The enemy of my enemy is my friend: even if he's a thug whose familiars are Maltin ta' Londra, in the original meaning of the term

Published: April 1, 2010 at 5:04pm
Christopher Aguis, who runs the 'Daphne is a trans-sexual' site dedicated to attacking members of my family.

Christopher Aguis, who runs the 'Daphne is a trans-sexual' site dedicated to attacking members of my family.

The Labour Party’s representatives and sycophants are doing their damnedest to dissociate themselves from a hate site that threatens not to stop lying about members of my family until I stop writing about Consuelo Scerri Herrera and the Labour Party.

Those blackmail threats and their lies are now subject to a police investigation.

The site was actively promoted by Alex Saliba, secretary-general of the Labour Youth Forum, on Facebook.

It was also promoted by Pia Micallef, who writes for Maltastar and works for Super One.

Another person who works on the site is Eve Bajada, a retired Soho barmaid from the 1960s married to a Malti ta’ Londra with a conviction for smuggling.

The Labour Youth Forum is now busy denying that it has anything to do with the site. But its secretary-general, Alex Saliba, is unable to issue a similar denial because screen-shots have been taken of his attempts to promote the site on Facebook.

When I said that I had filed a police report, he tried to cover his tracks by removing those links and pasting instead links to stories in Maltastar and L-Orizzont in which the organisation he leads denies its involvement.

Labour MP and would-be party leader Marie Louise Coleiro Preca drafted and posted an article on her Facebook page, condemning hate sites in general after her name was linked to another such initiative, saying that if anyone is planning to use her in any nasty campaign, they’ve got another think coming.

Charles J Buttigieg, a self-declared Labour Party supporter who spends most of his time campaigning for Labour on the web, made this plea on his Facebook wall:

The PL, our natural party, needs to ascertain that none of its officials, holding a minor or high position, is in anyway associated with the tasteofyourmedicine blog. Two wrongs don’t make a right. My heartfelt appeal is for honest PL supporters to go public and condemn those contributors who in any way shape or form tarnish our good reputation.

Charles Buttigieg made the fundamental mistake of equating what I write with the essential purpose of the site in question, which is to blackmail me by lying outrageously about my family to get me to stop writing about Magistrate Herrera and the Labour Party.

But Buttigieg has understood something important: that the lies about my family are not tarnishing us, because we are known, even if we are not known by Christopher Aguis, a former Soho barmaid, and the various apparatchiks at Super One and Maltastar.

They are tarnishing instead, as Buttigieg has pointed out, the reputation of the Labour Party. Buttigieg thinks that reputation is a good one. Many disagree, which is why it is a case of tarnishing that reputation even further, rather than merely tarnishing it.

Christopher Aguis, the creator and administrator of the hate site – he gave himself away, foolishly, early in the day – is on Facebook. His Facebook friends, people who chat regularly with him on their ‘walls’ are – well, what do you know? – the secretary-general of Forum Zghazagh Laburisti (Alex Saliba), Marie Louise Preca Coleiro and, yes, even Charles J Buttigieg.

Presumably, all three are taking their own advice and giving their friend a good bollocking for tarnishing their good reputation. Naturally, the following Facebook friends of Christopher Aguis are planning to do likewise, I don’t think.

Jose Herrera – Shadow Minister for Justice
James Piscopo – the Labour Party’s CEO
Daniel Jose Micallef – president of Forum Zghazagh Laburisti
Evarist Bartolo – Labour Party MP and a one-time candidate for the party leadership
Gavin Gulia – Labour Party MP
Joe Mizzi – Labour Party MP
Leo Brincat – Labour Party MP
Luciano Busuttil – Labour Party MP
Marlene Mizzi – Labour Business Forum, and who, in her status update, invites us to avoid malice, hatred and envy
Joseph Cuschieri – Labour’s sacrificial lamb
Owen Bonnici – Labour Party MP
Silvio Parnis – Labour Party MP
Joseph Sammut – Labour Party MP
Wenzu Mintoff – editor of KullHadd
Simon Micallef Stafrace – Labour Party candidate
Sharon Ellul Bonici – Labour Party EP candidate
Ronnie Pellegrini – Lorry Sant’s henchman
Jonathan Galea – Super One

Christopher Aguis is a member of the following Facebook groups which, apparently, do not operate a strict door policy:

MLP Msida
PL Fgura – sporting a photo of Joseph Muscat as a profile picture
PL Mosta
PL San Pawl il-Bahar
PL Santa Venera
Centru Laburista Zabbar
B Cool B Labour
Joseph Muscat
FZL Paola
Radju Super One
One TV

Christopher Aguis has another two interesting Facebook friends: Robert Musumeci and Astrid Vella. When Magistrate Herrera left her husband for Musumeci, one of her main concerns was that she would be descending the social ladder instead of climbing it. I think that is what has actually happened to Musumeci through his association with her. Look who he’s mixing with now. As for Astrid Vella, words fail me.

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  1. The Bus Conductor says:

    Charles’ friend Richard: if you saw this, please give Charles Buttigieg another tinkle.

  2. Riya says:

    Qed tippruvaw taghmlu minn kollox biex tkissru lill-Daphne imma ma’ jirnexxielkomx. Kien hawn xi hadd staqsa dwar il-livell ta’ edukazzjoni li ghandha Daphne.

    X’ghandu x’ jaqsam? Daphne wehedha gabitkom titkellmu wehedkom. Qiskom corma nies waqajtu gol hama u iktar ma tippruvaw taqdfu biex isalvaw aktar tinzlu l-isfel.

    Intkom dejjem hekk taghmluha persuna intelligenti ghax tejru ghal l-intelligenza bhal ma’ ghamiltu lil ekonomista Gordon Cordina li kien qed jaghti kontribut siewi lill-pajjiz imma xbajtu tikkritikawh u tikdbu fuqu u hu ma’ felahkomx aktar u kellu jirrezenja minn xogholu.

    Hekk biss tafu taghmlu, ghalhekk qatt ma’ tistghu titelghu fil-gvern. Il-politika li tkisser in-nies bil-gideb spiccat.

    Pruvaw inbidlu ja qatta hmir. Anke fl-EU hekk biss taghmlu kif kien jaghmel ukoll Joseph Muscat li jippretendi li hu modern. Pero’ nahseb difficli tinbidlu ghax anke z-zghazagh tal-PL hekk huma maghgunin bhal dan il-bravu tar-ritratt.

    Ghamlu bhal Daphne: ikkritikaw bil-verita’ bhal ma’ ghamlet fil-kaz tal magistrat. Jekk tahsbu li in-nies fit-triq favurikhom sejrin zmerc hafna, ghax jien anke ma’ Laburisti genwini nitkellem u anke huma jghidu li Daphne ghandha ragun.

  3. freefalling says:

    As always, a confused bunch of mischief-makers tripping all over the place and, unknowingly, labelling themselves.

    As for Astrid Vella, best of luck in the land of nowhere.

  4. SSA says:

    Christopher Aguis is a member of the Facebook group “Redproud Socialism”.

    Yesterday’s status read “Don’t miss Gensna in Concert on 92.7 FM radio SUPER ONE at 10.00 am and tonight on One TV….. All the Best to Celebrate Freedom Day- 31st March, 1979.”

    • Il-Lolly ta' Soho says:

      Pl;ease don’t tell me that they’re STILL going on about Gensa. They haven’t progressed very far since the 1970s.

  5. Riya says:

    Nispera li l-Pulizija taghmel xoghlha sew. Ha jkun jaf min hu transsexual dan il-buffu. Min jaf kemm tixtieq li int bravu daqs Daphne.

  6. Cannot Resist Anymore! says:

    We badly need to urge the resident LGBT Labour not only to dissociate from such hate sites as the ones being talked about, but also to condemn outright their blatant attacks on persons of different sexual orientation and transgender people who have been dehumanised by Christopher Aguis and his political friends and addressed as “it”.

    If they do not, they are only confirming most people’s conviction that LGBT Labour are nothing more than window-dressing, and that the pink-tie-wearing Leader does not have the courage of his convictions on LGBT issues because his party is composed of such idiots and crackpots who continue to believe that calling someone “pufta” or “trans” is the ultimate insult.

  7. Brian says:

    E non finisce qui….

  8. The Bus Conductor says:

    No doubt that this is the same Eve Bajada who also goes by the names Ellieve and Delboy222

  9. Nikki says:

    Sabieha hej!

    (photo is subject to change …. but don’t expect a better one)

  10. SSA says:

    Karmenu Vella, Labour MP, is a Christopher Aguis’ Facebook friend too

  11. Charles J Buttigieg says:

    Daphne, I have a list of 500 friends on Face book which includes Politicians, priests,nuns and possibly a prostitute or two ,I don’t check on their background before accepting them on my list because I just couldn’t be bothered. For me Face book is just a game.

    [Daphne – The last time you came in here, you said you were 67. By that age, you should have worked out that nothing is just a game except games themselves. If you think serious matters are a game, then that explains your strident attempts to bring Labour to power no matter the cost to the country: it’s just a game. When you accept friends, on Facebook or anywhere else, check who they are. If you don’t do that, you’re either 13 years old or nuts. In fact, you have just learned an important lesson as to why you should check the identity of people who are associated with you through Facebook. They might turn out to be dangerous nut-jobs like Eve Bajada and Christopher Aguis/Agius. The reason they approached you for friendship is precisely because you share the same interest in bitching about me as though I am the devil incarnate. One would expect better of a man your age, but no. I can’t understand how you’re not embarrassed to conduct yourself with such a complete absence of dignity and gravitas, consorting on Facebook with all manner of weirdos and making sexist and misogynistic remarks about me. Don’t you realise that you are an ambassador for your party? Is this how you think you might convince people like me that your party is suddenly progressive and forward-looking – by behaving like some backward 18-year-old?]

    • Nikki says:

      Charles J Buttigieg has just done an “Alex Saliba” and cleaned his wall of things like:

      Pat Azzopardi : u ejja Charles don’t waste time on that c***
      Fri at 8:37pm

      Christopher Aguis : Charles have you seen this .
      Fri at 9:55pm

    • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious says:

      A game, huh? That’s why the GRTU threw a course a year ago helping businesses use it to market their wares online.

      Facebook is a networking site that every special-interest group everywhere is trying to harness towards its own end. Politicians are obsessed with votes, and what better way to trawl for them than through an online networking site? All you need is a sh*tload of sleaze, a poor grasp of grammar, and no compunction whatsoever.

      No shortage of those in the PL.

      Btw, did you notice? That guy’s wearing a pinstripe suit! You think he’s a made man yet? Report to Don Ciccio, Chris. And do notta forget youra pinkie ring, aicapit paisa?

    • jomar says:

      Only proves that birds of a feather flock together, Charles. Be they priests, nuns, refuse collectors or even prostitutes has little bearing except that it shows how Joseph’s policy of inclusion acts like a magnet for some misguided and gullible individuals. For you to have 500 of them, makes you one of them. Which group, is just one’s guess!

  12. MS says:

    Excuse me, but shouldn’t Marisa Micallef be advising the Labour Party in avoiding precisely this kind of mess?

    • Michael A. Vella says:

      It looks like the Labour Party has been infected by the Consuelo syndrome, i.e. confusing the identities of persons who have no similarity at all.

      Apparently, the PL had a cunning plan, one worthy of the great Baldrick, to neutralise Daphne by offering her a job at 40 grand p.a. except that the envoy mistook Marisa for Daphne – which is why Marisa now languishes in a PL back room, is given nothing much to do, with her only link with the PL being via a communications half-wit.

  13. Charles J Buttigieg says:

    Anybody who blames the Pope when an Altar boy commits a sin may blame Joseph Muscat and Laurence Gonzi when a lejburist or a Nazzjonalist misbehaves. We need to grow up.

    • Il-Lolly ta' Soho says:

      You just don’t get it, do you, Charles J? No wonder the Labour Party is in such a mess.

    • Gnome de plume says:

      Trida tal-altar boy issa? U se tqabbel lil Joseph Muscat mal-papa?

      Ghandek ragun, taf. Vera we need to grow up.

    • SSA says:

      Charles J Buttigieg still appears on Aguis’ friends list. It seems he’s not among the “honest PL supporters” he exhorted “to go public and condemn those contributors who in any way shape or form tarnish our good reputation.”

      So much for saying that “the thought that a small section of the people’s PL is in anyway suspected to be part of this filth scares me silly”

      Mela tal-Labour se joqoghdu sejrin hekk?

      • Charles J Buttigieg says:

        A number of PN parliamentarians are on my friends list. Does this mean that I agree with what they believe in? Does it make me a PN supporter?

        [Daphne – One takes it that they are normal, well-balanced individuals, Charles, and not crazy blackmailers. We’re not talking opinion here. We’re talking crime.]

        One of the people for whom I had great respect murdered his wife after stabbing her 45 times. Does that make me an evil person?

        [Daphne – No, but it makes you a person with evil friends. This wouldn’t be that awful man Gerada, by any chance? Let’s try and remember what his excuse was: ah yes, he found a missing condom and assumed she went with another man. And after he’d stabbed her 45 times as she lay in bed with their child, he watched her crawl into the balcony for help and calmly went to the bathroom, brought back a bottle of bleach, and poured it over her wounds. Lovely.]

      • SSA says:

        You are being disingenuous. You asked your friends to dissociate themselves from a hate-Daphne site. Then it turns out that one of your friends actually runs it.

        Instead of taking your own advice and removing him from your list, you came to this site to justify yourself.

        While you were bickering, Christopher Aguis remained on your list – and you on his. So much for going public and condemning those responsible. It turns out that you are one of the ‘small section’ of filth that scares you silly.

        Aguis has now deactivated his account but, guess what? I can still see your name there, but you can’t get in to remove it.

    • Michael A. Vella says:

      Charles – Take your blinkers off. It is not only party ‘altar boys’ one is concerned with here – it is PL deputy leaders and other party and PL media officials.

      • tat TWO NEWS says:

        L-ahjar bicca hallejta barra – ghax il-guri, wara dik l-atrocita li kien ghamel ma’ martu u quddiem uliedu, kien tah ir-ragun ghal-dak li kien ghamel u wehel biss seba’ snin, imma hareg liberat mill-ewwel minhabba li kien ghamel zmien il-habs jistenna sa kemm jsir il-process.

      • jomar says:

        Charles taking his blinkers off?

        Impossible! This guy has too many chips on his shoulders from the heady days of his Air Malta position in Socialist times.

  14. Cannot Resist Anymore! says:

    Being the 1st April, NET TV has just seriously fooled all the listeners!

    They claimed that the fertility symbol standing gratefully erect on a centre strip near the old airport in Luqa was going to be quietly moved away lest His Holiness the Pope be offended once driven by there later this month.

    Well, before Gonzi PN gets any ideas and decides to dictatorially shift it to some other discrete roofed building, I suggest that we start gathering suggestions from all the citizens telling us what name they would like to give it and where they would like to put it.

    • tat TWO NEWS says:

      Jien ghandhi suggeriment dwar il-monument ta’ fejn tal-Mambra.

      Ghax ma jpoggux il-monumet f’nofs xi ahrax x’imkien, biex hemmhekk iservi bhala mafkar permanenti tal-wiehed li dawk li ma jaqblux mal-progett ta’ Piano jghidu li wahhallhom GonziPN?

      B’hekk dawk l-imsieken ikunu jistghu jingabru madwaru jiccelebraw ‘Jum it-Twahhil’ fl-ewwel ta’ April ta’ kull sena.

      Anzi ahjar, jekk jitpogga fuq l-gholja ta’ Xatt ir-Risq, jinqatlu zewg ghasafar f’daqqa.

      • jomar says:

        L-Ahrax tal-Mellieha would be a good place for the monument. It won’t offend the Pope and Charles J. Buttigieg can admire it from his front garden.

    • patrick says:

      I suggest we name it NEW LABOUR.

    • One-aholic says:

      They can place it in front of Super One in Marsa. It symbolises their number.

    • Steve Grech says:

      That monument should be blown to pieces.

    • Ooo-la-la says:

      Ahjar ma’ jqeduhiex barra l-qorti, ma’ jmurx ikun hemm xi hadd li toqghod is-Siggiewi ghaddejja min hemm fil-ghodu.

  15. Camillo Bento says:

    @Charles Buttigieg. No I do not blame the Pope if an altar boy commits a sin. But I would if he were to condone it. And the speed at which your dear natural party reacts is indicative that it is at a loss whether to condone or condemn sins. It has not even, to date, apologized for the sins it itself committed.

    So come on, Charles. Yes, genuinely you might hold the Labour Party to be your natural home as that is the way you were brought up. But the Creator has endowed you with a brain. Use it. The Labour Party had the opportunity to redeem itself but it lost it. It jettisoned Dr. Abela for a man whose only ambition is to enter the Guinness Book of Records and be the youngest prime minister Malta ever had. We have already had two egocentric megalomaniac Labour prime ministers in the last 30 years. We don’t need another one.

  16. Charles J Buttigieg says:

    @ Camillo Bento

    I was born to PN Supporters. But that’s not your business so please next time leave my upbringing out of it.

    • tat TWO NEWS says:

      Ilqatna l-laham il-haj hawn mid-dehra. Jidher kas iehor tac-chip-on-shoulder, bhal bosta li jivvutaw dejjem lejber.

  17. Chris Ripard says:

    Having spent 25 years working in factories, mostly down South, I think I can safely claim to have more insight into ‘rank and file’ Laburisti than many people commenting here – including Daphne herself. I suppose that’s one of the few good things about having had Uni’s doors slammed in my face by Duminku Mintoff.

    By and large, many Labour voters I have come across are not pathologically evil and twisted. They’re actually decent hardworking people.

    The problem is their lack of imagination and lack of faith in Malta’s ability to compete with the big boys. This explains why they accepted the utter mediocrity of Mintoff’s government – the ‘Korpi’ (today we get Lufthansa Technik etc), the second hand telephone system (today a completely digital network – one of the first countries in the world to do so), dilapidated schools (today new ones) and hospitals (ditto), dodgy roads, dumping everywhere, a Uni with degrees only locally recognised . . . . In brief – the Third World country Mintoff had reduced us to.

    Eddie Fenech Adami realised this and was careful to persuade people to think for themselves. His big mistake was to let John Dalli wreck the economy by throwing our money at any/all of our problems. This resulted in Lawrence Gonzi having to apply a bit of discipline financially, in order to ensure we continue to enjoy new investment and state of the art facilities everywhere.

    Joseph Muscat has sensed that the middle class are fatigued at paying through their noses and is wooing them. Like Alfred Sant before him, he knows that his core support will vote Labour no matter what he says or does. Unlike Dr Sant, however, he fails to realise that the middle class only trusted Dr Sant because he appeared to have successfully kept the Labour riff-raff in check.

    What’s happening vis-a-vis Daphne and Consuelo and the attendant creatures it has brought crawling out of the woodwork are the worst thing that could have happened to the LP.

  18. Camillo Bento says:

    @Charles. I’m sorry I ruffled your feathers

  19. Camillo Bento says:

    @Chris. Nobody ever said that Labour voters are pathologically evil and twisted. It is the party they support that is so.

    So you have a Super One hack telling people to vote No to EU membership, and then when he is elected MEP he boasts what a good thing for Malta EU membership is (for him, that is) instead of apologizing to the party faithful who believed him when he told them to vote No.

    It is the Labour Party which is politically dishonest and not those who vote for it. The Labour Party just thrives on and exploits the ignorance of its followers.

    The same cannot be said of the Nationalist Party, with all its defects. The population at the university is proof enough.

  20. Cannot Resist Anymore! says:

    Guys, regarding the fertility monument suggestions, I am greatly heartened by your superb ideas. We should really get together to start an anonymous movement, like the one being proposed right now by some obvious diehards who believe that Valletta is a baroque city.

    Your ideas have stimulated me to search deeper and further into the labyrinths of my mind because look at it – our monument truly deserves to be placed in the best of all locations possible.

    I suggest L-Gholja Tas-Salib, where it can – with the full permission of the local council – be liberally surrounded by portaloos, giving it real potential for parties which the magistrate might wish to organise to raise EUR4,000 for Dar il-Providenza.

    • Dem-ON says:

      CRA, let us leave the Gholja tas-Salib as it is, also because it is a place of Christian faith, and Robert may need MEPA’s permit to have it installed there (you know, conflicts of interest and the like).

      And then I thought that NET said they were removing the monument because the Pope might see it. I believe L-Gholja tas-Salib is within sight from Tal-Virtu, so His Holiness may actually take this as an offence.

  21. Charles J Buttigieg says:

    Daphne, the man who found a missing condom and stabbed his wife in bed was not my friend. The man who I was on about was one of the most decent persons I ever worked and shared company with. The tragedy surrounding that awful tragedy was much more complex than that of the missing condom. My friend, whom I haven’t seen since the tragedy, was found innocent by a unanimous jury, he had remarried and lives a very exemplary life, at least that’s what my other friends tell me. But this is all superfluous as my point is; that we are not responsible for our friend’s faults unless we are accessories to their crimes or condone their bad behaviour.

    • Alan says:

      ” that we are not responsible for our friend’s faults unless we … condone their bad behaviour.”

      Does he mean like all the people who have been screeching in favour of magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera for the past 2 months, with a ton of facutual evidence available with regards to her warped public and ‘private’ life ?

      Yes, I agree with Charles wholeheartedly.

  22. TROY says:

    Jekk dan Aguis qed jipprova jkun eroj ma’ shabu billi joqod jaqla xi qlajjiet fuq Daphne mhux se jirnexxielu. Jekk ghandek il fatti tkellem u ikxef.

    Jekk le toqodx tivvinta ghax turina kemm int vojt. Tipprovax tidher ta’ hero ma’ shabek billi toqod tivvinta, ghax taqa izjed fil-baxx. Daphne tghid dak li hu verita, ghalek tant eluf isegwuha.

    Meta bniedem jikxef lil xi hadd li fil-posizzjoni pubblika tieghu ikun qied iqarraq b’dawk li suppost qed jiddefendi, ghadna nkunu grati lejn min jikxef dan l-agir, mhux nipprovaw nalqulu halqu.

    Hekk qied jaghmel dan Aguis u il-partit tieghu. Pero hadd m’hu jemminkhom ghax jien nitkellem ma’ Laburisti u jghiduli li hadu pjacir li xi hadd bhal Daphne tkellmet, ghax kull min hu onest hekk jirraguna.

  23. michael woods says:

    Daphne, I am Labour but in no way shall I have to do with such dirty tricks – after all Labour is a big party and government in waiting,

  24. michael woods says:

    Camillo Bento, I was a PN supporter for 40 years, but I left the party because it is not what it used to be under GonziPn. I first voted Labour in the last election and will do so again this coming election, so please grow up and admit that Gonzi f**ked up the PN party. I write under my name and am proud to vote Labour.

  25. Curious George says:

    The people running the site in question have got to be complete idiots. I can honestly say that the site in question is revolting. I hope something can be done about it.

  26. Camillo Bento says:

    @Michael Woods I can tell you that the party is not what it was under Giorgio Borg Olivier (May God bless his soul) and yes there is a hell of a lot to rant about the party. But look at the broader picture. Our country prospered ONLY when the PN governed it. You might not wish to admit it but it’s fact. Do you not think that I have a zillion axes to grind with the PN? But to hell with them. People are elected to represent us and to serve us and I by far prefer efficient slaves than lazy incompetent buggers as only the PL can produce.

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