Vrrroooooom! Vrrrrroooooom! Tas-Super One ghal gor-Repeater Kless.

Published: April 3, 2010 at 10:08am
Charlon leads the Super One quadbike team on a gita to Cipru

Charlon leads the Super One quadbike team on a gita to Cipru

Charlon Gouder and Jonathan Attard – the two Super One people shown in photographs hugging up to Magistrate Herrera at her birthday party – have been caught cheating during first-year law course examinations at the University of Malta.

The accusation against both Gouder and Attard has been proved and the Faculty of Law has decided to fail both students.

They will have to resit the exam in September.

They complained to the Faculty of Law that their misdeed was made public and are blaming people for leaking the information.

I guess it’s quite all right to lie about others, but when you speak the facts about Charlon and JONTIN, then that’s deserving of condemnation.

Sabih, il-partit tal-Labour.

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  1. l-istudent says:

    B’dawn suppost irridu mmexxu l-pajjiz?! Ara veru qeghdin sew! Mela biex iwaqqghu lil D ghac-cajt u jharrfu kollox sew, imbaghad haga bhal din, li fuq kollox hija VERITA’, ma tismax kelma mgiddma!

  2. maryanne says:

    It was going to be the main story of it-Torca tomorrow. Now you got them in a fix.

  3. Alan says:

    Quick, go have a look. Next ‘blog-post’ on the Vladimir site :


    • Niggy says:

      Tghidx fuq “rector’s children”, ghax jahsbu li qieghed tghid fuq l-ex-rettur Agius ta’ San Alwigi.

  4. Matt says:

    They actually were caught copying during exams; at least that’s what I had heard.

    And of course that’s public information – people want to know what failures they are!

  5. Pat Zahra says:

    Er, I can understand plagiarising work in an assignment or a dissertation but how does one plagiarise work during an exam? Were they caught copying? And is that also plagiarism?

    Given that, if they cheated they should have been expelled outright.

    After all Gouder, at least, is a mature student and a public figure with responsibilities and a reputation to uphold among the people of his party. If he were a foolish and frightened 18-year-old I’d understand but this behaviour is beneath contempt.

    • Niggy says:

      One would think that for one to risk cheating at tertiary level, one would have been accustomed to doing so all one’s life. Why do it otherwise, when one has got so much to lose if caught in the act?

  6. red-nose says:

    They are confident! They feel that in three years’ time Labour will win the election and then who cares about results, they will be given LL.D degrees – just like others before them.

  7. Pat Zahra says:

    Sorry, me again, but this really sticks in my craw. The Faculty of Law is in the business of producing LAWYERS. What kind of message is the faculty sending if it treats cheaters so lightly?

    Does it really want to bestow a degree on someone who will eventually be granted a warrant to practise when that person has already shown himself unfit to hold such a position of responsibility?

    • Michael A. Vella says:

      Training them to be eventually appointed magistrates by PL, perhaps?

    • Vendetta del Disco says:

      Imma vera disklu ta’! Il- kors tal- ligi xi hsibtu, kors li jharrgek fir-rettezza u l- VIRTU’ !?

      Jekk inqabbdu jfottu, dak ifisser li m’ghallmuhomx ifottu kif suppost. Il- falliment huwa tal-kors, mhux tal- istudenti.

  8. Pepe` says:

    The PL/Super One has been plagiarising soundbites and mottos for ages now.
    ‘Biex hadd ma jibqa lura’, is-sewwa jirbah zgur’, the victory sign at the sounding of the national anthem.

  9. john says:

    Magistrates and Ministers of Justice in the making.

  10. freefalling says:

    Ths is sure proof that Charlon and Jonathan have no ideas of their own, are not tertiary standard as they keep failing most of the exams they sit for.

    Mrs. Gouder would probably say this to her Labour friends – it-tifel tieghi qed justudia ghal avukat – nahseb sas-seklu li gej jkun ha’ l-kawja.

  11. Fontana says:

    Reminds me when Super One showed the World Cup (or other international football comp) and the picture was zoomed in to exclude the transmitting station logo. Mentalita ta’ baqra, with no disrespect to baqar.

  12. Cannot Resist Anymore! says:

    Well what can one say? Birds of a feather flock together. That’s why our Super One heroes enjoy the company of the magistrate, pose for photographs with her and flaunt them as trophies like they have a “ritratt mal-Papa”.

    If their friend Magistrate Herrera can cheat repeatedly on her husband, lie under oath, preside over the cases of people when she should abstain, dine out with defendants and plaintiffs whose cases are being heard before her and invite them to her parties, make public displays of religious devotion while living with another woman’s husband, then what in heaven’s name could possibly be wrong with cheating in a law exam?

    Charlon and Jonathan, if you carry on this way you will end up permanently stuck in that now notorious photograph with your magistrate friend.

  13. kc says:

    Slightly off topic, but relevant to the start of all this……

    “From my mother, a magistrate, I got an enduring sense of community, responsibility, obligation. It is unfashionable these days to talk about public service, but she taught me life was about more than making money.”

    David Cameron


    • Whoa, there! says:

      All nice words: Just trudge around other news sites to see the antics of the Conservatives and all other MPs / peers to see how even in the UK, pomp and circumstance paired to a certain gift of the gab do wonders in covering up a lot of filth and corruption.

  14. michael woods says:

    Could we have the proof please, not just accusations.

    [Daphne – As a member of the Labour Party, Michael, you’re perfectly placed to get your own proof if you don’t believe me. Ring Charlon and Jonathan and ask them, instead of just letting them use you for propaganda purposes in the last general election. They owe you the truth.]

  15. michael woods says:

    @Cannot Resist Anymore! Why dont you shut the fuck up and leave Charlon alone.

    • john says:

      And in reply to a previous comment of yours, Mr. Woods – who gives a fuck who you vote for.

    • Matt says:

      Now now, no need to get all blasphemous!

    • Hmmm says:

      Why should he, or anyone else, do as you ask?

    • Niggy says:

      “Shut the fuck up”, eh? Charming, eh? Are you speaking on behalf of the Moviment Progressiv/Moviment Gdid/moviment fejn hemm post ghal kulhadd? Il-veru kas li hemm post ghal kulhadd!

      “…and leave Charlon alone”, eh? Scrawny little thing he may be, but he’s still a grown man and I don’t think he needs anyone to stick up for him.

  16. pippo says:

    Any photo of this Jonathan Attard?

  17. red-nose says:

    Why is Michael Woods angry? Is it perhaps because he has no answer?

  18. Cannot Resist Anymore! says:

    @Michael Woods. Thou protesteth too much!

  19. Joseph A Borg says:

    @ red-nose: he seems to be livid

  20. Alan says:

    The Vladimir website has published an article about another person who was caught cheating in his exams.

    What the other website fails to mention, is that you in fact did mention this matter regarding David Agius some time ago in a blog-post, in the context that David Agius was being blackmailed by Joe Said that he was going to reveal the exam cheating to all newspapers unless Agius ‘crossed’ over to the Labour Party.

    Seems that blackmail and coercion is embedded in all these idiots’ DNA.

    Qabda kriminali.

  21. jomar says:

    These people cheat during an exam. Can one imagine what they are capable of doing if elected to govern and are entrusted with public finances?

  22. TROY says:

    Is this the Michael Woods that crossed over to the Labour camp before the last election?

  23. Alan says:

    If you can see past the structure and grammar, albeit for an instant, the following comments off the Vladimir website are the only ones I have seen since it started, that make sense.

    #4 Martin 2010-04-03 08:52 now show us bad things of a magistrate nazjonalist (that DCG has not said about already) and then a lot of people will realy truly kiss your hands. Quote

    #3 Martin 2010-04-03 08:48 and if you stop making reference to DCG like a transexual and these things, then this site will have even more credibelity, coz you are very much offending more then you realise these people transexuels and gays and so on. Quote

    #2 Martin 2010-04-03 08:36 Ejja !!!!!! proset. this is a proper articel. mux xeba exagerated invensions & insults around DCG and her family ! concentrete on fact, not invensions and very nasty words (pastazati exagerated), and i and others think good of you. Quote

    • Matt says:

      That guy must have Malta’s highest ever IQ.

      Or, to put it in his terms, “I is for sure d mowst smartist persiNNNNN in Maaaaalta”.

      • Alan says:

        IQ lower than room temperature for sure, where writing is concerned.

        But his points are very, very valid, as they are what makes the difference between Daphne’s blog and the other website.

        Looks like at least they have 1 follower who sees things as they are. It’s a start I suppose.

    • Michael A. Vella says:

      Point is, if they stop cooking up lies and calumnies about Daphne and our family, and delighting in the publication of their own filth, there would not be much else left in that blog, would there?.

  24. Michael A. Vella says:

    Well it is typical of the IQ level on the Labour side that someone can actually cheat in an exam but still manage to fail as well.

  25. Marie-Louise says:

    Jonathan Attard did not show up for any of the June exams so that he could continue working throughout the MEP elections. He feigned being sick and the law faculty actually believed him despite being live on tv all throughout the exam period sporting those horrible ties he’s recently been wearing. Then, he sat for all the exams in September as a FIRST sit.

    Repeater Kless sabih…

  26. michael woods says:

    Daphne dear,i can assure you that i was not used by no one.What i did i did it out of convinction,as i had stated, Gonzipn ruined the party.So i will vote labour again come what may.

  27. michael woods says:

    @Niggy.Forsi tista tejdli fejn kont bejn1971 u1987.Li u zgur u li ma kont qed ixxered demmek ghal Malta bhal ma kont qed naghmel jien.Ejja kun ragel u ejdilna fejn kontu in u siehbek Gonzi.

  28. michael woods says:

    @TROY.Yes i am that michael woods and im proud of it.

    • TROY says:

      Oh, how good to know that you are that same woods that wanted to teach the PN a lesson in the last election. And what happened? Labour lost again. And they will do so in the next election. Why? Cause has-beens like you who think that the party belongs to them, just because their brother was eliminated, do more harm than good. So you see, doing harm you’re better off with Labour. Have you learned the Labour anthem yet, because last I heard you sing it you were struggling. Viva Labour, Viva Labour.

  29. michael woods says:

    @Michael A. Vella.I will never resort to such dirt,on my behalf i deplore such things.Family members should ALWAYS be kept out.Sorry Daphne.

  30. michael woods says:

    @s.winwood. Kemm sejra zball,altru li mhux il kaz.Dak kollu li kont ktibt u qedt kollu qed isehh.Issa hudu pacenzja u komplu hallsu il kontijiet,etc etc etc.Peccato

  31. Riya says:

    Michael Woods – u hallina habib. Kun onest u ghid ghalfejn veru mort mal-Labour. Tajt ma’ mortx ma’ Alfred Sant ghax hareg bill-hrafa ta’ ‘zero tolerance’ ghall-korruzzjoni?

  32. Riya says:

    ‘Fejn kien Gonzi’ Ha nfakrek jien Sur Woods u dan int tafu daqsi habib. Dr. Lawrence Gonzi contested the election years ago and he obtained a considerable amount of votes. He was elected in the following election. He was also PN secretary-general and speaker of the house of representatives and as everyone knows he was one of the best speakers we have ever had.

    Then he was a cabinet minister, one of the best we ever had in social affairs. Then he was elected party leader. He was always in the party but he is a very low profile person as he is not the type to boost himself.

    Now he is doing very well as prime minister . Together with a good team he also managed to win an election in which the Labour Party thought it was a sure winner with at least a mojority of 10,000 votes. His government took Malta into the eurozone with no hiccups. Had he not taken this decision Malta would have been in a mess right now.

    But the most important thing is that Gonzi never changes his principles unlike the Labour leader and so many of his people. Sticking to your principles in politics is imperative. People have to know what you stand for.

    We survived the recession successfully with jobs created even in such a bad situation.With Gonzi and the PN in government we all know where we are heading and we can plan our lives, but with Labour we will never know.

    I remind you what kind of governments Labour gave us, even in 1996 to 1998. That is the way Labour governs this country and our lives, Mr. Woods. And I haven’t even begun to mention the huge projects and the big changes made to this country.

  33. TROY says:

    Sur Woods, ara Joseph ghandux bzonn xi espert fuq il-penzjonijiet. Fuq il-housing ghandu lil Marisa izda kieku int tkun bully fuq il-boarding out u pensions – fejn ma tafx staqsi lil ……. Woods, le mhux Tiger.

  34. Riya says:

    Hallina Mike ghax ghandna x’naghmlu habib.

  35. michael woods says:

    @troy.Ara veru redikolu int,issa ghobok izzeffen lil hija fin nofs.Kun af li affew 3 snin u hija qatt ma gie akkuzat.U jien tlaqt ferm qabel dak iz-zmien,issa kun ragel jew xint u ejdli min int.

  36. michael woods says:

    Hu int Daphne ma tejd xejn meta issa qed ideffsu lil hija,jew two weights two measures ?

  37. michael woods says:

    @.Riya.Id domanda kienet cara,fejn kien Gonzi bejn 1971 u 1987.Gonzi gie wara li sab is siggu lest bnies bhali.Vera povri.

  38. michael woods says:

    (He was always in the party but he is a very low profile person as he is not the type to boost himself).Tajba din,GonziPN u xnaf jien,nahhseb lil int xi wiehed min dawk il laqa u qed tpappija sewwa ux,issa ejdilna min int kun ragel ghal darba.

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