Arawh, kemm hu buli l-boj! Anglu hunts down the nefarious vote-buyers

Published: July 13, 2010 at 11:43pm

A nice man sent me those photographs I wanted: Anglu Farrugia making a scene for the press outside the police headquarters, after presenting to John Rizzo his ‘fajl’ of meticulous detective work on ix-xiri ta’ voti minn agenti Nazzjonalisti.


Maaaa, kemm hu injorant u pruzuntuz. Then it turns out that his Big Hot Evidence was that loser, Is-Sej. What, didn’t the former police inspector know that he’s the very same one who was involved in the Noel Arrigo/Patrick Vella case? Ghan-naqra ma gabx il-Jo (no ‘e’) Said ukoll.

One big show to impress that pack of Labour Party delegates before they chose him as deputy leader. What can I say? They must have shared that proverbial chicken-brain between them, and there wasn’t enough of it to go round.



Il-vera ghandu b’xiex jiftahar Joseph Muscat: ghandu par bookends ta’ barra minn hawn.


And then they have the nerve to demand other people’s resignations, when their party is a rolling farce.