I'm filing another libel suit: this time, against It-Torca

Published: March 28, 2010 at 5:41pm
Beyond redemption: Anglu Farrugia, Joseph Muscat and Toni Abela, truly sickening

Beyond redemption: Anglu Farrugia, Joseph Muscat and Toni Abela, truly sickening

The Labour Party and its cohorts are beyond belief. Those of you who think they have changed, think again. They are are as vicious, violent and unscrupulous as ever, relying in 2010 on their media and its related offshoots like the GWU’s It-Torca to perpetrate the atrocities that in the 1970s and 1980s were committed by their thugs.

The story beneath is so appalling that I don’t think the Labour Party and its fellow-riders even begin to understand what they are doing.

It goes beyond slander and character assassination and into the realm of the truly contemptible.

The only close male relatives I have are a father, a husband and three sons. All are well known and widely respected in the circles which the Labour Party is trying to attract and to which it has negligible access.

Labour and its fellow riders at the GWU, unable to attack me directly, are instead taking this truly reprehensible route of casting the most horrible aspersions possible on those closest to me.

Perhaps they should stop and reflect what this says about them, and how it will be perceived by the ‘middle class’ voters they are trying to attract to their ranks. How are they trying to attract them – by suggesting that my father, my husband or one of my sons tried to rape an underage girl?

Are they insane? Is this really the sort of sewer through which they think they can crawl to power?

Labour, you are the pits. Joseph Muscat, Toni Abela, Anglu Farrugia and the rest of the sorry, inept, unprincipled, cheap and shoddy lot – you who have never got anything right in your lives and who are so envious and resentful towards those who have – get your act together before you sink out of sight.

Is this how you plan to govern the country? Is this the best you can do – slandering, smearing and inventing appalling lies about the relatives of a journalist who criticises you, as a way of getting to her, using the methods perfected by Chairman Mao in his Cultural Revolution?

Bundle yourselves up together, tie a large stone around your necks, and have yourselves flung off the nearest cliff. You are beyond redemption.

And Toni Abela, when I next see you, I’ll spit in your face.

It-Torca, today

Allegat li qarib ta’ Daphne kien involut f’attentat sesswali

Qed ikun allegat li qarib tal-artikolista Daphne Caruana Galizia kien involut f’attentat ta’abbuż sesswali fuq tifla taħt l-età. Skont ma qed ikun allegat fuq il-blog http://malta-exposed.blogspot.com, dan il-każ inżamm mistur biex ma joħroġx fuq il-mezzi tax-xandir, waqt li l-vittma tħallset somma flus biex iżżomm fommha sieket.


Min għamel dawn l-allegazzjonijiet, żamm kawt ħafna milli jiżvela iżjed dettalji. Fil-fatt, l-artikolista lanqas biss tissemma’ b’isimha. Il-każ jitpoġġa taħt forma ta’ mistoq-sijiet għall-interess ta’ min irid jispekula dwaru.

Allegazzjoni oħra tistaqsi jekk huwiex minnu li l-Pulizija ma ħaditx passi dwar dan il-każ, anke jekk f’sitwazzjonijiet oħrajn, għandha l-fakultà li tieħu passi mingħajr il-kunsens tal-vittma.

Iwassal messaġġ

Min kiteb dan l-artiklu jgħid li ma semmiex ismijiet għax ma jemminx li għandu jitfa’ t-tajn, iżda ried biss iwassal messaġġ. Fil-fatt l-artiklu jibda billi jindika lil Daphne Caruana Galizia u l-passatemp tagħha li tidħol fil-ħajja privata tan-nies. Isemmi l-każ ta’ persuna pubblika li kien tressaq il-Qorti mixli li kkorrompa minorenni.

Il-Qorti kienet ordnat divjet fuq isem l-akkużat biex tkun protetta l-identità tal-vittma, iżda Caruana Galizia ma ddejqet xejn tiżvela min kienet din il-persuna u saħansitra ppublikat ritratt tiegħu fuq il-‘blog’ tagħha. Dwar dan il-każ, il-Qorti kienet sabitu ħati li bagħat sms b’intenzjoni malinna iżda ma kien hemm l-ebda każ ta’ abbuż sesswali.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, iżid jgħid l-artiklu, fetħet kampanja ta’ mibegħda kontra dar-raġel biex tingħata l-impressjoni li huwa xi mostru ħiereġ mill-infern. Min kiteb l-artiklu jgħid li m’għandu ebda interess partikolari f’dan il-każ iżda jemmen fid-diċenza umana.

Madankollu, żied jgħid, filwaqt li l-artikolista trid li l-liġijiet ikunu applikati fuq oħrajn, dawn mhumiex ikunu applikati għaliha u għal dawk qrib tagħha.

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  1. James A. Tyrrell says:

    “unable to attack me directly, are instead taking this truly reprehensible route of casting the most horrible aspersions possible on those closest to me.”

    The words pot, kettle and black come to mind here. Isn’t this what you have been doing to others for years? Hurts doesn’t it?

    [Daphne – Tyrrell, I have never lied about anyone in public life, still less about the relatives of anyone in public life, not even little white lies let alone gross slander of this appalling nature. Everything I write about public figures is true, and I never write about private persons.]

    • Hmmm says:

      The words pot, kettle and black come to mind here. That is what James A. Tyrell is doing.

    • The Bus Conductor says:

      Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera is a liar.
      She lied more than once under oath.

    • M.Farrugia says:


      Probably you were used to these kind of tactics when you where a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. Were you retired by the Ballast investigation or did you decide to retire because you did not want to live in a country where Catholics had rights?


      And the funny thing is you came to live in Gozo.

    • Lo Chiamavano Trinita' says:

      James Tyrell, your comment is a dud. What do you think this is, a flame war? A journalist’s function is to reveal inconvenient facts about public personalities; facts many others would rather remain concealed.

      In short, to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Do you know how difficult and demanding that can be? Putting yourself out on the line like that? Having to wade through people’s FILTH to extract the truth about their comings and goings? Trying to patch the threadbare memory of democracy against the assembled forces of public inertia and political expedience?

      Have some respect, you small bollocks.

    • Corinne Vella says:

      You get on your moral high horse about supermarkets, air strips, whether Malta should join the EU and everything else under the sun, and yet here you are more or less condoning the publication of a slanderous rumour that someone raped a minor and had Daphne help him cover up the story.

      You really are perverse.

      I never thought I’d say this to anyone, but there’s no other way of putting it: Why don’t you just go back to where you came from and shut your bloody trap once and for all? God knows these islands have enough home grown whingers and weirdos. The last thing we need is to import a northern Irish reject.

    • Alan says:

      Le, Corinne, you are absolutely right.

      Tyrrell, you are not Maltese, and notwithstanding the enormous amount of local issues you seem to want to voice your opinion about in order to integrate yourself, you will never be Maltese.

      And if you don’t wish to be Maltese, then you are nothing but a busybody with an incredibly overwhelming superiority complex, in which case, and I speak for all, go back to Northern Ireland.

      You are our guest here. So shut up and enjoy your retirement – with or without the company of an acquiescent sheep.

      • La Redoute says:

        T’ain’t a superiority complex. Tis a mighty chip on the leprechaun’s shoulder.

    • TROY says:

      Ex RUC reject, Gozo is a small island and there are quite a few naughty stories that go round, surely you know what I mean.

    • Mandy Mallia says:

      James A. Tyrrell likes to be in the limelight, it seems – whether that means being controversial or writing about some cheap supermarket. Anything goes when one has nothing better to do and is here “only as a tourist”, or so he would have us believe.

      There’s enough local scum here. We don’t need to import more.

    • Baaaaa says:

      James Tyrrell must be rather frustrated about something, because he comes across as a bitch.

      • Baaaaa says:

        Come to think of it, he might get some satisfaction by joining Facebook and playing Farmville.

    • freefalling says:

      Tyrrell – are you as blind as a bat or is it a lust for vengeance?

      Daphne takes great pains to bring to light issues that are of public interest, issues that could have serious repercussions if not handled in a professional journalistic manner.

      She does not lie about others. That is the Labour party’s trademark.

    • Knight says:

      Tyrrell, are you a wanted man in Northern Ireland? Buying a house in Qala does not give you licence to meddle in partisan politics.

  2. P Shaw says:

    Looks like a group of people inside the MLP, law courts and Police HQ are pulling the strings together. Likewise, it seems that it is not a coincidence that Astrid’s letter on TMIS was published today.

    • Isard du Pont says:

      Daphne didn’t call it the demimonde for nothing.

    • Knight says:

      Yes, that’s also my view. There is a kongura ta’ hbieb tal-hbieb homor who are trying to protect Consuelo Scerri Herrera. But to no avail. The Chief Justice should have asked her to resign from the bench. Never have our law courts stunk so much. Birds of a feather flock together to save their own skin.

  3. La Redoute says:

    This sounds like one for Twanny Laiviera. Conspiracy theories are his speciality.

    It would be funny, if it weren’t so scary that anyone could think like this. I know that this is it-Torca, but are they really so demented that they’d lie grossly to target somebody they perceive as being effective in communicating their shortcomings? In the long-run, this is self-sabotage. This sort of strategy will rebound on Joseph Muscat just as it rebounded on Alfred Sant.

  4. Alan says:

    Daphne, have you considered not stooping down to these peoples’ gutter level, and not file any libel suit ? Taqax fin-nassa, ittijhomx importanza, u fuq kollox, tpaxxjihomx.

    [Daphne – I never sue for libel, but in situations like this, I have to. It’s beyond disgusting. They have nothing on me, they can’t invent anything about me, so they resort to inventing things – and not just anything, either, but gross slander. And they think this will convince others that they’re fit to run the country. Can you imagine Lawrence Gonzi doing anything like this? ]

  5. Samantha says:

    Birds of a feather flock together and now more than ever “One for all and all for one”!
    Daphne, you have to be very strong to survive now as they’re firing at their target from all directions. Like the prostitutes of Albert Town, these people unite in times of need.

  6. SDS says:

    Keep strong, Daphne – don’t ever let them get to you.

  7. Leonard says:

    malta-exposed’s English is better than that of maltastar’s. So who’s behind it?

    [Daphne – The reference to a teacher who sent a ‘raunchy SMS’ to a pupil and was prosecuted for it should give you a massive clue that whoever it is is motivated by anger on behalf of Mark Vella Gera.]

    • La Redoute says:

      Maybe it’s Mark Vella Gera himself.

      • Gahan says:

        He teaches English , and has a good command of the language and the internet.

      • Grezz says:

        Mark Vella Gera is a Facebook friend of at least one of the two then 13-year-old victims of his, and who was one of the parties mentioned in the court case which resulted in a suspended sentence for Mark Vella Gera. This boy is still a boy – and is no more than 16/17 years old at the most.

        Whilst a child may be impressionable and may want to keep in touch with his abuser for whatever reason, it is beyond common decency for his abuser to be his “friend”, EVEN if only on Facebook.

        Oh, and it wasn’t about a raunchy SMS the teacher sent – It was comments made by Mark Vella Gera to at least the two male pupils of his via MSN.

        Out of 40 “friends” listed on his Facebook page (the profile photo of which, incidentally, is Hitler), almost none are adults. Reach your own conclusions.

        For those who don’t know what all this is about, you may see here: http://daphnecaruanagalizia.com/2008/04/23/it-was-the-weatherman-mark-vella-gera/

      • Grezz says:

        And this is his Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Vella-Gera/100000135021808

        Il-giddieb, wara kollox, ghomru qasir.

      • Grezz says:

        @Gahan – “He TEACHES English”.

        Did you mean to say that he TAUGHT English, or that he currently teaches it? If so, where, and to whom?

        The reason I am asking is that he has been banned from teaching children – it was one of the conditions of his sentence.

      • Gahan says:

        He taught English at St Michael’s School Sta Venera/Qormi, that’s a fact.

    • ciccio2010 says:

      Yes, Daphne, it must be someone, let us say acting in defence, of whoever had sent that SMS mentioned by it-Torca.

      What is unacceptable is that whereas it-Torca says that its source did not mention names, it brought in your name. So here, the main blunder was clearly made by it-Torca.

      In my view, the Torca puts its foot in it when it says: “Il-każ jitpoġġa taħt forma ta’ mistoqsijiet għall-interess ta’ min irid jispekula dwaru.”

      That is what it-Torca seems to have done. It speculated. But then it knows that this is mere speculation, and newspapers cannot speculate about people in that way.

      Sue them.

      • La Redoute says:

        A blunder is accidental. This was deliberate. Maltastar calls it a piece of investigative journalism. The Torca ‘report’ quoted an anonymous blog that doesn’t name it’s sources.

        That just about sums them all up.

      • ciccio2010 says:

        La Redoute, you are right. This was not accidental.

  8. Alan says:

    If there were any Nationalists doing or saying the things that people of the Labour Party do and say, on the same lines as I’ve seen on your blog-posts, rest assured that I’d be passing all sorts of comments on any such hypothetical media too.

    There is, however, nothing or anywhere to comment on, for the simple reason that there is nothing available, anywhere, where what is written is based on evidenced facts.

    So come to think of it …. sewwa taghmel.

  9. TonyM says:

    I agree with Daphne…this time, this deserves a libel suit!

    • Isard du Pont says:

      If Daphne had their mentality, she wouldn’t sue for libel. She’d set fire to their building.

  10. s fenech says:

    This is the pits! They’re trying to shut you up, Daphne. Do us all a favour and take them to the cleaners.

  11. Grezz says:

    Shame on the whole awful lot of these Labourites. They are extremely despicable and deserve each other.

    • The Bus Conductor says:

      I agree with you, however the country does not deserve these people to be in power. If they are this way now, I dread to imagine what they would be like in government.

      • Grezz says:

        Yes, I know. I meant that too, but reading my comment again, I realise that I left out the essential. Thank you for bringing it to light.

      • ciccio2010 says:

        @The Bus Conductor.
        “If they are this way now, I dread to imagine what they would be like in government.”

        My strongest suspicion is that “these people” think that the majority they achieved in the MEP elections is a certainty that they are going to be voted into power come the next general elections, which they thought was round the corner.

        With that certainty, they think that they morally already govern the country, so they are already trying to impose themselves on others, in their usual arrogant and violent ways.

        I believe they may get a surprise after the next elections.

    • La Redoute says:

      Yes, they do. But everyone else doesn’t.

  12. Mario Lanza says:

    Be strong and brave, Daphne. Defeating their industry of lies is no small feat. We are with you all the way.

  13. M.Farrugia says:

    Daphne, sue them to the maximum so that these kind of lies stop in Malta and do not accept apologies.

    • Charlie Batestak says:

      I hope that this libel case does not take years to be decided. I totally support your stand on this “porcheria”.

  14. Spiru says:

    To be honest, I read it and was utterly appalled. How could they?

    Tyrell, do all of us a favour, including yourself, go back to your country, and leave us to take care of ourselves.

  15. elmer says:

    I think they’re trying to copy (very badly) an internet meme…


    The original meme was a response to Fox News’ penchant for pushing allegations and innuendo as news…

  16. david g says:

    Daphne- I am no legal expert , but I think that they did not check facts first before publishing the article, but they are reporting ( maliciously) what the blogger wrote on the mentioned blogger site.

    Can they argue that they reported what was published before, and no legal action can be taken? Am I to assume that they took legal advise before going to print? If not they are real fools, or they do not bother about the consequences.

    [Daphne – No, they can’t. They are 100% responsible for what they print. They don’t care about the consequences at this stage. They are rats in a corner.]

  17. H.P. Baxxter says:

    You can spit in Toni Abela’s face, but he’s the reigning champion in that department. One time I had this “conversation” with him, and spent a week washing saliva out of my hair. The man doesn’t talk, he showers you with saliva-drenched shards of idiocy.

    [Daphne – And he’s deputy leader of the Opposition Party. Malta is in political dire straits.]

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      You’ve been warned, wear a Sou’wester, or scuttle off before he replies.

    • Lo Chiamavano Trinita' says:

      Politicians are the ideal-tripe liars. Lying (in addition to giving orders) is what we pay them for, or rather what they pay themselves for with our taxes.

    • john says:

      Ah. But you never had a conversation with the undisputed all-time heavyweight saliva-showering maltese conversationalist – Sir Augustus Bartolo. Hence the well-known proverb “no one spits like gustu bartlu”. Corrupted from ‘de gustibus non est disputandum’.

    • Helene Asciak says:

      Good thing for you that you were spared the sight of him eating pastizzi at 8am. Years back I used to enjoy a coffee before work with some friends at Kikkra in Valletta. Toni Abela used to walk in and without fail say “Bongu, Miss Caruana Galizia”.

      My repeated insistence that I have nothing to do with the Carauana Galizias and that I was Miss Vella fell on deaf ears. He was too obtuse to work out that sisters share their maiden name and not their married name.

      He would without fail tell me (and not sarcastically) “sellili hafna ghall-ohtok” and on many an occasion would shower Daphne with what he thought were compliments (coming from him to me they are worthless). “Ohtok vera togobni” or “Ohtok vera intelligenti, kollha fil-familja tieghek hekk?” or “Vera taf tikteb” and sometimes “ghadejtli l-messagg?”

      I always got the funny feeling he had some kind crush on you.

      [Daphne – He did. A kind of sexual obsession, more like. He used to write articles full of sexual innuendos and rave about my legs. I used to find it supremely irritating. Being fancied by somebody like Toni Abela is NOT a compliment.]

  18. What worries me in libel cases is that they take so long to come to judgement that most people will have forgotten what they were all about.

    • Lo Chiamavano Trinita' says:

      Well, that’s where her blog comes in. I’m sure she’ll keep the country posted, and so much the better for it.

    • The Bus Conductor says:

      More so when the magistrate in a libel case is in another courtroom bearing false witness. Come to think of it, how does that work? Does she take leave to do so, or does she carry out her personal affairs (no pun intended) in the court’s time?

  19. TROY says:

    How low will these sickos go. Now the Torca is not only spreading gloom and doom to its Gahan followers but thinks it can go back to those days of frame-ups. Is the ex cop the instigator of all this? You can try, boys, but as Twanny (N.L.) would say; it will never work.

  20. Timotius says:

    I come from a staunch Labour parent. Suffice to say the Alfred Sant was considered a God in our home! I could not understand why. Never saw a chronic failure as a God. However I have always inclined, understood and appreciated the PN belief. I feel it deep inside me that I belong with the PN. However having said that around 7 years ago a PN canvasser (I doubt if he really is) but that is what his Minister used to call him, chose to spread rumors that I am a Labourite. Being closer to the PN circles then myself he was believed and I got resented on my work place and amongst our mutual friends. Anyway initially I resented the PN for failing to check the facts BUT I always voted PN, always. Lately I was re-thinking who shall I vote in 2013 or when it happens… One final point: Keep it up PL, you are doing everything within your power to get the PN elected once more. I for a starter will definitely not give you my vote!!! You are not even worthy of the opposition let alone running the country! Bil Malti nghidu, Joseph kont ferha bla temma!

  21. Ganona says:

    Il-każ jitpoġġa taħt forma ta’ mistoqsijiet għall-interess ta’ min irid jispekula dwaru? X’inhi?

    Mela issa sirna nitfaw it-tajn biex sempliciment ikollna fuq xiex nispekulaw? Dawn x’nies huma?

    Jekk m’hemmx fatti, ghid xejn. Imma ghal dawn in-nies l-aqwa li jippruvaw ihamgu lil Daphne. U dawn ghadhom fl-oppozizzjoni, ahseb u ara x’jaghmlu jekk ikunu fil-gvern. Wara kollox maghrufin ghall-frame ups.

  22. Hot Mama says:

    The Labour ‘media’ likes to write such stories without substantiating anything. This reminds me of the ‘story’ Toni Abela wrote in Illum that was picked up by Lou Bondi on Bondi+ during the programme about Consuelo/Musumeci/DCG saga on the 22nd February.

    • Karm says:

      X’kien qal Abela?

      • La Redoute says:

        Li xi hadd tal-PN attakka minorenni sesswalment fil-pubbliku u l-pulizja ma’ haditx azzjoni.

        Jigifieri, avukat li suppost jifhem fil-ligi, ghandu informazzjoni dwar reat u minnflok imur ghand il-pulizija u jaghmel rapport, jikteb pubblikament dwar il-kaz minghajr ma jaghti xi forma ta’ evidenza.

        Wiehed irid jistaqsi x’kien l-iskop li ma jikxifx id-dettalji tal-kaz meta lanqas m’ghamel rapport ghand il-pulizija.

        Konna nghidulhom purcinellati dawn l-affarijiet. Izda dan il-bniedem huwa deputat mexxej ta’ partit li jrid ikun fil-gven.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Il-Labour m’ghadux partit politiku. Tant ilu fl-oppozizzjoni li waqaf jaghmel il-politika u dar lura ghal dik li wara kollox hija l-professjoni tal-Leader, ta’ hafna mill-leadership, u tal-up-and-coming MPs u ufficjali fil-gvern fl-2013, jigifieri l-gurnalizmu propagandistiku.

        Sirna qisna l-Italja. U jmissna nibzghu.

  23. roma says:

    How can anyone say ‘pot and kettle’ and other such nonsense? It’s enough to make anyone furious!

    So the logic of their argument, the ultimate in stupidity, is that if somebody writes about public figures and reveals facts about their misconduct, then it’s fair game to attack them by lying about them and about private people who are associated with them?

    The Labour Party’s methods are sinister but obvious: the message is ‘leave us alone Daphne and we’ll leave you alone and if you don’t, we’ll tell more lies and get dirtier and dirtier’. Is this what we want?

    This is the time for everyone to take a look at what is really happening here. Some individuals never thought they would be challenged about their behaviour, and now they can’t stand the fact that someone actually stood up to them. They have reacted by pulling together and plotting against Daphne.

    They are the witches and warlocks of our society and they are no joke.

  24. lino says:

    I challenge it-Torca to publish the exchanges between the blogger and anonymous for everyone to read the very weak replies he resorted to.

  25. lino says:

    ‘Malta exposed blogpost.com’ has been made available to ‘invited readers’ now. Fuckin’ cowards.

  26. GPA says:

    The blog where this filth first appeared is now open to invited readers only.

  27. La Redoute says:

    This appears on Mark Vella Gera’s Facebook page. So now he’s making up his own rules and using Facebook to befriend young people, possibly even the same ones to whom he’s sent the text messages that incriminated him.

    “Here’s the disclaimer if you want to send me hate mail (Note: I decide what’s hate mail and what’s not):


    By sending me hate mail, you acknowledge that I own all rights to the entire contents of your message, any images sent with the message, your email address, your house, your car, your first born and your soul. Furthermore, you agree to make your email address publicly available on this or any other web site, and you accept my views and opinions as being right regardless of anything. Furthermore, you agree that it is okay for me or anyone else to slander and/or libel you on this or any other web site, in public, at your place of employment, or anywhere else in this or any other universe and/or dimension. Know that sending me hate mail is a request for character defamation, endless belittling and excessive mockery. You may not sue me for any reason, ever, and this disclaimer is subject to change without notice, and you are still subject to the rules regardless of any changes made. If you do not agree with these rules, then don’t send me hate mail.”

  28. Gahan says:

    Jien ha nsaqsi lil tat-Torca:

    Veru li taw kemxa tajba lil-editur biex jippubblika dan l-artiklu?

    Ghal li jista’ jkun ma’ kienx MVG li kiteb l-artiklu, dak li tkecca mil-MUSEUM minhabba l-imsemmi kaz?

    U il-ghala kull meta sifirt kwazi dejjem insib lil Tony Zarb fl-ahhar seat ta’ l-ajruplan?

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      “U il-ghala kull meta sifirt kwazi dejjem insib lil Tony Zarb fl-ahhar seat ta’ l-ajruplan?”

      Ballast to raise the airplane’s nose.

  29. C Pace says:

    Daphne, a ring of people are trying to spread a lot of rumours about your family. It is so obvious they are doing so to get at you and to try and stop you from revealing the truth about people who are not worthy of their position. Although I sympathise with you and your family I would like to reassure you that anybody with a little common sense and decency knows that these are lies.

    • Isard du Pont says:

      ‘Anybody with a little commonsense and decency knows that these are lies.’

      And the rest vote Labour.

      • Carlos Bonavia says:

        ‘Anybody with a little commonsense and decency knows that these are lies.’
        Lies they might very well be, we all know that, but these are extremely dangerous people Daphne is facing. Please be careful, Daphne, because the forces of evil are lining up against you and they will stop at nothing, stoop to anything to protect their own and shut their enemies up.

        I mean well, Daphne, because I honestly think you are the bravest person on these islands.

  30. tony says:

    Well you think that what people say about you is a lie you think that we are not living in this country and you think that what you do is a secret well think twice bitch billi tghamel libel it busilna zobna xadina VLADIMIR CARUANA GALIZIA forsi ticcensura din ukhol

    • Rover says:

      Tony go back to the dirty sewer you come from, you lowlife.

    • Sigra ta' Guda says:

      If “tony” is representative of the average Labour supporter, then we are in for one hell of a hell-hole after the next elections.

    • Ta' Ninu says:

      Hares lejn il-mera ghada sur tony, u ghid lilek innifsek
      ”ma nistax inkun izjed tan-nejk w izjed patetiku”.

    • Isard du Pont says:

      tony, l-uniku Vladimir li naf jigi missier Simone Cini.

    • maryanne says:

      Tony, you have finally convinced me to vote for the Moderates and the Progressives, next time round.

    • Il-Cop says:

      Tony, smajt li Gabibbo dalwaqt jirtira. Ma tithajjarx titfa applikazzjoni? Dan il-job mahluq ghalik peres li inti kummidjant imwieled naturali. Lanqas il-kostum l-ahmar ma jkollok bzonn tilbes. Jekk ghandek bzonn cv kont ippostjajt wiehed ftit ilu. Tinsiex tibdel l-isem u taghmel salib. Aktar importanti minn hekk, biex zgur tkun short listed, tinsix tibghat ritratt.

    • freefalling says:

      Hi Tony – a very nice start to a Monday morning.

      It gives me great pleasure to note that the likes of you give the Nationalist Party a better chance to win the next election.

      Go to primary school as you have so much to learn – a secondary education is obviously beyond your capabilities.

    • Snoopy says:

      Rest assured Tony, statements like these will not be censored – they are useful to remind us of the time under Labour and the fact that Labour has not changed a bit.

      Tony just keep going strong – you are one of he best assets of the PN.

  31. ninu says:

    Tyrrell, stay out of it. This is not your country.

  32. James A. Tyrrell says:

    @M.Farrugia. What right did Catholics have in N. Ireland when they were being handcuffed into lorries loaded with bombs and told to drive them to a police station whilst their families were held hostage? A lot of Catholics with ‘rights’ died that way at the hands of other Catholics so don’t talk crap about things you know nothing about.

    @Hot Mama. No room under the rock as you bunch of weirdo’s have the space filled.

    [Daphne – Weirdo’s: that’s called a grocer’s apostrophe, Tyrrell. My, my, you’re only 56 years old. Ten years of boredom on Gozo down and another 30 to go. No wonder you’re going out of your mind. Lidl might need a security man – why don’t you put in an application?]

  33. eros says:

    As I said some weeks back, the Labour forces are re-grouping for a massive attack on Daphne, on the maxim that ‘attack is the best form of defence’ and clearly they are not too concerned where and in what form they get their ammunition from.

    They have long, sinister tentacles within the police force, the judiciary and the media, and they will not let truth get in their way, while they spin and spice up quickly invented rumours.

    They rightly understand that if Daphne is allowed to disseminate the information that she obviously holds and to use her fantastic pen to inform the many thousands who are reading this blog, they might just as well give up any hope they have of ever winning an election.

    • Knight says:

      They will throw dirt at you. They will invest criminal theories about you and your family. That is the work of the Cuschieris and the butchers at the Labour glass house.

    • Sign of the Times says:

      Joseph Muscat has just been superseded by these events.

  34. Antoine Vella says:

    They are quoting a blog that is not even accessible to the public but can only be read by invitation. Someone who signs their comments “Joseph Schembri” on timesofmalta.com has however invited readers to visit the blog on a couple of occasions.

  35. Emanuel says:

    Itfa tajn forsi jehel xi haga; dik hi l-iskola taghhom.

    Iccassajt dalghodu meta qrajta fuq it-Torca. L-Orizzont u it-Torca igibu fuq l-ewwel pagna GURNAL INDIPENDENTI, imma kif nista nemmen storja bhal ma qrajt dalghodu meta fl-ewwel pagna ikun hemm gidba bhal dik?

    Daphne nahseb tant qeda tikxef awwar li biex jalqulek halqek qedin jippruvaw min kollox.

    Zgur li f’dan il-mument opportun hemm bzonn turija ta’ solidarjeta mieghek u il-familja.


  36. Paul Bonnici says:

    This sounds like a cowardly character assassination from the side of Labour. Dirty tricks seem to be the only means of defence for Labour.

    You have always cornered Labour, Daphne – you are one of the (if not THE) biggest threats to them.

  37. pat says:

    I am very sorry, Daphne, because I know that family means a lot to you. You have all my sympathy, if it’s worth anything. This is just not right, but to be expected as they seem to have nothing against you personally, so they resort to this filth.

    I would not, personally, bother with a libel suit though, you have enough court hearings and I don’t think it’s worth it. The blog has already been restricted to invited readers only. Shows cowardice, no? I guess they are already regretting what they wrote. And, can you please SPARE US the Irishman’s comments?

    We don`t really care for his opinions and, at this point if you just ignore him, joqghod jikteb ghalxejn. Bniedem bla principju ta xejn, ghalijja.

  38. Chicken Spotter says:

    He’s switched his blog to ‘private’. He chickened out. No balls.

    • Sigra ta' Guda says:

      If he is the same “teacher” referred to in the blog, then he probably had no balls to speak of in the first place, hence his targeting teenage boys.

  39. red-nose says:

    A libel suit will most probably lead to a “marathon” collection in Kemmuna; at the moment they are scraping the barrel to try and make ends meet especially with the 40,000 euro yearly bill to pay Marisa. More important is the fact that it is imperative that all those who have second thoughts about voting PN in the next election, to examine properly what alternative there is available.

  40. Brian says:

    @ James A Tyrrell (or is it A Tyrant?)

    RUC APPROVED AND COLLUDED IN 25 MURDERS – REPORT 2006-11-06 11:53:00.0 EST … Shock report alleges high-level collusion Officials ‘had information on 25 atrocities’ RUC …

    ….And any recollection of Bloody Sunday, James A Tyrrell ?
    maybe this will jog your memory

    Where were you then? Wielding a baton maybe, hitting on innocent women?

  41. Brian says:

    Daph, do you think that people in their right senses would believe such a story (more of a yarn I guess) just on hearsay? It-Torca is so full of idle talk. What? Maybe they have proof in black on white, as their dear leader had regarding the Frontex gaff?

    [Daphne – It’s irrelevant whether people believe or not. What matters is that it is done.]

    • Brian says:

      Yes, unfortunately it has … and as Ms. Marika Mifsud pointed out earlier in this Blog, libel lawsuits take time (all cases take a long, long time in the Maltese Law Courts by the way).

      Daphne don’t get me wrong here and please do let me say my piece here… . I don’t always agree with your logic, however I admire your guts to speak out. Some may call you ‘witch’ others call you crazy, qziza tal’ pepe, etc. You just don’t go ‘with the flow’ and for that, I ‘look up’ on you. You have to appreciate however that every action causes a reaction. I am sure that you saw this coming, PL and Co. don’t perform on a level playing field, they never have because they are a pitiful bunch of losers, and this Blog is a proof of this.

      What I do know is that although I personally have an axe to grind with PN (I may seem egoistic here, however I have my due reasons) and vowed that never again would I use my vote to elect a government on this island; I am now having second thoughts as I surely don’t want Joseph and his cronies to govern this island. So there you have it….Your Blog is hitting the PL where it duly hurts.

  42. red-nose says:

    This Tony – does he realize that he is doing more harm than good to the Labour Party?

  43. Tim Ripard says:

    I thought it was illegal to dump waste in another country until Tyrrell’s presence showed that it isn’t.

  44. La Redoute says:

    It’s not only child molesters who use Blog Spot anonymously.

  45. s. fenech says:

    “..handcuffed into lorries loaded with bombs…” Where do you get that from Tyrrell? From beating a Catholic to a pulp? With your RUC background, it is no wonder that you found a natural home in the Malta Labour Party. Afraid of going back home are you?

  46. La Redoute says:

    Be specific. He’s hanging out among Labour Party YOUTH. If I were them, I’d be worried.

  47. Puffer says:

    Before, being a floating voter I was seriously considering voting PL; t kind of stands to reason.

    Now, being a floater it stands to reason that I have no choice but vote PN

    The party I voted for was always elected. My first vote had gone to Alfred Sant, after that PN.

    Thanks, Daphne.

  48. Puffer says:

    I had tried….don’t feel like risking again.

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