Ara, bidel l-ingravata halli jkun fraxx and aksajtink

Published: November 10, 2008 at 10:10pm

Muscat has done a quick tie-change wara l-kwinti and is now boring us on BondiPlus. Hey, wait a minute, there’s Toni the clown on screen now, reading out the letter Obama ‘sent’ to Muscat. Apparently, Obama writes in Maltese, and addresses Muscat as ‘Ghaziz Joseph’. Now Toni’s telling the government:

No, you KENT.

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  1. pip says:

    I find the news in English so amusing.

  2. silla says:


    PART 3

    ACT 1 SCENE 1 – Bondi Plus

    Joseph Muscat pronounced “inventories” as ” INVENT (a little pause) -TERRIES” then explained ” dawk l-affarijiet li jibghu fuq l-ixkaffa”.

    Two minutes later a rerun of Toni Abela saying “No we Kent”

    Id-di u d-do wiehed izjied insipidu mill-iehor.

    ACT 1 SCENE 2

    Repetizzjoni fl-ahbarjiet ta’ siltiet ta’ Act 1 SCENE 1 – Il-Parlament.

    PART 4
    Audience participation
    “ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ” – ooops those who haven’t died of boredom are asleep.

  3. david farrugia says:

    Biggest gaffe ever: there was no financial crisis during the current year, says Joseph just now. What about the repercussions on government revenues. Just the low bank profits led to loss of millions of euros for the government coffers.

  4. RARA says:

    Superficial, prattish and unrefined….but what will the great unwashed make of him?

    [Daphne – They’ll say he has a najs tie. Oh, and did you notice? David Cameron was wearing the Labour Party’s new corsage on the BBC today.]

  5. RARA says:

    Oh noooooooo Earnest and Young – Must be cousins of Price and Waterhouse!

  6. Enuff is Enuff says:

    I suggest you all switch from TVM to UK Living and watch Lipstick Jungle

  7. Falzon says:

    I find the news in English so embarrassing.

  8. David S says:

    omg Earnest and Young ….and this from an economist! Perhaps while driving along the University roundabout he could read their neon sign Ernst and Young.

  9. Moggy says:

    [Daphne: najs tie]

    You spelt that wrongly. Najs taj. :)

  10. Moggy says:

    He (Muscat) actually said Earnest and Young? The mind boggles.

  11. lino says:

    I can’t understand how you all missed it. By ‘Earnest and Young’ Joseph is referring to himself. Eager and young to become Prime Minister.

  12. Dr. C. says:

    Hmmm, this is worrying me…

    Updated: Demonstration moved to Friday, all unions to take part

    (Adds GWU rally and AD comments)

    The protest against the utility tariffs and the budget, due to have been held on Thursday by the GWU has been moved to Friday at 5.30 p.m., and all trade unions will take part.

    The announcement was made at a press conference this afternoon attended by senior officials of the GWU, the CMTU, UHM, MUT and the MUMN.

    The unions said this was a historic occasion in which all would be joining forces for the first time.

    In a rally for members later in the evening, the GWU celebrated the achievement with general secretary Tony Zarb saying that the GWU would now be joined by the other unions in a united front against the tariffs with the message being “revise or compensate”.

    In a statement, Alternattiva Demokratika congratulated the unions saying it was enthralled to see them all working in unison.

    “The social partners are ready to lead and, as already stated on our part, we are ready to follow,” chairman Arnold Cassola said.

  13. Amanda Mallia says:

    Dr C. – What is worrying me is not the fact that all unions have joined force, but the ignorance of the people who should know better.

    If the water and electricity rates are subsidised, then the money will clearly come out of our taxes. I would rather pay for what I consume than having to foot the bill for others.

    As for their “protesting against the budget” (in general), I’m sick of hearing people complain about the increased costs of fuel, licences, etc of their car / boat / whatever.

    It’s quite simple, really: they should look beyond the initial cost of their luxury (whether bought or “donated”) and see whether or not they can afford its running expenses.

    Put plainly, if you can afford the running costs of the car / boat / whatever it is you wish to have, then buy it/ “accept” it; if not, then don’t.

    People have got to realise that the world does not consist solely of freebies – which usually come at somebody else’s expense.

  14. I M Dingli says:

    Amanda Mallia – do you seriously consider owning a car as a luxury?

    I wouldn’t put the removal of subsidies on W&E on the same plane as (using your same words) ‘hearing people complain about the increased costs of fuel, licences, etc of their car / boat / whatever’.

  15. Sybil says:

    Amanda Mallia:

    An old car is hardly a luxury for some and the new taxes announced in this budget and the already existing steep fuel bills are hardly the only increases the ordinary man in the street has had to contend with of late.

  16. Zizzu says:

    @ I M Dingli

    It’s not the ownership – of the car – per se that is a luxury. It’s people with an average income aiming for a “flashy car” or a “boat” or a “villeggjatura” just because they know someone who has one just like it.
    Nothing wrong with ambition, mind you, but one has to live within one’s means. But bear in mind that when one speaks of “affording” this or that, one should think in terms of total cost of ownership – i.e. including running costs.

    Removal of the subsidy on water and electricity bills is a good thing. I’d rather see the taxes I pay go towards improving roads or education or whatever needs improving than sponsoring a team of five men to sit in an Enemalta van watching the 6th member actually doing something.

  17. I M Dingli says:

    Zizzu – you should explain that to Amanda since she was the one who stated an incorrect statement. You are talking about considering the facts you stated when opting to purchase a car but what about who already owns the car?

    I own a normal car (Ford Focus), nothing posh…. anyway, my car registration has gone up from Euro 104.8 to Euro 167 with the new measures. Ok nothing that exorbitant but still it is not even close to Mr. Tonio Fenech’s statement that licenses increased by LM10 only at maximum. Can you explain why the same measures were not used with regards to buses, taxis, mini buses and lorries? Is the Government afraid of another strike from these tugs?

    I agree in part with the removal of the subsidy on W&E but do you really think that the ‘extra money’ will go in improving roads? That was the case with the increase in licenses a few years back but I still had to fix my rims about 5 times (in a couple of years) because of potholes emerging after minor rainfall (potholes were filled with rainwater that is why I didn’t notice the hole).

  18. Corinne Vella says:

    I M Dingli: Tugs tow ships.

  19. I M Dingli says:

    Corinne Vella: Thanks for bringing that to my attention. That was a typographical error induced by distraction!

    @ All

    As Corinne pointed out, tugs tow ships. I meant thugs with an ‘h’… those thugs which gave us all a lot of problems back in July 2008.

  20. Zizzu says:

    @ IM Dingli

    you asked: but what about who already owns the car?
    That is where the “beauty” of the new fees lies, in my opinion.
    Till now, everybody “maxed out” on engine capacity. If I afford a car with a 20cc engine that’s what I’ll buy. Little thought went to whether or not I really need that power. Even less thought went into the environmental impact of such engines.
    Now we have the ridiculous situation where people want to pollute but they can’t pay. A colleague plans on selling his car and buying a smaller one next year. I would imagine that that is the “intended” goal of the new taxes… but then again, it might be a simplistic view.
    I went one better, though. I sold my car and bought a bike instead. I have been biking to work since March. Pity the 15% “refund” or whatever it is wasn’t around then :)

  21. D Fenech says:

    @ Zizzu
    Try selling a second hand car now. Second hand car dealers are frantic because their sales have diminished drastically since the budget speech.

    [Daphne – They can try putting their prices down to what they are in the rest of Europe. Our second-hand cars are almost the price of new cars elsewhere. Ridiculous. Just as the market fixed their prices high in the past, so now the market is going to bring them down to what they should be.]

  22. NGT says:

    your piss-take of the typical Maltese accent is fast becoming official… could you verify the following? Apparently Maths in gov Secondary schools is (as from this year) being taught in Maltese – so now we have frakxins and ekwejxins – fraxx and aksajtink are just around the corner.

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