A message to Pia Micallef of Maltastar, Alex Saliba of Forum Zghazagh Laburisti and the others responsible for tasteyourownmedicine.com: I have reported you to the Commissioner of Police for criminal investigation

Published: March 29, 2010 at 12:40am
The person who is threatening and blackmailing me is Alex Saliba, president of the Forum Zghazagh Laburisti, second from right in this photograph with Joseph Muscat, Anglu Farrugia and Toni Abela

The person who is threatening and blackmailing me is Alex Saliba, president of the Forum Zghazagh Laburisti, second from right in this photograph with Joseph Muscat, Anglu Farrugia and Toni Abela

Issuing threats to me via this ‘anonymous’ website and saying that it will be used to broadcast vicious lies about my sons, my husband and my father if I do not stop exposing the truth about your Labour Party friends and associates goes beyond mere libel.

It is now a police matter. Threats and blackmail are a very serious crime, especially when they are used in an attempt at suppressing the exposure of facts about politicians and magistrates.

Perhaps you are too ignorant and ill-educated to understand this, despite the fact that Alex Saliba, secretary-general of the Forum Zghazagh Laburisti (pictured here with the other Labour Party leaders) is a law student. He is one of the people actively promoting this website on Facebook, along with Pia Micallef of Maltastar, and writing on his Facebook wall that ‘I have to be stopped’.

Know this from me, you fools: what you are doing is a criminal act.

Tonight, I made a formal request to the Commissioner of Police for investigation.

You might have been raised by parents who glorified a regime run by thugs, but you now live in a country where the rule of law prevails.

You cannot commit a crime and expect to get away with it.

You are a disgrace to your political party. But what am I saying? It is your political party which is itself utterly disgraceful, as it is clearly now embracing a new generation of criminals who think nothing of using threats and intimidation, moral violence and slander in their quest to silence their critics.

Your parents’ generation burned down The Times, ransacked the leader of the opposition’s home, set fire to Nationalist Party clubs and shot a man dead.

Your parents’ generation – perhaps even your parents themselves – created a culture of fear and intimidation in this country which led to the suppression of all criticism through the threat of violence.

Now here you are, behaving the same way, but ‘going modern’ and using the internet to do it.

You know you can lie about me all you please and I will just raise two fingers in your wretched, rat-like faces in the mother of all reverse salutes.

Knowing that lying about me won’t work because I don’t give a damn, what do you do instead? You threaten me that if I don’t shut up, you will spread lies about my sons.

You would have made good functionaries in Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution, but in your utter ignorance, I expect you know nothing of the methods used then.

The excerpt I quote beneath from your scumbag website sums up the poverty of your criminal minds. I expect nothing more from people like you, raised by parents who rooted for the regimes led by Dom Mintoff and Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici. Like parent, like child – and that’s why I have sons to be proud of, and your parents don’t.

If only you were worth one of my sons’ toenails, you brainless, useless, ugly idiots. If only you had a fraction of their intelligence, their personality, their abilities or their looks, to say nothing of their ability to punctuate sentences. No wonder you are consumed by jealousy and an overwhelming sense of your own ineptitude.

You claim to know things about my sons that I don’t know myself. But your own web-posts reveal that you’re not even sure how many sons I have apart from the one your party targeted using Super One. You confuse one with the other, you don’t know their names and best of all, you think I have a son called Edward and have dedicated rather a lot of time and space to mocking him.

I don’t have a son called Edward.

The Edward you’re targeting is a son of a cousin of my husband and no relation to me at all. That’s how much you know. That’s how well informed you are. That’s how credible your ‘tons of information’ is going to be.

Before you tangle yourself up in further knots, I suggest you ring Mary Darmanin, Alfred Sant’s former wife and a close cousin of this boy you’ve dragged into your mess, and ask her to explain her family tree. She’s likely to put an even bigger rocket under you than I have done, because she’s particularly close to his father.

You are not only disgusting and criminal, but you are also unbelievably stupid.

And if you think you’re being amusing by calling me Vladimir and assuming that everyone will double up in laughter at the comparison to an Italian trans-sexual, perhaps you should know that the only Vladimir many people know here is Simone Cini’s father.

From tasteyourownmedicine.com tonight

So here is our warning Vladimir.

You fuck. We fuck.

You write. We write twice as much.

You stop. We stop.

Vladimir Caruana Galizia is beyond belief. She is as vicious, violent and unscrupulous as ever. But now she feels … miskina … threatened.

After weeks on end slandering anyone who dared mention the plates she threw at that Paccu of a husband she was forced to marry – and slandering them even more when they filed for libel, claiming they were breaching her right to freedom of expression, today she decides to start throwing libels.

Agreed, no more plate throwing game Paccu. Your wife found another hobby – libel throwing.

What double-standards. What a bitch minn ta’ Tigne Beach bil-fjokki.

Mela, let’s try to understand. No one should dare take her to court because she is a journalist (btw – without a degree in journo) and she can write fuck all. And because a fellow blogger wrote a piece of investigative journalism about her relatives published today on it-Torca and Ms Our Lady of the Environment writes a letter in the Independent, she throws a couple of libel suits.

Is anyone under pressure here guys?!!

So here is our warning Vladimir.

You fuck. We fuck.

You write. We write twice as much. Because we know things about you and those closest to you, which you don’t even know about that will be published on this blog.

You dare write about people who have no clue of what politics is about. You dare mention children of politicians and others who are not even remotely political. And we will shame your dirty children who are as dirty and carrying a baggage as much as you do … or even more.

Every time you will mention anyone personally or his relatives REMEMBER:

We know so much about your past, present and future that you wouldn’t want to remain as obsessed with TYOM.com as much as you were these last couple of days.

Brace yourself Valdimir Caruana Galizia. No sex change can make you run away from your (and your closest’s) past.


You stop. We stop.

Deal? Up to you Vladi.

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  1. Steve Grech says:

    The people you mentioned are the by-products of a social welfare state.

    • ConsTipAzzjoni says:

      The term ‘by-product’ suffices – no need for qualification.

    • Lo Chiamavano Trinita' says:

      Jien ghidtilkom, il-kors tal ligi huwa inkubatur tal-malandrini u tad-disgrazzjati, li jelleggu ghalih u mhux ghall-kors ‘inqas prestigjuz’ (kliemhom) ghax ihaddnu l-ambizzjoni li bih jaccedu ghax-xena politika u ghaldaqstant ghall- KONTROLL fuq hajjitkom.

      L-unika balordi li jhossuhom komdi fil-kors tal-ligi huwa l-istess nies li ma jahsbuwiex darbtejn biex ixerrdu gideb, pettegolezzi, u qlajjiet minn zniedhom fuq haddiehor. Alex Saliba ezempju car ta’ dal-fattispeci ta’ lurida canaglia.

      Timpressjonax ruhek, Daphne. Dak qed jaghmel l-arja ghax imdawwar b’viljakki fetentuni bhalu, li qed izzommuh karikat bir-rankur taghhom. Izd’int mintiex wahdek l-anqas.

      Silta mill- ktieb ‘The Brass Check’ ta’ Upton Sinclair, li ghandha tqawwilek qalbek u taghmillek kuragg:

      There is nothing in the world I dread so much as a personal wrangle, and fierce and haughty and powerful men throw me into a tremble of terror. The things I enjoy in this world are my books and my garden, and rather than go into a jury-room, and wrangle with fierce and haughty and powerful men, I would have my eye-teeth pulled out.

      But then I think, as I have thought many times in my life before, of the millions of pitiful wage-slaves who are exploited by these fierce and haughty and powerful men. I think of the millions of honest and true Americans who swallow the poison that is fed to them by our capitalist newspapers; and so I clench my hands and bite my lips together and turn on the fierce and haughty and powerful men with a yell of rage.

      Then a strange and startling, an almost incredible thing happens–the fierce and haughty and powerful men jump into their seven-league boots, and turn and skedaddle to the other side of the world and hide in a coal-bin. Why is this? Is it because I am an especially terrifying person, with an especially terrifying face?

      No; it is simply because, in these contests, I have always taken one precaution at the outset–I have made certain of having the truth on my side. I have cast in my lot with the truth; whereas these fierce and haughty and powerful men with whom I enter the lists of combat have made all their success out of falsehood, and fear truth as they fear nothing else on God’s earth.

      In the course of my twenty years’ career as an assailant of special privilege, I have attacked pretty nearly every important interest in America. The statements I have made, if false, would have been enough to deprive me of a thousand times all the property I ever owned, and to have sent me to prison for a thousand times a normal man’s life.

      I have been called a liar on many occasions, needless to say; but never once in all these twenty years has one of my enemies ventured to bring me into a court of law, and to submit the issue between us to a jury of American citizens.

  2. The Bus Conductor says:

    James A. Tyrrell ‘s comment posted on the website you mention.

    #13 James A. Tyrrell 2010-03-28 17:54
    Just wanted to say that its nice to see someone taking this bitch on. She’s had it her own way far too long. Keep up the good work.

    • Knight says:

      We have friends in Northern Ireland who are trying to investigate what this James Tyrrell was doing there and will see why he is holed up in our sister island involving himself in partisan politics against the government and in favour of the Opposition.

    • Corinne Vella says:

      James A. Tyrell would rather hang out with a bit of rough for an ego massage than make sense.

      That’s precisely what he’s doing there.

      • Silverbug says:

        Who is this guy anyway? I always felt he was Pixxikalda’s alter ego.

      • Anthony Farrugia says:

        James A Tyrell’s world ended when the Good Friday agreement on power-sharing was signed; even more so when the old, bigoted RUC was dead and buried and the Northern Ireland Police Service was reborn from the ashes. Oh, how he must hanker afer Bloody Sunday !

      • La Redoute says:

        He’s real all right. Here’s a potted history of his relationship with Malta ‘as a tourist’ who lives – ahem – in County Antrim, not Gozo.

    • Marku says:

      He reads this blog so feel free to have a go at the wanker.

      • gorg says:

        I am a Gozitan and feel ashamed to have this type of person hiding among us. But then again you have to feel sorry for someone with his mentality – probably missing Northern Ireland.

      • Borromini says:

        F**k you, Tyrrell.

    • Karl Flores says:

      And the more they hit at Daphne, the more we love her.

  3. Isard du Pont says:

    This criminal blackmail site is also being promoted by the Centru Laburista Zabbar on its Facebook page.

    • Sigra ta' Guda says:

      B Cool B Labour are also Facebook friends with another of the “hate Daphne” pages on Facebook.

      Yes, it’s cool to be Labour, isn’t it? – Not!

    • More Leader says:

      Tghid din is-site mhix xi ohra bir-“Rieda tal-Leader?”

  4. jomar says:

    This is more concrete evidence that the Labour Party has not changed a bit from the day Mintoff became its leader. Sant put a lid on the vile elements for a while but Joseph Muscat has decided to embrace all the garbage and let them in.

    It’s one of his worst decisions ever – worse even than his decision to vote against EU membership – because this kind of filth will vote Labour anyway, but letting them in and parading them about is frightening and off-putting to others. ‘Floating’ voters won’t risk being governed by scum.

    It is becoming clear that Muscat is not in control of his party. He must be too busy watching his back, his deputy leaders and those who were displaced from their jobs while he hired a CEO and an ‘advisor’ without approval from party delegates. Many are ticked off at his decision to pay Marisa Micallef EUR40,000 a year when they get so much less and have been loyal functionaries for years.

    Daphne, go after them and give them a good whacking.

    The way they write and think reveals their low IQ and as they read this, I suspect they will have to Google ‘IQ’ to find out what it means to score 10 or less. And that is being generous.

    • Alan says:

      ‘Floating’ voters won’t risk being governed by scum’

      At the rate the LP is going, oh how so very right you are.

      The more I see, the more I move away from any inclination I may have had towards voting for the LP in the next election when I saw they had elected Joseph Muscat as their candidate.

      He seems to have absolutely no control whatsoever over his closest supporters, and his choice of them is questionable at best.

      • Sign of the Times says:

        Joseph Muscat is too young to be the Leader of the Labour Party which has never changed, and will never change.

        He may have hoped he would change things, but he was just coming back from a long holiday in Europe, where everything is nice and civilised.

        As you can see from the above, the Labour Party builds only on the hate message. This is endemic in many of their supporters too.
        Give them some smell of power, and it goes straight to their head, and they lose it.

        Daphne, give them the right medicine. A criminal investigation and record should do them some good for their career.
        He who is not able to lead, and to inspire, should leave.

    • Edward Clemmer says:

      You can be more generous, even give them 40 points, which with standard deviations = 15 points, leaves them 4.00 SD units below the average of 100 points.

      Statistically, that would place them at around the lowest 1/100,000 percent of the distribution of the population, or only about 4 of the 400,000+ in the Maltese population.

      There are many more than four of them out there, so we might have to hike the political-intellectual IQ estimate (inclusive of all of the type, essentially within the PL – there is also Norman Lowell among othersm like Tyrrell) to an even more generous 70 points: at minus 2.0 SD units, we are describing about 1/100.

      Well, with the kind of moderates and progressives that Joseph Muscat willy-nilly hopes to draw (as votes) into his “movement,” the situation is worse.

      Is there anyone of true moral and ethical standing within the PL? Or are they also too afraid to speak out against the inside corruption and rot?

      It is amazing to see this political pot boil; I formerly had given the PL a much better chance (hope) for self-reform. It almost, but not quite, makes one long for the return of Alfred Sant. Unfortunately, the PL rejected the now President George Abela, and he won’t be available to straighten out their mess, even if the PL wanted him back; the country as a whole lost that opportunity in favour of the youngester at the helm.

      The catastrophe the PL represents for the normal democratic political process in Malta – unless it cleanses itself from within (not likely with the power held by the various individuals within the PL) – makes one weep. Unfortunately, the only antidote is to keep voting PN, as long as the PL render themselves undesirable, which is a different matter than being unelectable: because they are always an electoral threat.

      • Edward Clemmer says:

        One P.S.: The situation in the PL after Sant reminds me of the former Yugoslavia after Tito; the various factions could no longer be kept in check. Without a solid core of clear political values that are national (and not opportunistic), whither goest the PL?

  5. The Bus Conductor says:

    ” and slandering them even more when they filed for libel, claiming they were breaching her right to freedom of expression”

    Is Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera now even more aware of the hideous people that jump to her defence?

    Well she is probably used to these kinds of people, so let’s ask Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando what he thinks.

  6. Samantha says:

    Daphne, I told you. They’re firing from all directions now. They don’t care who they hit now as long as they injure you. The truth hurts a lot and you hurt them so much that they don’t give a damn who’s in the way. Keep up the good work and expose these people. Il-lupu jibdel sufu imma qatt drawwietu.

  7. matthias borg says:

    Labour will never change. Daphne keep up the good work. They still think we are under a regime where violence and threats are the way to go.

    Why do they think the Labour Party hasn’t been in government for so long? Are these the new Laburisti? With people like these PL or whatever their name is now will remain in opposition for even longer.

  8. Charlie Bates says:

    How low can they stoop!

  9. Flahar, sibna kappell

  10. Sa Flahar sibna kappell.

  11. Stefan Vella says:

    “You stop. We stop.” – scary stuff!

    A childish attempt at muffling the truth which will backfire on the moderate and progressive image being projected by Labour. This post will cost them more floating voters than they ever imagined.

    No floating voter with an IQ higher than a lobotomised amoeba will vote for a party that tries to protect its own in this manner.

  12. TROY says:

    Listen you scumbags, it’s not just Daphne you have to stop, but all of us that support her, and who like her have been through the dark times when your parents used to throw stones at us as we made our way to one of EDDIE’S mass meetings. So why does it not surprise me that you offspring have turned out like your parents.

  13. B says:

    Would you expect anything better from someone having a nickname like “Tander” (Alex Saliba) and who all of a sudden discovered shirts and ties to look “decent” behind The Leader?

    L-importanti li qieghed fil-kors tal-ligi…

  14. David Thake says:

    Seems like the poor idiots really think that running off to host their “blog” in the States will grant them some anonymity. They are about to find out how wrong they are.

    Minds like theirs are dangerous and poisoned.

    You and your family have my full solidarity.

    • Corinne Vella says:

      It must be the damp conditions in the grotto.

      Aren’t these the same people who circulated an email message referring to each other as Elve (they can’t spell ‘elf), and gloating that their missives were being ‘effective’? The poor fools failed to see that they were being mocked.


      By 9.28am that very same morning, Alexander Saliba had sent a circular e-mail to those he thought were fellow elves in Sant’s grotto, little realising that among the recipients he had somehow also included Stephen Calleja, the editor of The Malta Independent daily.

      Mr Saliba told his colleagues to read Daphne’s article to see “how effective our articles have been” and how “we are riling the Nationalists”.

      He ended: “Proud to be one of those elves in Sant’s Grotto.’

      Nikki Alamango was the first one to reply: “She seems to be very upset. Keep it up guys so that we get the desired effect.”

    • Alan says:

      David, there is a reply to your above post above on that site. It says :

      “If you wish i am more than willing to give you my name address & id no .Cannot be fairer than that can i ?”

      Don’t hold your breath. They are immature cowards who will never have the guts to say who they are.

  15. Hot Mama says:


  16. MarioP says:

    Quite a sick site they have there.

    Komplu hekk halli min ghadu ma fehemx li ghadkom l-istess jiftah ghajnejh sew.

  17. Jo says:

    Daphne, that’s their modus vivendi. The PL never changes. The little glimmer of hope was Alfred Sant but he was never a real political man – he’s more at home with literature than with politics.

    So sorry to know that they’re dragging your family into this. However as you know many people are behind you all the way. Good luck and thanks again for the sterling work you’re doing despite all.

  18. Arthur Dent says:

    A whois on the domain reveals that it was created on the 15th March 2010.

    Lets see if the police will ring up their hosting provider http://www.hostgator.com and demand their details too.

  19. freefalling says:

    What’s serious is this!

    the God given right to freedom of expression is being twarted by individuals who have been given the green light to suppress the media through callous insinuations.

    My full support to Daphne under these harrowing circumstances.

    p.s. the Labour thugs also ransacked the Curia and took particular pleasure in defacing the statue of the Blessed Virgin

  20. Joseph A Borg says:

    If Muscat cannot rein in these idiots, then I’m afraid he’s scuppering any chance of an electoral win. This is the death knell of the Labour Party for me. In contrast, Gonzi is showing leadership by punishing those the public thinks are straying from serving their country. I was very interested in change but this is getting more depressing by the minute … really.

    New Labour, my foot.

    Dr Muscat, as they say, a day in politics is an eternity. You have a lot of time till the next election. Either you’re a strong leader who can control his minions when they’re out of line or else you’re simply a pretty face masking a festering canker on the party tree.

    I cannot see it bearing much fruit in this situation and the future looks bleak.

    The only option you have left is to publicly excise the rot and encourage new growth, maybe graft in new stock. If you cannot do that, you’re weak and that’s worrying. I hope you get good advice on how to accomplish this successfully for the party’s sake.

    Your choice. You have to forget short-term gains for the health of the party, and democracy in Malta.

    I’m afraid your 25 year plan is seriously lacking in credibility if you cannot see the festering canker in your party right now – and cannot deal with it.

  21. Il-Cop says:

    And while you’re at it ask Marisa Micallef as well.

  22. Peter Vella says:

    For those of you that ever dared to believe that Joseph’s PL has changed into a liberal and progressive movement – here is all the proof you need. These people never change and if you are stupid enough to ever trust them with the leadership of the country then you have only yourself to blame and you will get the government you deserve.

  23. Knight says:

    If these IDIOTS think that we are laughing at their vulgar stupidities, let them have their second thoughts.

    No one is laughing except the hbieb tal-hbieb li hemm fis-Super One. Ghadhom ma jafux ma min qed jitqabdu. Mas-sod u mhux ma’ nkazzati bhalhom.

    Id-differenza hija wahda: DCG qed tikxeb fatti li saru mill-percimes stess u bl-istess keffa taghhom qed issawathom.

    Filwaqt li tal-ONE jinqdew bis-soltu gideb u tghawwig tal-fatt. U l-giddieb ghomru qasir. Diga mal-ewwel buffunata taghhom hargu ta’ mazzetta.

    Ahseb u ara meta jibdew hergin il-buzullotti taghhom. It-tajjeb hu li din issa hija f’idejn il-Kummissarju tal-Pulizija. In-nies taf in-nies. u Malta zghira u n-nies maghrufa.

  24. freefalling says:

    Maybe these sick f**cks know the future as well – and can predict the outcome of a criminal investigation.

  25. Hmmm says:

    Jesmond Zammit, too. He posted a link on a Labour Party Facebook group.

  26. Grezz says:

    For more slanderous comments, click here

    When done, click here http://toniabela.blogspot.com/2008/11/ittra-mingand-obama.html
    and here http://toniabela.blogspot.com/2008/11/daphne-caruana-galizia-anti-hate-club_07.html

    Now compare the unreadable writing styles and type of lanaguage used in both – apart from the banal content – and draw your own conclusion about the relationship between the the “authors”. Your assumption would probably be correct.

    As for Toni Abela, kemm jiflah ikun baxx, hamallu u vulgari?

  27. Sigra ta' Guda says:

    Marie Louise Coleiro Preca is a Facebook friend of a “hate Daphne” Facebook site Sahhara and Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca are now friends.

  28. The Bus Conductor says:

    What is Joseph Muscat going to do now?

    Disassociate himself and the party from Alex Saliba, president of the Forum Zghazagh Laburisti, as he did with Sandro Chetcuti?

  29. mark v. says:

    I have a funny feeling: I miss Alfred Sant………he wasn’t this bad.

  30. Grezz says:

    Marie Louise Coleiro Preca is a Facebook friend of a “hate Daphne” Facebook site:


    New Labour my left toe. There are still all the awful grassroots in there. Labour will never change; they will only get worse. There is a younger generation now, more “hodor” than ever before, and whose parents are probably just about old enough to remember the Labour atrocities.

    Some things will NEVER change. They can employ all the Marisa Micallefs they wish, try to convince the people they need, but carrying on the way they are doing will only to help out their true colours.

  31. df says:

    Had Alfred sant had it his way with his Switzerland in the Mediterranean bogus plans he would have fucked us all up for good.

    • Yanika says:

      But at least, he was man enough to step down, and call an election when he thought he was not supported by all in his party. the result – he was outvoted.

      Sure, he was stupid not to accept the referendum, and needed the confirmation of the next election to finally back off, but he was not so stupid it seems, as the current leader.

      Tal-lejber qabzu minn got-tagen ghal gon-nar!

  32. The Bus Conductor says:

    Are the police going to take the swift action about this horrific and very serious blackmail supported by lies, as they took with Daphne when she wrote the truth about the behaviour of Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera?

  33. red-nose says:

    Keep at it!! it seems you are our only hope for knowing the truth.

  34. Hot Mama says:

    Nothing will convince me that it is not a concerted effort on the part of many to attack you in this vile manner. Such people have no moral yardstick, no integrity and no concept of what is right and wrong. Take the whole lot to the cleaners! You will not be silenced.

  35. Alan says:


    You at TYOM seem to be a bunch of young people, not over your twenties, and still have a lot to learn and understand.

    So let me spell it out to you in Ladybird-book terms.

    Anything Daphne wrote was not invented. It was there to begin with.

    You at TYOM and It-Torca are inventing serious stories, without a single remote shred of evidence, and using your inventions as blackmail to forcee Daphne to stop writing about Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera and the rest of the sorry bunch with whom Joseph Muscat has surrounded himself.

  36. red-nose says:

    Wishful thinking! We would be greatly relieved if we had Daphne as a PN candidate for the 2013 elections – I am sure we would feel much more comfortable.

    • tat TWO NEWS says:

      Le, l-akbar valur li ghandha Daphne hu li l-fehemiet li hija twassal huma taghha, independenti w ta’ ebda partit.

      Tal-Labour ghalhekk infoskati, ghaliex din hija haga ghal-kollox gdida ghalihom – inkluz dak il-ginger nofsu fartas li jmexxihom, jew ahjar li qed jitmexxa minn hadd iehor.

      Ma jafux kif jikkumbattu argument imsejjes fuq is-sod, allura jikkunslaw bil-hammallati, bl-insulti, u issa bl-escalation hej: billi jivventaw u ixandru gideb fahxi fuq Daphne u fuq kull minn jigi minnha.

      Jekk b’dan l-agir minghalihom ser ikissru l-liberta tal-kelma w/jew sejrin jaslu fil-gvern, f’s**mom ser jibqa.

      Ma huma xejn hlief qabda mdejqin maghqudin go partit fallut mill-angoli kollha – u hekk ser jibqghu.

  37. Mario Frendo says:

    All of you people using this blog please join this Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=118385325982&ref=ts

  38. vaux says:

    Daphne, ‘have to be stopped’? This is serious, a very serious matter.

    Your only ‘guilt’ is your ability to address issues, in a fully comprehensive and popular manner.

    The using of an ‘anonymous’ website for threats is the equivalent of a fatwa.

  39. Etil says:

    It seems that Labour are indeed still the same but then I always thought so once they are still lumbered with the old guard. Their methods never change and PN supporters who did not vote in the last general election would do well to think seriously about their attitude to voting – they should vote according to real issues and not just because they were not given what they wanted. Thei childish attitude jeopardises the country.

  40. Etil says:

    My sympathies with you Daphne. You have my support for what it is worth. They are real cowards and scum to resort to these types of threats and I do hope that the police will do the necessary to stop them immediately.

  41. red-nose says:

    Etil – Hear Hear!!

  42. E Gatt says:

    On being elected, Il-Leader promised a new set of ethics for Labour’s journalists.

    This promise, like the Stagun Politiku Gdid gimmick seems to be vanishing in the haze.

  43. Maria says:

    Daphne: we fully support you

  44. Clive says:

    Alex Saliba has been busy removing all the TYOM links he had posted to his Facebook page since you posted this piece.

    Goes to show what a spineless turd he really is.

    [Daphne – Alex Saliba, secretary-general of Labour’s Youth Forum, should know that screen shots were taken before he woke up in the morning and read my post. They have been passed on to the police.]

    • Alan says:

      … and if the original blogger thought that by making it ‘private’, helisha, s/he is mistaken. That page has also been recorded, before it went ‘private’.

    • La Redoute says:

      They don’t know the difference between criminal blackmail and libel, but that still gives the Elves the jitters.

    • The Bus Conductor says:

      Alex Saliba is a bully. Everybody knows that bullies are cowards.

    • Stacey says:

      Imagine Alex Saliba waking up, seeing this post, logging onto Facebook, quickly deleting all ‘evidence’.


  45. Anthony says:

    If this is not classic criminal blackmail then I don’t know what is.

    Does this reaction, desperate to the extreme, confirm that what we have been reading here these past weeks can now be taken as unchallenged fact? Filthy blackmail is the last resort of the desperate.

  46. Josh Briffa says:

    This is insane. Since when do university students reason like the Mafia? The pathetic attempt to making what they wrote sound scary is hilarious though.

    [Daphne – Since when do university students reason like the Mafia? Since they were brought up by the people who burned down The Times and shot Raymond Caruana, or supported the ones who did.]

    • Josh Briffa says:

      Agreed. It’s a shame though. Youthful minds; supposedly fresh and intelligent people who attend University, stooping down to this level of brain-washed ignorance and breaking the law in the process. For shame!

  47. edgar says:

    I address this to some of the people I know who think it is the in thing to say that we need a change. These people have become worse than in the times of Alfred Sant. Muscat has brought back all the scum like Alex Sciberras Trigona, Joe Grima, Ronnie Pellegrini and co. They simply cannot be trusted.

  48. Iz-Zuzu says:

    What a sorry state they are in. Although I am not a true Nationalist, I never voted Labour, because I am always scared of these vile acts. But I still find it crazy of me voting for a party to keep out another.

    • Jo says:

      Zuzu, ghalhekk hu tal-biki l-istat politiku li tinsab fih Malta. Ikollok bilfors tivvota PN. Ghalkemm mexxjin il-quddiem f’hafna affarijiet, tajjeb li il-gvern jinbidel kull tant zmien.

      IMMA irid ikollok ghazla. Fuq kollox matul is-sentejn li Alfred Sant dam fil gvern il-PN gedded lilu nniffsu. Bil-kontra tal-Labour li ilhom fl-oppozizzjoni daz-zmien kollu u flok geddew lilhom infushom immuffaw.

  49. Rita Camilleri says:

    These people will never never change, they keep showing their true colours. They are mentally deranged and seriously sick. Image if they are in government, I shudder even just thinking about it

  50. red-nose says:

    Is it possible that Joseph Muscat is unaware of the HARM being done to his hopes of winning an election? Is it possible that he has not got a trusted person to tell him what is going on?

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Don’t hold your breath. It’s not like his solid 49% core vote will evaporate overnight. Perhaps it’s caused some ripples among “floaters” planning to vote Labour, but nothing more.

    • La Redoute says:

      Who would that person be? No one who thinks straight can get anywhere in the PL.

    • Sign of the Times says:

      Joseph Muscat has lost control of his party, but mainly over the extremist wing. This can only turn worse when he is in government, at which point those extremists will come even further to the fore.

      The clear answer to Pia and Alex should be No Deal, let us open a few more of Labour’s boxes.

    • Joseph A Borg says:

      I think he’s feeling the castle unravel just under him…

      Maybe it’s time for Muscat to take a Plan B and focus on rebuilding the party from the ground up. I’m sure there are many Labourites who still love the party and what it represents who have been sidelined by the loud lot.

  51. Marie says:

    Its impressive how these people are trying to look scary and they don’t even have the guts to show their names on their own blog

  52. Michael A. Vella says:

    If, by now, Joseph Muscat has not yet cottoned on to what dirty tactics the PL media and officials are implementing, then Joseph Muscat is worthless as a leader and he should resign.

    If Joseph Muscat is already aware of what the PL media and officials are up to, then Joseph Muscat is even more worthless as a leader and there is all the more reason for him to resign.

    All that the PL as led by Joseph Muscat has so far shown is that the party is totally incompetent in Opposition and that, as we know from direct experience, it is a real danger to democracy should it ever be in government.

    [Daphne – It is a danger to democracy even in Opposition.]

  53. Chris F says:


    First time i’m writing here but I’ve been following your blog for over two months now. All I can say is WELL DONE.

    Well done for not giving in (I’m sure it never crossed your mind), well done for having the courage to expose THE TRUTH but most of all well done for having given the Maltese public a harsh reminder of what this country was, is and will always will be, which is 45% Laburisti, 45% Nazzjonalisti and 10% (or fewer) who decide who governs these little islands.

    I’ve long ago given up on the 45% brain-washed Laburisti – anyone who chooses to follow Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici and Alfred Sant DESERVES to be frustrated, for that’s exactly where all this is coming from – FRUSTRATION from being in opposition for 23 years bar 22 months.

    They thought their time had come in the last general election, but it hadn’t. A lot of us thought that their time will come in 2013, but in the past few months the harsh reality has begun to hit home. MA NAFDAWKOMX – your best bet, Labour, was to shut up for five years imma le – kif ghamiltu fil-passat ergajtu qed taghmlu issa u kollox frott tal-frustrazzjoni li ghandkom.

    Anyway, well done once again, Daphne – to you, to those who post sensible comments and to those who time after time vote to give our country a future as opposed to being led by people who should more appropriately be behind bars – and that’s bars in a zoo not a prison.

    • PParnis says:

      The biggest mistake we can make is underestimate the opposition. Having said that, currently our biggest threat is not Labour but our own MPs who blackmail and put their personal agenda before that of our party and country – shame on them. We must ensure they are not reelected.

  54. not an elv says:

    Are any of you familiar with psychology? Well, if you want the complete cessation of a particular behaviour, what you need to do is ignore it COMPLETELY. Sure, the behaviour will immediately reach a peak, in order to try and regain attention, but soon after that unacceptable behaviours wane and stop completely.

    Good luck Daphne, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about, let them blab, no one worth his salt will take any notice.

  55. Marku says:

    Interesting that while their party sets up a LGBT office, some of their new blood choose to try and ridicule you by apparently comparing you to a transgender person, evidently thinking that such people are worthy of ridicule. If they were really Left-wing and progressive (they are neither) they would recognize that Vladimir Luxuria is someone they should look up.

  56. Andrea says:

    Their blog is immature and its intentions are vain.

    They self-proclaimed themselves to be the “number 1 blogging site” yet they don’t accept comments which criticise them or their English.

  57. comrade says:

    It looks like Alex Saliba, who according to his Facebook page is “Secretary General of the Labour Youth Forum and also sits in the Labour Party National Executive.” has not heeded to il-Leader’s wish to pretend to be ‘moderate’.

    Alex Saliba is a Facebook fan of Karl Marx.

  58. Riya says:

    Min fahhar lill-Alfred Sant infakkru li dan kien qal li rebah ir-referendum.

  59. Ganona says:

    Labour will never change. Alfred Sant started to make a revolution in his party but today it’s back to the 70s and 80s.
    Reading this article today took me back to when we had to hide the name of our newspaper when we were outside on the streets or on a bus, to when we had no freedom of expression.

    Today, Labour is in opposition and it is scary to see that they are still trying to shut people’s mouths with threats. Daphne writes about the irregularities that we have in our country, whether they’re coming from the blue side or from the red.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s what independent journalism is all about.

    Daphne keep up the good work and I hope that the police will start their investigation immediately.

    • La Redoute says:

      Independent journalism is about not being paid to hold political opinions, not about not having any opinion at all.

      The concept is alien to the Labour party. Why do you think their supporters set fire to the Allied Newspapers building?

  60. Paul Caruana says:

    They seem to believe that likening someone to a transsexual is a mortal insult. So much for LGBT Labour.

  61. C Falzon says:

    What is scary is not so much what they say and write but that they actually seem to believe that what they are doing is equivalent to what Daphne is doing.

  62. Mark says:

    I would love to see Labour in government, so that people will again taste their own medicine.

  63. Hibernating from Malta says:

    The irony is, that they are trying to make fun of you (and of course they are stupid to do so) by comparing you to Vladimir Luxuria… and I suppose that she is being made fun of because she’s a transexual. Is this the progressive movement they are willing to construct? Is this why they have an LGBT group to make fun of gay people? Labour will not get my ‘gay’ vote and of many other gay people I know for that matter too after a sham like this!

    [Daphne – Yes, and they can’t work out why I’m not offended or bothered. It’s also offensive to women in general, incidentally: they reveal that they perceive as masculine and therefore ‘unnatural’ any woman who does not fit into the ‘take one step back behind the men and flirt’ stereotype. I’m not interested in Italian popular culture anyway and have very little knowledge of its star figures, though I must say that a fixation with a trans-sexual seems particularly Italian and so alien to me in every respect – though I can understand why Maltese ‘rahli’ youngsters raised on a diet of Muzew by backwoods parents would see a trans-sexual as an object of dangerous fascination. The only Vladimir I know of is Vladimir Cini, Simone’s father. If I were anything like them, I would say, bingo – because I remember similar things being said about Simone. I imagine that in a society where the average height is five foot nothing (and that’s probably just the men), women as tall as Simone Cini and I – and with a forceful manner and strong opinions to match, are going to come across as frighteningly masculine to the pocket-dog-sized population.]

    • Gahan says:

      X’ghandhom x’jaqsmu it-transesswali ma’ tal-Muzew tar-rahal? Din fissazzjoni tieghek, illum ghandek prova li it-transesswali m’humiex accettati mil-‘kultura’ Maltija kollha.

      M’hemmx insult akbar ghal ragel (macho) Malti ghajr li tghajru “pufta”.

      Di li ma’ naccettawx it-transesswali qiegheda mad-dinja kollha, kullhadd tarah jghemizlek u jitfa tbissima imqarba x’hin ikun hemm transesswali fi grupp,specjalment meta jkun jiddandan il-hin kollu ma’ kullhadd.

      In-natura minnha nnifisa hija selettiva biex tkompli jkolla t-tfal u int trid tghamel sforz kbir biex taccetta transesswali , u ghalkemm taccettah xorta tkun qed tisforza.

      U hallik mil-Muzew tar-rahal.

      [Daphne – Exactly, Gahan. And that’s why you can’t call yourself progressive while at the same time using trans-sexuals as an object of mockery (while shafting them off in a specialist group for rejects called LGBT Labour) and thinking that there is, as you describe backwoods Maltese society so well, no greater insult for a macho man than to be called ‘pufta’. It is precisely because Maltese men are NOT manly that they take this ‘insult’ so much to heart. Mur arhom xi pijunieri fil-Wild West dawn il-hafna mummy’s boys li ghandha fil-pajjiz. Not all, I hasten to add, but my God, really….]

      • Joe Fenech says:

        I agree Daphne 100% with the mummy’s boys (and girls).

        Wild West, my foot! Do you know how many Maltese go abroad to study and come running back to their mummies after a couple of weeks? And these spineless kids go there comfortably with scholarships, not like us who went years ago with nothing but guts and passion.

  64. David Ganado says:

    Hey, anyone noticed Twanny seems to have gone silent today?
    I wonder if he is finally lost for words at the stupidity of his fellow ‘new’ Labour supporters.

  65. Bus Driver says:

    The interesting thing, and which practically everyone seems to be missing, is that the great national divide now is not between PN/PL, but between those who support Daphne and those who hate Daphne. On the basis of quality of comments, it may also be seen as being between those who are rational and those who are irrational.

  66. Gahan says:

    Eh , billhaqq , fi x’hin marru l-pulizija ghand dawn il-qabda gwejjef? Fis-siegha ta’ fil-ghodu?

  67. Greta says:

    Can someone tell them that the saying is, “a taste OF your own medicine”? At least get it right!

  68. The Bus Conductor says:

    Does the Institue of Journalism have nothing to say about this blackmail?

  69. Rachel says:

    Even if the content and rather poor MS Paint skills had not already totally put me off, the poor grammar and syntax on this sad, weekend-project webpage is enough to make me cringe.

  70. Andy Colic says:

    …hemm hi ara…elezzjoni ohra tisfuma fix-xejn…jien nittama u huma jfottuli kollox…nistenna nistenna u qatt ma nithenna…”ittama” kien qalli n-nannu…”xi darba għad jeżisti partit soċjalista”…ħames snin oħra nistenna…ma nistax nagħżel wieħed għax ma nemminx fih, u lanqas lill-ieħor għax ma jeżistix…jew inkella aħjar…kull darba li jixref rasu mit-toqba ta’ telfa oħra, jibqa’ ma jitgħallimx u ħalli għaliha l-giljottina tas-sens komun tagħmel ħerba minnu….puh għalik daphne(!), ħolm’ oħra miksura….new labour version 9.0 adios…R.I.P.

  71. salvu says:

    well, not happy now?
    dear Daphne you should have known what goes around comes around.

    [Daphne – Actually, it’s amusing now that it has rebounded resoundingly on the originators, as lies tend to do.]

  72. Thaddeus says:

    How are you sure that it’s Alex Saliba in charge of that bullshit website?

    [Daphne – Not in charge, but certainly involved.]

    • Joe Fenech says:

      But HOW do you know? One needs to support one’s statements to be credible. It’s ludicrous to vilify Labour for every piece of crap that crops up in Malta. It’s not a PN/PL supporter talking, but someone who’s used to reading German, English, French and Italian newspapers.

      • Joe Fenech says:

        This blog seems to me a transcription of hysterical, unfounded kazin tal-banda style of argumentation.

  73. Joe Fenech says:

    How on earth can Pia Micallef call herself a journalist? She hasn’t even started bloody university at the age of 20. Il-medjokrita f’dan il-pajjiz tboss!

  74. Joe Fenech says:

    Would be better to prove that they’re part of it.

    [Daphne – How much better it would be for them to prove that they’re not. But they can’t do that, can they.]

    • Joe Fenech says:

      It’s not they can’t do that I suppose… It’s that they don’t HAVE to – it’s you who blew the whistle.

      Anyhow, any form of writing that attacks people’s appearances, backgrounds, personal life is not journalism but utter codswollop which not even the lousy English tabloids produce.

      PS: you are actually a very pretty Mediterranean lady! I guess by Vlad people refer to your Baltic alias ‘Greek’ tinges. Sfortunatament, hawn hafna imbecilli li jippreferu xi wahda kollha zebgha u zejziet minfuhin ta’ xi stazzjon Taljan! Il-meskinita bla fini tal-Gahan Malti!

  75. Joe Fenech says:

    “but you now live in a country where the rule of law prevails.”

    Are you serious? So you’re saying Malta is a fair and a well-functioning country? Oh came on! What about the corruption, drugs, illegal immigration, destruction of the landscape, censorship, wide-spread usury, the foreign businessmen having second addresses in Malta so they can do their ‘business’ in peace… And how many people feel they express themselves without being punished?

    Things are done hush, hush but there is still as much chaos as ever. No new Labour, GonziPN will change anything. The tribal Gahan Malti forged by the Catholic Church – whether PN an PL – is one of a kind!

  76. Joe Fenech says:

    If she did, she must have attended a course offered by the Social Services.

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