Marie Louise Coleiro Preca has joined 'hate Daphne' Facebook groups

Published: March 29, 2010 at 10:56am

And she wanted to be made leader of the Labour Party....

And she wanted to be made leader of the Labour Party....

Marie Louise Coleiro Preca has joined two ‘Daphne hate groups’ on Facebook. This is the woman who tried to make herself leader of the Labour Party.

Labour – such high standards and no moral compass.

What’s she going to say now – that somebody hacked into her Facebook account? That the dog ate her homework? That somebody stole her iPhone and sent messages to Vince Farrugia by mistake?

From top to bottom and from left to right, that political party is the pits.

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  1. S K says:

    Computer malfunction?? :p

  2. red-nose says:

    One by one, they are now showing their true colours – progressive indeed.

    • Karm says:

      Qisna ma’ konniex nafu mall-ewwel. Imbaghaq jigi Muscat jipprova jbellahielna li “moviment gdid”. Halli jinqlew f’xahmitthom, u Marisa Micallef ukoll.

      • Paul Bonnici says:

        What ‘moviment gdid’! Dr Muscat is regressive.

        As soon as he was elected leader of the PL Muscat paid a visit to Dom Mintoff’s residence. The rehabilitation of Mintoff means the rehabilitation of Mintoff’s brutal and violent past.

  3. The Bus Conductor says:

    The only progressive factor of these old labourites of the 70s and 80s, and newer ones who aspire towards them, is that they now use the internet.

  4. Timotius says:

    Regressive and not progressive – keep it up, folks.

  5. rupert says:

    The real problem is that Labour is concerned with being ‘in power’ not with being ‘in government’. The latter requires, apart from intellect and skill, the ability to display a certain dignity and a certain grace in all circumstances.

  6. Maria says:

    Ibqaw sejrin hekk, forsi xi darba tkunu fil-gvern! Please, Daphne, continue exposing the ugly times under Labour.

  7. Mario Lanza says:

    Our beloved Daphne, rid us of their blind hatred. This is what I call home grown hatred. The warning signs have been there for long now.

  8. maryanne says:

    If she has time to spare, she should give Maltastar a helping hand. Maybe we will start understanding what they want to say.

    Take this for starters:

    “when he had a programme to of all things celebrate what have been two awful years from this government by any measure.”

  9. Etil says:

    What is wrong with the PL and their cohorts? Can they not discuss matters on which they do not agree in a civilised manner without resorting to a hatred and lies campaign? I suppose that is asking too much.

  10. Charlie Bates says:

    Is there a “I love Daphne” group?

  11. Tim Ripard says:

    Nice company for Kenneth and Marisa.

  12. edgar says:

    Il-qahba milli ikollha ittik.

  13. Anna says:

    Daphne, if my memory serves me well, you had said that when they tried to burn your house down, Marie Louise Coleiro had phoned you up to express her solidarity with you and your family.

    And now she joins the ‘hate Daphne’ sites on Facebook. What sort of people are these?

  14. Karm says:

    Tal-Labour ma’ jinbidlu qatt. Anzi, huma izjed horox issa ghalliex ilhom il fuq minn ghoxrin sena jitbaqbqu.

  15. red-nose says:

    I think Muscat has already lost control of the party.

  16. Antoine Vella says:

    The Facebook hate group – or whoever started it – is a fan of the Imperial Band Club of Mellieħa and the Għaqda Kultura Armar Marija Annunzjata of Tarxien. So that’s another devout Catholic accounted for, probably one of those dilettanti who kicked up a fuss at the Curia’s efforts to curb festa abuses.

    • Norbert Vella says:

      I am writing this message on behalf of the Imperial Band Club of Mellieha. As you may know a Fan Page in Facebook can be joined by everyone without the administrator receiving any request to accept or reject.

      Therefore you can’t say that the Imperial Band Club forms part of these types of Group’s. We as a club hate no one, and we work all year long mainly to promote musical activity in the village of Mellieha. If you ever come to the Mellieha feast, you can see how the festa is well organised by both band club’s together with the Mellieha priest

      However as the Imperial Band Club fan page administrator, i search all fans to check if there is a group with a name of hate or something, but i didn’t find anything.

      Therefore if you can be gently enough and tell me to whom you are referring, i can delete it A.S.A.P

      [Daphne – I don’t think you can remove yourself now, I’m afraid, because the person/s who set up the account have used one of the tools available to ensure that the page does not come up in an internet search. I think the solution everyone will find best is to stop clicking accept on every friend request that comes their way, indiscriminately, given that Facebook is now being used – this being Malta – for malicious purposes.]

      • Alan says:

        Yes they can remove it. And they did since then. It is hilarious (?) to see that NSTS Malta is also a ‘friend’ of this site.

        [Daphne – NSTS has been alerted to that.]

      • Alan says:

        Viva il clickity-clicks bl’addogg. Oh well, look at the bright side – maybe NSTS could organise a course or two for the elves and their commenting supporters.

      • Norbert Vella says:

        Dear Alan,

        As I mentioned in my previous post, when you have a Facebook Fan Page, we don’t recieve request to accept members. They are just accepted automatically.

        [Daphne – That’s not at all wise. You should change that system before it causes your organisation even more embarrassment.]

    • I am the administrator of the Ghaqda Kultura Armar Marija Annunzjata Tarxien. All of you know that when you become a member of a page, the administrator doesn’t receive any mail to accept or reject that person.

      When I check who is a fan of the page, I don’t check in which other pages that particular person is in.

      So if this person who began this page is a fan of my page, the club isn’t responsible for anything.

      The club isn’t responsible for any of his members in which fan page they are.

  17. Ghost says:

    Il lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio, and this is so true.

  18. RF says:

    The Labour Party never recovered after the removal of Sir Paul Boffa.

  19. Maria says:

    I am a floating voter and I was honestly considering voting for the PL come the next general elections, but having read what was written on certain blogs this morning I am afraid that I won’t. The word ‘hate’ should never be found in anybody’s vocabulary.

  20. ciccio2010 says:

    Let us not forget that she was the Secretary General of the Malta Labour Party throughout the 80s. She definitely is not “new Labour.”

  21. jerry says:


  22. TROY says:

    Charlie Bates asked if there’s an I love Daphne Group. Of course my friend, this blog we write on is such and more.

    • jomar says:

      Is there a “Love Daphne” blog?

      Are 142,000 hits in one day enough proof?

      Which ‘Hate Daphne” blog even gets the above number with the last three zeros removed, in any one day!?

  23. Generoso Seychell says:


    Can anyone provide us the link,please.


  24. DM says:

    Edgar, I and probably many others, second that.
    Maria, could you please guide us to blogs you refer to?

  25. Riya says:

    Marie Lousie Coleiro mhux dejjem tkaxkret mal-merhla kif ghamel Joseph Muscat.

  26. Rover says:

    Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, ex General Secretary of the Malta Labour Party and ex candidate for the leadership of the same party, has joined the ‘hate Daphne’ groups.

    Is this woman expecting a ministerial appointment if Labour are elected to govern in 2013? Is she perhaps expecting to represent the Maltese public in some international conference?

    How ridiculous and childish can she be, to join a Facebook group hating one of the best columnists Malta has ever seen. She should be ashamed of herself to be associated with such a group when she should be supporting free speech and accountability by public officials.

  27. MarioP says:

    Prosit tassew Coleiro Preca! Min jitwieled tond ma jmutx kwadru. Ergajt urejt li m’intiex mara bizzejjed biex tghid ‘LE’ ghal din il porkerija. L-istess kif kont fiz-zmien id-dlam.

  28. Manuel tal-Pjazza says:

    In the same way that a friendship on Facebook is no way equivalent to friendship in real life, “hate” in a FB group is probably not equivalent to “hate” in real life.

    This does not exonerate Marie-Loiuse Coleiro from the stupidity she committed in joining those groups. As a senior politician she should be more sensitive to the example she sets.

  29. Gahan says:

    I hate ‘hate groups’. I like groups which act positively. MLP and PL are always with a negative message starting with “Le”.

    I am starting to hate Birdlife Malta for the same reason; instead of bird watching now they spend their time spotting trappers and hunters and reporting them to ALE.

    If I were them I would report a trapper whom I happen to spot while bird watching but I wouldn’t go out on purpose patrolling the countryside spotting bird trappers and hunters.

  30. Heru Nugroho says:

    On entering first day in offfice, Il-Qerda issued a statement that she found no pencils and no computers in her awarded ministry for the poor and the less lucky Maltese.

    She do not know that there exists a permanet secretary responsible in each ministry.

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