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Published: March 9, 2008 at 8:54pm

This site has had 115,000 views today. The situation is beyond belief. I am sitting here with memories of how it used to be in the 1980s, hanging around watching people count votes on Xandir Malta for 24 hours. Is this the democratic progress people were thinking of when they said they wanted change? Some people really need to grow up.

Latest news

The Labour Party has been asked to concede defeat but is insisting on hanging on until the bitter end. This is despite the fact that the results so far show a consistent trend in favour of the Nationalist Party – around 0.4% or 1,200 first count votes over Labour.

The risk that AD will win a seat is negligible. Yet we still have to wait until the party is eliminated from the equation, and that will be tomorrow.

So now let’s wait for the Nationalist Party’s official statement at around 2130hrs.

Meanwhile, all I can say is that Harry Vassallo’s wish has been granted. In one of his last interviews before polling day, he said that he fervently hopes that this will be an election in which the country is thrown into confusion, with neither party knowing whether it is in government or not, no car-cades, and people hanging round the television for hours waiting for the result. Satisfied, Harry? What a perverse thing to wish for.

What were they thinking of?

When people cast their vote for the small parties, what was the outcome they hoped for? Did they hope for a coalition despite the painstaking explanations that told them no such coalition was possible? Did they hope to vote for AD and still not risk getting Alfred Sant as prime minister?

They didn’t believe us when we told them what the risks were – now here’s the proof of the pudding, as Sant likes to say. The Labour Party has more seats, while the Nationalist Party has more votes. If AD had got enough votes to elect an MP, what we would have now is not a coalition government, but a Labour government with minority support. All you people out there who didn’t understand this before: do you understand it now?

This election was never about anything other than the choice between Alfred Sant and Lawrence Gonzi as prime minister. You know in your heart of hearts which one is the better and safer option. Any other considerations were just so much frivolity and nonsense. People can only afford to be frivolous and nonsensical when there are no risks involved, and when they’re sitting comfortably. This is not the case here.

Those who cast their vote for AD, and those who didn’t bother to vote at all, almost certainly had a preferred choice of prime minister – and yet they didn’t bother to choose him. Instead, all those who voted AD and who didn’t like Sant at all acted in such a way as to help give Sant the government. This is called tactical voting – even if by default and unwittingly – and yet they deny all responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

They damn us for criticising them, but overlook one crucial fact: that we have every right to rain down a shower of criticism on their heads, because their reckless behaviour risked putting the entire country into the sort of electoral crisis we had in 1981. They think that voting in this way is ‘modern’ and ‘European’ – but they are comparing Malta to countries in which no single party can form a government. And in this country, there are two parties which can.

“It’s not our fault the electoral system is this way,” they bleat like sheep. No, it’s not their fault. But the electoral system is what it is, and so a mature and responsible individual takes that into consideration when voting. Only the emotionally and intellectually immature fail to factor the consequences of their actions into the wider picture. Only the incorrigibly selfish think only of themselves and their own narrow considerations when casting their vote. AD people like to think of themselves as unselfish heroes, when all along they have been the most incredibly selfish and self-obsessed individuals. One of them is so self-obsessed that he actually believes he is above the rule of law and doesn’t have to fill in his VAT returns like everybody else does.

As for those who didn’t vote – well, what can I say? Hundreds of people flew in from various parts of Europe and as far away as China, travelling for hours and even whole days to get here to cast their vote. My son was one of them. He doesn’t have to live here. He’s young and can up sticks and leave. He did it because he isn’t pigeon-brained or selfish, or somebody with tunnel vision. And yet others who are older than he is – others who are the same age as his parents and grandparents – live up the road from the polling station and didn’t bother to vote. Why? Because they don’t care whether the country is run by Sant or Gonzi? No – because they only care about themselves. Why didn’t they care, at least, about the many thousands of young people who crammed the Nationalist Party’s mass meetings because they don’t want their lives to be run by the man who tried to keep them out of Europe? Do people my age hate the young so much? Are they really that envious and uncaring?

I’m sorry, but these people are beneath contempt. What they are saying is that they are incapable or unwilling to make a choice. What they are saying is that they only think of themselves and the construction problems in their backyard. Get over it, will you? The problem with democracy is that WE can end up getting the government YOU deserve.

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  1. Sarah says:

    thanks dcg… is the majority an absolute one?

  2. Marie says:

    I have been told from Naxxar …… PN won

  3. bob says:

    well said, I could not agree with you more. I feel comfortable at this point that we will have a PN government for the next 5 years as it is hugely unlikely that MLP will catch up or AD will get a seat.

  4. David Thake says:

    Reports from Brussels state that the EU Cooks expressed satisfaction at the result which means that they will be cooking for Gonzi.

    They were already contemplating the difficulty of feeding AS a Qassata and a Kafe jew Tnejn…


  5. Sabine says:

    Hi Daphne, I’ve been lurking in the background, reading your posts & others’ comments all day (I’m working). I really feel I need to thank you for such a valuable service. I totally understand where those 115,000 hits came from (most likely a few thousand more by the end of the day!) The need to know is bloody overwhelming. This has been one of the worst days of my entire 24 years of living in this country!

  6. lino says:

    Very well said Daphne. There’s no need for more talk about this matter.

  7. M F says:

    I live in Zabbar, and i am hearing horns, what is happening?

  8. Chris says:

    The MLP are all huddled around their table looking worried, while the PN are all smiling and phoning people and patting each other on the back.

    Do we finally have a result?

  9. Moggy says:

    WHEN on Earth are we going to get a definite statement of how things stand?

  10. V says:

    they must be ours M F, super one sounds downhearted

  11. Moggy says:

    The PN people have been hugging for ages now. Around half an hour, but I still won’t believe it before I hear it loud and clear from the horse’s mouth.

  12. Qassata says:

    M F

    I think someone is breaking into a car!

  13. s1 says:

    I think Michael Falzon deserves a tap on the back at the end of this… his calm and level headedness was really necessary in a situation like this.

  14. Moggy says:

    Pierre Portelli is still saying that they cannot confirm. These people need a good talking to after this…

  15. Francis V says:

    I think Michael Falzon has taken over, Jason has disappeared.

  16. F says:

    Thanks alot for keeping us very well updated!!

  17. Moggy says:


  18. Nala says:

    Hey! Anybody seen Jaysin around??? Come on Jaysin – give us a smile! PLEEAASSEE!!! Been out of touch with your gardening lately??? Guess it’s bout time you get back to your begonias!!! BUZZZZ OFF!!!!

  19. Chris says:

    Joe makes statement: All indications show… that the PN has won this election by 1200 votes, but the PN has won. That’s it.

  20. Roberta says:

    despite all obstacles from everyone…WE WON WE WON. NAZZJONALISTI!!!!

  21. Moggy says:


    And a big thanks to Daphne for this blog. You should not give it up after this, you know! Very interesting!

  22. stephanie says:

    we won its official thank god

  23. Maya says:


  24. PC says:

    Thank God Dr. Sant has to bow out now. Let’s hope the PN learn their lesson too!!!!

  25. bob says:

    It’s official – We will have a stable government not a chicken run one :-)

  26. qassata says:

    Super one has been quiet…we’ll, at least they got a funky soundtrack playing!

  27. Sue Weenink says:

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you….xxxxxxx

  28. D Vella says:


    Bye Bye Alf

    And may we live for in peace for another 5 years!! Thanks to all that voted PN !!

  29. Maya says:

    Thanks God we are the WINNERS!!!

    And thanks to you Daphne for putting up this blog and by this meana you kept us informed about all the whole thing through. At last we can move as we stayed infront of the pc and tv the whole day through.

    Malta is to be led again by the ONE AND ONLY LAWRENCE GONZI!!!! the family person with a great charisma and charm to all the Maltese & Gozitan people.

  30. G. Grima says:

    DNA Dejjem Nirbhu Ahna

  31. kevin says:

    Iljuni tal bidla TIEEEEE!!!!!!! Chi la fa l’aspetti

    sahhiet and celebrate with care and fun

  32. Marisa says:

    yessssssssssssssssss thank you thank you ! God Bless you all and A BIG THANK YOU DAPHNE!!! YOU SHOULD BE GIVEN GIEH IR-REPUBBLIKA!!!!

  33. Jenny says:

    Dear Daphne, Thank you for keeping so informed!
    You’re great, you lessened our torture a little bit with your updated info! This wait felt like trying to give birth in a very difficult labour !!! Thank you

  34. Joseph TAbone says:

    Thanks Dear Daphne……..thanks for your constant support during all the day…..

  35. Adrian says:

    Dear DAPHNE



    PN FOR EVER !!!!!!!!!!

  36. bitch says:

    Look at this off Maltastar!
    In the meantime, in a statement just released and signed by Jason Micallef, MLP is saying that their unofficial results differ from those announced by the MLP and accused the PN of being irresponsible

  37. K Zammit says:

    Now being abroad has got some advantages. Whilst all of You “marmalja w hamalli” as George Vella would say were out there celebrating vctory and making noise, Jason the Peacock came on superone,black eye included and announced that labour will be waiting for the official first count until 5 this am because his projections are not the same as the PN projections but that both parties are head to head!!!!!! I think Jason has just hammered the last few nails on his coffin. What the hell is he thinking. IS Joe Saliba and the whole of PN so irresponsible to announce results they re not sure of???

    Ma va a kagar Jason!!!!!!

  38. yvonne says:

    thank god PN won. now i can graduate and get a job in peace.

  39. alfred says:

    Thanks Daphne. You are divine. Please keep up this blog. You are my number one

  40. Shannon Andrews says:

    My friend who works with the UN came all the way from Ethiopia with an eleven month old baby to vote, thanks Mar!!! Another 5 years of peace of mind!! Thank you Dr. Gonzi1!!

  41. Amanda Mallia says:

    David Thake – Maybe lemon chicken would go down well at this point :)

  42. Amanda Mallia says:

    Nala – Maybe he’s busy planting lemon trees…

  43. IL GONZ says:


  44. IL GONZ says:


  45. AV says:

    Ghaziza Daphne,

    Grazzi tal-Kumpanijja li zammejtilna fi zmien difficli!!
    Nassigurak li apprezzajt l-informazzjoni sottili li tajtna ghax kont tassew infurmata tajjeb!

    Jien nahseb li hloqt xi-haga li kienet success u napprezza li kieku tikkonsidra li jkollhok il-“MEDIA” tieghek.
    Nerga nghidlek grazzi hafna u prosit.

    Sahha (ha mmur nghalef it-tigieg ghax ghandhom il-vixri)

    A. Vella.

  46. Lorna says:

    Good morning to all! I’m so happy I can’t contain myself.

    This has to mean the end of Alfred Sant and all his cronies and acolytes. It is indeed a victory not for the Nationalist Party but for Malta.

    Thank you Daphne for your continuous encouragement and support to what ultimately will result in a freer Malta. Smear campaigns and cliches and hackneyed catch-phrases just didn’t make the grade.

    Let’s take politics a step beyond this. Let’s focus on the future of our people rather than on obnoxious character-slaying.

    Thank you to all those who voted the Nationalist Party, Laborites and Nationalists and all those who even though who felt they need a change, they weren’t so myopic as to vote out the party which was bringing the change.

    Let’s hope that there’ll be indeed a bidu gdid – within the MLP.

    Thank you to all of you who believed in freedom and voted selflessly. We all want the little bankina in front of our doorstep hole-less. We all want that our pesky neighbours stop using their jackhammers at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday. However, not all of us voted or non-voted selfishly. Thank you to all those who didn’t.

    Finally, Dr. Alfred Sant, Jason Micallef and whoever wanted the bidla: THE ONLY WAY IS OUT!!!!

  47. Mikey says:

    viva nazzjonalisti!!!!!!!!!!! :D Im proud for voting P.N and playing my part in re-electing gonzi!

  48. robert says:

    DCG your truly deserve a big THANK YOU because your site was a truly reliable source from amongst all the rumours. Well done

  49. Mario Debono says:

    As you said Daphne, its people of our generation who did not bother to vote. I was one of the many who tried so hard to get people to vote. Its unbelievable what I was told by those who steadfastly didn’t, and who prospered so much under the PN. These people are selfish beyond measure, and as you say, deserve our contempt. Yaqq. Misshom jisthu minn Alla li halaqhom. Some did this to spite the party under which many of them prospered greatly. Some did it out of envy at someone with better business sense than them, who saw Europe coming and changed their business model while they remained the same, bleating and expecting the Govt. to protect their sales. Some did it because of a MEPA permit given to their neighbour. Some didn’t vote because they did not like the PN’s “arrogance”, whatever that means. And some despicable souls just could not be bothered. I take my hat of to the 92 year old Sliema lady who hasn’t moved out of her flat for 2 years because she has no lift and cannot manage the stairs. Her daughter did not bother to vote and would not take her. It took her 2 hours to go down the stairs, then wait patiently behind her door for another hour for us to pick her up to vote. Her daughter saw her going and berated her. But she wanted to vote for Gonzi, because in her words….” He is a decent man who loves youth”. Her face lit with the joy of the righteous when she voted. Hats of to Mr Catania from Mellieha, who, literally dying, went to vote, and who promptly passed away yesterday at 6.00pm when he was told that its PN victory for sure.These are Men and Women who deserve our admiration. And lets remember Bertu Rizzo. On his deathbed he also wanted to do his bit.This is the stuff of the PN victory. It gives me hope that the Maltese are not the venal cowardly selfish lot that we think they are. This gives me hope in humankind again.!!!!!

  50. Ivan says:

    keep it up!!!!

  51. Lorna says:

    Mr. Debono: Don’t worry. We didn’t need them.
    After all, throughout history people who prosper become ungrateful. Even in Biblical times. I feel resentful towards these people only because they literally put our freedom at stake. Because, ultimately, unless you have freedom, you have nothing and it was very clear that Alfred Sant would not allow freedom.

  52. THankyou Daphne,
    I’m a Slimiza, with Birgu family roots . . . .despite all the mudslinging,whining,Presidential pardons and what nots, GONZI is back at Castille, where he and only he . . . BELONGS, together with his nation. Iva, FLIMKIEN KOLLOX POSSIBBLI, Daphne!!!!
    Carry on this BLOG!!!!!

  53. kagemusha says:

    …….Daphne you have become a media heroine

    ……Marshall McLuhan would be proud of you !

    psssssst wake up…and give us more…
    :-) to you

  54. Gordon says:

    Super One transmitting Popeye cartoons – we expect no more from a Party that insults the intelligence of the Maltese people and fully exploits its loyal followers. In time of crisis and need the ‘lijderxipp’ disappeared.

    Respect for your team, supporters and opposition is the first step the MLP’s new ‘lijderxipp’ must address.

    Oh, and before I forget, it will do them no harm to finally apologise for the cynical way they have treated us whenever they had a chance.

    Viva PN, Viva our kids’ future.

    BTW – 25 years in Govt – Jubilee celebrations coming up!

  55. marty says:

    Good morning Nationalist Malta. `L-Ljuni ta` rebha` are the people mentioned by Mr.Mario Debono in the previous blog.Obviously the people who voted PN are also priced lions.
    People who voted Alternativa were playing with fire, we saved them from burning their hands. I hope next time their grey matter expands and they are illuminated.

  56. David Buttigieg says:

    Any news from our friend Victor Laiviera?

    [Moderator – Famous last words: ‘…just get a red flag and join us in Castille Square come Monday morning – it will be funtime!’]

  57. DNA-Dejjem Nirbhu Ahna says:

    I wish to congratulate Micheal Falzon for the way he handled the voting process yesterday, very different to Jason Micallef who first gave us the impression that Labour won and then, when voting started, he ran away from Naxxar to mummy. Then he returns on Super 1 at 11pm saying that thet have different predictions from PN and that they are neck to neck. Very pathetic. Jason ammetti!!!! Then again Micheal Falzon concedded defeat and went to shake hands and hugged Joe Saliba. This shows that Micheal Falzon is not a bad looser as Jason Micallef.


  58. marty says:

    We now have to persuade MLP sympathisers that under a Nationalist Gov. the buzzword is PROGRESS.
    We have to do it intelligently without irritating them. Let their wounds heal, now they are sore,then we can start` the politics of persuasion.`

  59. Joseph Micallef says:

    Honour to Michael Falzon who had to put a brave face to a pitiful party and result, while the rest (who have over the past years considered him as a threat) abandoned the sinking ship. Its easy to blame Sant for all but there are many who should carry the same, if not greater, burden amongst whom, Jason “recommended” Micallef, Charles “opportunistic” Mangion, Evarist “The Communist” Bartolo, George “The Terrible” Vella, Joseph “Pendulum” Muscat, Joe “Baron” Mifsud, Charlon “Pimp” Gouder to mention a few. If only he was able to restrain his emotions in front of crowds he would make a much, much better leader than the detached Sant.

  60. Catherine says:

    There is a Labour press conference at 11.00am. Can’t wait to see if Jason is there hehehehehe and how they will be explaining this to their followers after assuring them of a victory!
    BTW has anyone ANY idea regarding the time the PRIME MINISTER will be sworn in this morning please? I surely wouldn’t want to miss that :-)

  61. marty says:

    Apologies, computer misprint, I meant `prized lions`

  62. Jonathan says:

    Thanks a million for all your hard work..I know of one person in particular who was reluctant to vote but after hearing a labour commentator say that ‘these illegal internet blogs should be controlled ‘ he ran out to vote pn nearly at the last minute. He got flashbacks of what Lejberr was like when in power in the past.

  63. Eddy says:

    Has there been no offical result yet. Is Gonzi going to the President ?

    Can anyone shed some light please.

  64. david farrugia says:

    Ma Gonzi kollox possibli
    Ma l-MLP kollox impossibli (nidhlu fl-EU, naddottaw l-EURO, u nzidu – jirbhu elezzjoni)

  65. Eddie says:

    It-tellieqa sal-barkun, allavolja kien hemm nazzjonalisti li ippruvaw jgherqu lill-barkun. Kollox baqa f’wicchom.

  66. ETHEL says:

    Thank God we have another five years of peace and stability.
    One comment though please – do go ahead and celebrate to the full, but no repeat please of the music at full blast in St. Julians that went on up to 2 o’clock in the morning !

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