Labour's pufta and trannie circus: a view from the outside

Published: April 2, 2010 at 3:41pm
Does anyone have any idea what the trannie obsessives were planning to do with this picture?

Does anyone have any idea what the trannie obsessives were planning to do with this picture?

Kurt Farrugia and the other coconuts in Jason Micallef’s media stable have decided that a British former diplomat, who came here to give our diplomats a brief course in how to write succinctly, is the government’s new ‘spin doctor’.

Those of you who can make some sense out of the craziness that passes for Labour communications might have worked that out by now.

The poor man was dragged in qisu Pilatu fil-Kredu and is clearly infinitely amused by the nutcase coverage he’s getting. I wonder whether he knows that what we’re talking about here is the government-in-waiting.

Now the Labour elves have decided that – cue creepy music that signifies the arrival of a villain – Charles Crawford is a secret participant in this blog, going by the name of The Bus Conductor.

Because they can’t really read that well, they haven’t worked out that on the rare occasion that he has posted a comment, it has been under his own name. Why would he bother otherwise?

Logic is not their strong point.

And now we’ve got ourselves another post on Crawford’s blog, today. The Labour Party’s fixation with trans-sexuals and queers (to use the English equivalent of pufta) has its fascination. But I wonder whether he knows what ‘F’gh*xx Gonzi’ – to quote Jose Herrera – actually means.

Charles Crawford
Malta: Fancy Dress

My site’s ratings for March soared to new heights with lots of interest from Malta.

It is not easy to follow the fusillades of insults between rival tendencies there.

According to Daphne Caruana Galizia, her political opponents (primarily Malta Labour supporters) have set up a website to attack her as a trans-sexual and her husband is a pufta having affairs with women while her children are spawned by the devil because trans-sexuals can’t breed.

Nornal good-humoured knockabout stuff like that.

Daphne has hit back by publishing some photographs which, she says, were going to be posted against her on that hostile site.

Including one which takes fancy dress innovation to, er, a quite different level.

But at least I make a forlorn comeback cameo role in the comments, as some sort of Maltese Double Identity thing:

F’ghoxx G*onzi taghkom, mela vera qabda cwiec li ma tafux tuzaw l-internet.

#22 Vladilala 2010-04-01 18:58
Vladi’s associate’s are all falling into place now .
We know that La Redouute is a family member but ahhhh here is the scoop .
The Bus Conducter is non other than Mr Charles Crawford .The i have only visited Malta for a holiday Guy .
I know this Charles & you know how i know it ,Slipped up earlier did we not ?

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  1. Fontana says:

    I think this site is great and cannot believe the depths of ‘patheticdom’ (?!?!) that the (attempted) rival site has stooped – this must be a new low in Maltese ‘journalism’ (for want of a better word).

    You mention the ‘English equivalent of pufta’. Having lived in Australia, and been brought up in Malta, I was quite shocked to hear the term ‘poofter’ used in exactly the same context as we would use ‘pufta’ in the land Downunder. Which came first is anybody’s guess but poofter and pufta mean the same thing – one for the academics I guess. By my logic ‘poofter’ came first and the Maltese basterdized it to pufta in the way we seem to have bastardized every word that did not originate in Malta.

  2. Genoveffa says:

    Ha Vladi ,You are really hilarious ,Love how you put what you think is your best pic in there referring to the vagina nearly right but maybe an asshole better ?
    Suggestion to you and your family ( sorry i meant followers ) throw away your dictionaries .Go and live in England where i do not think they are waiting for you to teach them they’re language and you will learn it .
    Shite is often written in England it is called slang as oppossed to shit .
    Look in your dictionary papa two families and you wont find it

    Maybe it is hidden in Sicily but you had better ask your other family this eh ?

    Mamma mia – they sure aren’t “waiting for him” to teach English – are they? Ah, wait a minute, yes – perhaps a lecture at Cambridge University on the use of contractions, starting from “they’re” and “won’t”.

  3. foxxdaphne says:

    ma tisthis minn alla li halqek anke llum fil gimgha l-kbira qed tajjar lin nies zibla

    • il-Ginger says:


    • Alan says:

      Ghadulli il-Flit please.

    • Vendetta del Disco says:

      La capital letters, la virgoli, la full stops, xejn.

      ‘Alla’ u ‘Gimgha l-Kbira’ sakemm naf jien hekk jinkitbu, ja eresjarka. Kompli ghaxxaqha.

    • Rover says:

      Let me get this right you twit. It’s OK for you to call someone zibla on Good Friday. You need help, double quick.

      • Grezz says:

        My thoughts exactly. It’s OK to call use the nick “foxxdaphne”, l-aqwa li “foxxdaphne” ghandu/ghandha l-iskrupli ghax il-Gimgha l-Kbira.

    • Snoopy says:

      Is this Jose?

    • The Bus Conductor says:

      Oh I get it. Its fine to LIE UNDER OATH, as long as you attend a procession behind a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows.

    • freefalling says:

      F***Daphne – your name says it all – you are one hell of a confused and disturbed human being – do not miss out on your medication.

    • Angele says:

      @f***daphne: Ninsab konfuza. Fejn ezatt Daphne insultat lil xi hadd illum, f’dan il-blog?
      Jekk qed nifhem sew, qed tghajjarha zibla ghax ikkuppjat il-post li Charles Crawford ghamel fuq il-blog tieghu, fejn kixef l-istupidita’ tal-PL. L-aqwa li int tista tghajjarha kemm trid hux?!
      Veru ghandkom bzonn l-ghajnuna. Ahjar mort tqerr forsi ma tafx kif ilsienek isirlek tal-gelu!

  4. Michael A. Vella says:

    For a minute I thought that was a photo of the LEADER – pink tie an’ all.

  5. Tonio Farrugia says:

    The Malta Independent’s sorry excuse for a journalist Marie Benoit persists in Labour’s fantasy.

    “And what about the new man on the block of spin doctors who was recently recruited to advise Dr Gonzi? Former diplomat Charles Crawford says he came ‘to give some officials diplomatic communications training’ to quote from his blog. ‘My visit has nothing whatsoever to do with the Nationalist Party’s internal affairs… I am not a Spin Doctor…’ But do you know of any Spin Doctor who would admit to being one? Mr Crawford continues: ‘But if someone in Malta or anywhere else wants to pay me generously to be one, I’ll be happy to have a go.’ He is yet another of those jacks-of-all-trades with multiple hats which former colonies tend to call upon for advice. He denies having met the Prime Minister. These days there is no need to meet anyone in person to communicate. All you require is an exchange of emails. And there is always the phone and no one will be any the wiser. I would hardly imagine that Mr Crawford was invited to walk up the steps of Castille in the company of Dr Gonzi. But we all know by now that although Mr Crawford denies advising the Prime Minister about the problem of his backbenchers, Dr Austin Sammut seemed to know about this when in his opinion column of 9 March in The Times he confirmed that a foreign advisor was behind the parliamentary assistant proposal to the Prime Minister. Dr Sammut commented: “Yet, I for one, am not totally convinced with Dr Gonzi’s strategy (and it would be interesting to know who has advised him – we have heard of a foreigner; totally unnecessary in my opinion).” There is little that the law fraternity in Valletta do not find out and discuss, often over coffee and pastizzi at the Casino Maltese, well out of the way of possible Labour party eavesdroppers. “

  6. M. Mifsud says:

    U int, illum il-Gimgha l-Kbira, ghalfejn qeghda fuq dan il-blog minnflok qed izzur il-knejjes titlob ghall-midinbin?

    • PhiliP says:

      Ghala qieghed tipprova taljena lill-qarrejja ta’ dan il-blog bill tuza kliem baxx fil-konfront ta’ Daphne?

      Giddeb jew meri dak li qeghdha tikxef Daphne fuq Scerri Herrera u “la bella companija”, jekk inti ragel. Tippruvax iddawwar dan il-hmieg fuq Daphne u l-familja taghha. Jew forsi inti xi wiehed minn dawk tal-klikka li b’ghemil il-magistrat qieghed tgawdi xi haga u allura ma jaqbillekx li l-argument jitkompla b’mod civili fejn il-verita’ ikun jafa l-poplu kollu Malti minn ghand gurnalista flok minn min hu suppost li jghid il-verita?

  7. edgar says:

    Marie Benoit is a loser. Remember how she kept boasting that she had a bottle of the best champagne to pop open when her friend Alfred Sant won the last elections? It must have gone flat, like her contributions to The Malta Independent on Sunday.

  8. Matt says:

    I think Charles Crawford has a small mistake at the end of his blog. Clearly he should be referring to Muscat instead of Gonzi!

    • The Bus Conductor says:

      @ Matt
      I know you know but for the sake of those who don’t, I will explain.

      Those words were used to quote what Labour MP Jose Herrera said on the day the the Commission for the Administration of Justice published its denial of what Magistrate Herrera implied in court, making her out to be a liar for the second time under oath.

  9. Riya says:

    @ f**xxdaphne

    Aw habib! Daphne mhux qed tajjar lin-nies ta’.. Daphne qed tghallimna fuq nies li jghamlu affarijiet hziena bhal magistrati jiehdu guramenti foloz,, prostituzzjoni, tahwid fil-qrati, min jajjara’ transsesswali u sahhara fuq il Facebook etc. Pero’ hawn min b’din l-informazzjoni tgerfxulu l-wires u nfexx fuq il-familja taghha.

    Sa hansitra haduha il-Qorti ghax allegaw li hi qed timmalafama imma min irrapurtaha ha gurament falz u nzerta Magistrat. Dawk nies twajba hux! U dawk il-bravi flok hadu pjacir b’din l-informazzjoni iddecidew li ghandhom jiddefendu lill-min jiehu guramenti foloz u jhawwad fil Qorti ghax Magistrat.U billhaqq prosit ta’ ismek ghax mil-lewwel tindina li int Laburist.

    Jekk joghbmok Daphne kompli ghallimna u Grazzi hafna.

    • red-nose says:

      Mid-dehra la qed jiddefendu bil herqa lil Magistrata li mhix denja tal post responsabbli, allura jaqbillhom li meta jitilghu fil gvern ikollom magistrati hekk (imdorrijin f’din il hajja).

    • rayBOND says:

      Re f++daphne
      Li hu cert hu, li dan il-gifa wera lil kulhadd kemm hu vojt u arci-njurant bil-pedigree. Meta tuza dak it-tip ta’ psewdonomu ma tkunx biss qed tirregetta l-affarijiet sbieh li ghandek fl-intern jinten tieghek fuq Daphne, pero jigri li bhal meta thares fil-mera, tirrifletti l-karattru miskin li ghandek.

      Ma nahsibx li din l-attitudni hi ispirata mill-ezercizzi b’differenza ta’ Fr Colin jew forsi mill-pridki li jkollu fuq it-Torca Dun Ang taz-Zejtun?

      Taghmel sew jekk tirrifletti dwar dak li jikteb dan ta’ l-ahhar kull nhar ta’ tnejn… jaf tibda taghmel xi hsieb spiritwali fuq Kalamita fl-edizzjoni li jmiss.

      [Daphne – Nahseb dan hu l-effett tal-ezempju ikaxkar ta’ hu l-Magistrat Herrera. Jekk hu jista’ jghajjat ‘F’gh*xx Gonzi’ fil-parlament, dan l-miskin jista’ jikteb ‘F’gh*xx Daphne’. Jekk ma’ kitbux Jose stess. Jekk inhu kapaci idur il-kafejiet tal-Belt jghid li r-ragel tieghi pufta (anzi, mhux korrott u zibel bhal missieru, l-habib ta’ Lorry Sant) hu kapaci jghid u jaghmel kollox. Mhux ta’ b’xejn dawk iz-zewg zibliet ta’ Herrera huma daqstant cosy ma’ bicca imbarrazz cheap-and-nasty bhal Ronnie Pellegrini.]

      • rayBOND says:

        ps: il-priedki ta’ Dun Ang fuq l-Orizzont ikunu mhux it-Torca. Irrid nghid li kultant anke jien insib x’nitghallem minnhom…meta ma jkunx fihom agenda politika!

      • Grezz says:

        L-aqwa li tmur il-mixja ta’ l-Gholja tas-Salib u l-purcissjoni tad-Duluri. B’Alla ma’ tidhaqx, jekk vera temmen bih.

  10. SSA says:

    Charles Crawford’s updated his ‘fancy dress’ post to include a link to Marie Benoit’s diary.

    Note to Elves: My name is not Charles Crawford.
    Update: I spoke too soon. I make a triumphant appearance in the Malta Independent today, reincarnated as a shifty spin-doctor.

    This is not Andy Warhol’s puny 15 minutes of Maltese fame. It is now at least 18 minutes.

    And going strong.

  11. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Ghaziz foxxdaphne,

    Kieku l-MLP kien partit suret in-nies, la kien jibza’ minn kritika, u lanqas kien jiskomoda ruhu ghax xi hadd bhal Daphne jikteb kontinwament kontrih. B’dan il-panic kollu fuq Daphne qed turi kemm l-MLP huwa partit dghajjef.

    P.S. Sentejn ohra, l-MLP jrid jirbah l-elezzjoni kontra l-PN, u mhux kontra Daphne. Jekk joghgbok wassal memo lil ta’ fuqek.

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