request a vote of confidence each time a legislative act had to be passed i parliament. i am sure no one wants to plague the government whether blue or green with such measures.

  170. anna says:

    Ha Ha Ha! So typical of snivelling brats to miss the essence of my comment. Stop missing the wood for the trees!

  171. Amanda Mallia says:

    Judging by the fact that AD got 600 1st preference votes, one could probably safely assume that they got several hundred more number 2s.

    I hope that all people out there who thought that they were “teaching the PN a lesson” by voting for AD or by abstaining from voting, will realise that the only thing they would have done is sent the country downhill . I hope that would make them feel proud. The only consolation is that they would be on the downhill ride too …

    I would have credited you with having a little more brains.

  172. D. Muscat says:

    moderator, thanks for the correction. But definately it was the AD that made that introduced this term in maltese jargon. Thanks for the correction

    PS the funny thing is that in New Zealand the Greens want to introduce STV because they say that it is the best system ever.

  173. Mikey says:

    to waiting.. i see no such post :(

  174. Dumbledore says:

    Amanda Mallia: What about those people who normally vote MLP but this time voted AD? Or those first-time voters who chose AD over MLP? What do you say about these voters? I never hear people slandering these voters. :P

  175. Mikey says:

    found it :p

  176. CD says:

    AD …. Do you honestly wish AD get a seat in parliament ? What exactly would that accomplish other than stick us with an MLP government ? That would be such a success for AD I’m sure …

    [Moderator – Refer to Wenzu Mintoff for the effects of an AD seat.]

  177. Dumbledore says:

    @CD: Of course a person who voted for AD would like AD to have a seat in parliament. That’s why people vote for AD. :P

  178. lino says:

    Is there any sense in voting for a change when that voting would definitely bring no change, if not worsening a situation.

  179. Amanda Mallia says:

    It seems to be looking good, judging by the PN body language on TV. Ooooooeeeeee ooooooouuuu oooooooeeeee oooooooouu (With apologies to the lions of change)

  180. zxc says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa NAZZZZZZZJONAAALIISTTIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  181. Kurt says:


  182. Melly says:

    WHAT A RELIEF!! *Now* will Alfred Sant have the decency to resign?!

  183. John Schembri says:

    Open the champaign bottles! Cheers to all people of goodwill!

  184. Ron says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed and in good sprits Daphne !

    Bottoms up !

  185. Zarathustra says:

    i don’t get the point of berating AD voters if the PN are already celebrating their “rebha lampanti” [or at least the moderator is…]

    i figure that it’s all a bit childish, especially since in a democracy everyone has the right to vote for who they please.

    and yes, yes..before anyone else says it; freedom of speech is also a democratic right, but i don’t believe anyone else said it wasn’t..

    here’s to a democratic malta.
    where we it seems we have to keep reminding everyone what democratic rights are..

  186. daphnecorinnevellaamandamalliaheleneasciak says:

    William Henderson
    “Democracy is having the right to vote for your beliefs. And that’s what the AD voters did.”
    Some did. Some didn’t. But that’s all by the by.
    We’re in agreement on having the right to vote for your beliefs. We disagree on small party voters being unfairly put upon for their choice.

    Small party voters should look around themselves and see that theirs is not a unique case. Anyone who votes for one of the larger parties knows that around half the country hates them and disapproves of their voting choice.

  187. Amanda Mallia says:

    Hey, Anna – I wonder who’s acting like a snivelling kid now!

  188. Amanda Mallia says:

    Dumbledore – Die-hard MLP people would probably prefer to abstain from voting instead of voting for another party; it’s the typical PN people (yes, even from my area) who tend to be shallow, fickle, and not see further than the tips of their nose when it suits them …

  189. Corinne Vella says:

    Oh for heavens’ sake…what’s all this fuss about ‘berating AD voters’? It’s just part of the heat in the political kitchen.

    AD built an electoral platform on berating everyone who does not vote AD.

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