Arawh, kemm hu buli l-boj! Anglu hunts down the nefarious vote-buyers

Published: July 13, 2010 at 11:43pm

A nice man sent me those photographs I wanted: Anglu Farrugia making a scene for the press outside the police headquarters, after presenting to John Rizzo his ‘fajl’ of meticulous detective work on ix-xiri ta’ voti minn agenti Nazzjonalisti.


Maaaa, kemm hu injorant u pruzuntuz. Then it turns out that his Big Hot Evidence was that loser, Is-Sej. What, didn’t the former police inspector know that he’s the very same one who was involved in the Noel Arrigo/Patrick Vella case? Ghan-naqra ma gabx il-Jo (no ‘e’) Said ukoll.

One big show to impress that pack of Labour Party delegates before they chose him as deputy leader. What can I say? They must have shared that proverbial chicken-brain between them, and there wasn’t enough of it to go round.



Il-vera ghandu b’xiex jiftahar Joseph Muscat: ghandu par bookends ta’ barra minn hawn.


And then they have the nerve to demand other people’s resignations, when their party is a rolling farce.


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  1. Commissioner Rex says:

    Imagine Anglu Farrugia’s satisfaction seeing these photographs with the Police Head Quarters as his background.
    He must have dreamt about this when he desired that post of Police Commissioner, which he never earned.

  2. Ah, but with stills you miss out on the scenes of Farrugia, swinging his arms as he walks out of Police GHQ:

    Got to love the “rapport dettaljat ta’ tlett pagni”. Shows what a thorough exercise it was.

    [Daphne – Maaa, what a lying clown he is. And then he has the bloody nerve to finish off his press conference by saying ‘I have no reason to doubt the police commissioner.’ If he doesn’t resign, the White Rabbit (‘I’m late! I’m late!’) should engineer his removal.]

    • K Farrugia says:

      Why have you called JM a White Rabbit? Is this the new title which you will adopt when referring to him? I can understand why you referred to him as white, but I fall short of resembling him with a rabbit. Does he have rabbit teeth, by any chance? In addition, do you really respect him that much as to use letter case in his new title?

      I found that witty remark in brackets amusing, though.

      [Daphne – Maybe boys never read Alice in Wonderland. But grown men should be able to pick up the reference to the White Rabbit: it’s essential general knowledge even if you never read the book or watched the Walt Disney cartoon. So here you go: ]

      On a separate note, Chris Said wrote about the recent reduction of medicines’ prices in the today’s The Times. He acknowledged that not all of these medicines are used to treat illnesses and conditions. He claims his aim is guided by the principle of social justice(!)


      “Discussions between the parties involved are ongoing and further reductions, or rather another list of medicinal products with new and cheaper prices, will be announced shortly.”

      It seems you’ll soon have another good time cracking jokes about Chris Said.

    • Isard du Pont says:

      That video, Fausto! I couldn’t think for a minute there who Anglu Farrugia reminds me of, until the image of Oliver Hardy popped into my head – especially when he walks out of the police depot with that self-conscious but self-satisfied air.

      Here he is in Chickens Come Home.

  3. Mario Frendo says:

    Did he check if they paid VAT?

    Even his voice irritates me. What a sham.

    • Isard du Pont says:

      What can I say? Those brilliant reporters can’t have been up to much. I didn’t hear a single one of them ask, on Fausto’s video link here, how in God’s name the formidable Anglu succeeded in fitting ‘hundreds of names’ and all those details he boasts about onto three A4 sheets. He must be a whizz with the Pitman script.

    • ciccio2010 says:

      Since they would constitute the transfer of documents, should check also about the payment of stamp duty. And while at it, declaration for income tax or capital gains tax by the sellers.

    • Tal-magna tal-hasil. says:

      Ghat-tiswija tal-washing machine tieghu zgur ma’ jitlobx ircevuta. Issaqsini xejn iktar, u kif naf….. ghax l-ajru ghandu ghajnu, u l-hajt ghandu widintu.

      Id-dnub ma’ jorqodx.

  4. Pat II says:

    Xorta nibqa` tal fehma li il-giddieb ghomru qasir.

    Ilum, jew ghada, il verita` trid titla` f’ wicc l-ilma. Nisperaw almenu, ghax hawn Malta nghixu f’ dinja ghalina, ghandikun, b’ hafna nies torox u ghamjien.

    Li kollna nitghallmu jahassra, kieku passi ta’ ggant kapaci naghmlu – imma, sfortunatament, qisna niehdu pjacir nibqghu lura.

  5. red nose says:

    Just think of such an obnoxious person being in government! What memories of past Police HQ horrors!

  6. Womens and Mens says:

    Good to see you in top form on this. Good work. Keep the pressure up on these clowns.

  7. TROY says:

    Anglu you’re the laughing stock of all – how low can you go.

    • Min Weber says:

      Today he’s the laughing stock. If he becomes Deputy PM, we’ll all have to cry. The man is incompetent, a nitwit, full of himself, delusional, egomaniac, pompous, uncouth, and so arrogant as not to realize the extent of his ignorance.

      My personal appeal to all those who read this blog: please spread the word, so that all those who might be thinking of trying Labour this coming election, realize that Anglu Farrugia can literally make their life Hell – Hell’s Anglu.

  8. Joseph Micallef says:

    When I read this news I instinctively thought Anglu Farrugia must be feeling pretty embarrassed.

    Seconds later I realised I must not be feeling very well if I was thinking that Anglu Farrugia understands the value of embarrassment.

    But I had a veritable excuse. All this happened whilst I was, without escape, overhearing a very interesting discussion between two high-ranking PL officials in Valletta. The subject of their denigration – Toni Abela.

    2013 and beyond – let us brace ourselves for an uncharted roller coaster ride.

    • red nose says:

      How can a person with a skin as thick as a rhino’s feel embarrassed? Anyway, policemen are trained to be thick-skinned.

  9. Rita Camilleri says:

    Imma kemm hu qares hux l-gheneb meta ma nistghux tilhqu! Hekk gralu Anglu Farrugia.

  10. freefalling says:

    Hlief jaqa’ ghan-nejk ma’ jaghmilx!

  11. il-lejborist says:

    Despite the fact that I am not a huge fan of Anglu, though compared to some fellows on the other side of parliament he really is an ‘anglu’, whoever refutes the existence of corrupt practices and/or intimidation during election time is, arguably, living in a world I’m not familiar with.

    And the fact that this Papillon chap has been found not guilty doesn’t change a thing. It’s like denying the existence of the Mafia simply because many of its active members had been found not guilty throughout the years.

    [Daphne – It is impossible to force people to vote one way or another. You can’t even force people to vote, let alone force them to vote for a particular person or party. People are alone in the booth.They can tell you X and do Y.]

    • il-lejborist says:

      Ok, intimidation aside, do you also deny votes ever being bought off?

      [Daphne – Yes, for the same reasons, it can’t be done. The only thing you can do, at a stretch (and it’s VERY risky) is buy a person’s actual electoral ID, that facsimile of our standard ID. That person can take your money, then get another electoral ID after swearing to its loss in an affidavit. The political party administration will know that he or she has voted all the same, but by then it’s too late – and you can’t sue to get your money back. And surely you do not share Anglu Farrugia’s crackpot belief that the political parties at an official level (the PN anyway) organise the buying of electoral IDs. He is incapable of using good judgement and assessing situations, but surely you can: go on the basis of what you know. Was Fenech Adami likely to have given that kind of behaviour his blessing? Lawrence Gonzi? Austin Gatt? Joe Saliba? Paul Borg Olivier? You can say what you like about them, but they are straight as arrows. Decency apart – a simple exercise in risk calculation should show you that it won’t be done, because you can’t possibly buy enough electoral IDs to make a difference, and sooner or later – probably sooner – somebody is going to report you to the police or, more likely, to Super One. So think before you jump to conclusions.]

      I mean bought off in the literal way, not by by way of easy cheesy electoral promises (income tax rate reduction, anyone?), because even that is corruption to a certain extent, but that’s another story.

      • il-lejborist says:

        Straight as arrows, she says. I wouldn’t dare give such acclaim to Mother Theresa herself for chrissakes, never mind those nice fellows you just mentioned.

        [Daphne -Obviously not. I don’t need evidence that you’re a rubbish judge of character, other than that you vest that trio of Muscat, Abela and Farrugia with credibility and competence.]

        It’s one thing to hate the PL’s guts and to rubbish whatever they do or is connected to them, but idolising the PN the way you do, to the extent of categorically excluding every possible wrong doing by them is utterly mindboggling. I throw in the towel.

        [Daphne – I don’t idolise anyone or anything. I speak as I see. Yes, the people I mentioned are quite patently not the sort to organise illegal vote-buying. This is obvious to anyone with half a brain, even if they vote Labour. It is also obvious to anyone with half a brain that Anglu Farrugia either can’t think straight or has a cavalier attitude to the truth, human rights and the meaning of evidence. He had very little credibility before, and he has none now. So much for his hundreds of names and his dossier of evidence. Can you imagine the prime minister behaving like that? Tonio Borg? Austin Gatt? Exactly, you can’t.]

      • red nose says:

        Lejborist – tghidx cucati!

      • Min Weber says:

        “He is incapable of using good judgement and assessing situations.”

        This is the best possible summing-up of Anglu Farrugia. I know from personal experience.

        The man’s vision is not sharp, he is myopic and proud enough not to want to put on glasses.

        Anglu Farrugia as Deputy PM = disaster for Malta and the Maltese. Not for Nationalists; but for ALL the Maltese. The man is such a nitwit he would harm anybody. He is like that other Inspector, Clouseau, without being sympa.

      • David Buttigieg says:


        Victor/twanny, is that you?

      • ciccio2010 says:

        @David Buttigieg.
        What a deafening silence.

  12. A. Charles says:

    This has nothing to do with Anglu Farrugia but this issue has been irking me since the early 70s. Why are the Maltese not recipients of Rhodes scholarships any more? I still remember Alex Sceberras Trigona, Louis Grech, John Mamo and Michael Orr were awarded these scholarships.

    [Daphne – And Dom Mintoff, too.]

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      We’re no longer on the list of eligible countries. (And good thing too, judging by the creepy list of recipients.)

      • A. Charles says:

        Edward Debono, the lateral thinker, was another Rhodes scholar, but I am interested to know why Malta stopped being one of the eligible countries.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Quite simply, we are no longer British subjects and the United Kingdom no longer has any influence over potential Maltese leaders (Mintoff saw to that, didn’t he?)

  13. D says:

    Inspector Anglu Gadget Farrugia


    The Stolen Votes

    • ciccio2010 says:

      D, tajba d. The report claims votes were bought “permezz ta’ pjaciri u bonuses…” I wonder what sort of “pjaciri” Gadget was referring to…

      • ciccio2010 says:

        I mean, put that way, am I to blame for thinking that Gadget implied this could have involved Sex-for-Votes? If that had been the case, this would beat the Sex-for-Cabbages case…and Gadget would deserve the carrot for unveiling the plot.

  14. Pat II says:

    Ara veru biex tqabbel lil Anglu Farrugia ma ‘anglu’ ghax l-ohrajn, forsi, `aghar minnhu, trid tkun qed tghix Filfla, ta. Anqas naf x’ naqbad nghid, ahjar naqbad nibki xortijja li tweliddt fuq dil-mishuta gzira, nahseb.

    Ghax izzejjed kollhu zejjed issa.

    Dan mhux xi kandidat gdid ghax ilu snin twal fuq ix-xena u bhal ma niftakar jien, hawn eluf ohra jiftakru il-bawxati tieghu tul iz-zmien. Hafna jbatu bl-Alzheimer’s imma, milli jidher. Ftit iehor ilibsuh il-halo ukoll. Tassew….`halo` x inhi bil Malti?

  15. pippo says:

    Freefalling, is-sur Ang ilu jaqa ghan-nejk, min mindu dahluh fil-pulizija.

    • freefalling says:

      Issa smajt li ma’ jaqbilx mad-decizjoni tal-qorti fejn saqsa il-magistrat hix korrenti mal-ligi. Dan ghal giehna avukat! Mit-tajjeb ghall-ahjar.

  16. pippo says:

    Fi tlett pagni allura kien hemm mijiet ta’ ismijiet ta’ nies li thallsu dawk il-flus kollha?

    Ahjar min kien allegat li ghamel dawn l-affarijiet, ghamel bhal dak it-tabib ta’ Hal Qormi meta ha dak il-vot ta’ dik ix-xiha biex ma tmurx tivvota.

    Halluna, x`injuranza grassa.

  17. pippo says:

    X’cuc huma ta’ Rhodes issa li ghandna din l-injuranza grassa fil-pajjiz? Laqwa li nilhqu (eviva Demarco) minn fuq dar il-kaxxa ta’ Malta.

  18. red nose says:

    Do’nt you think that enough space has been used on this type Anglu?

  19. il-lejborist says:

    “Obviously not. I don’t need evidence that you’re a rubbish judge of character, other than that you vest that trio of Muscat, Abela and Farrugia with credibility and competence”

    Says the one with a phd in character judging :)

    [Daphne – I’m not too bad, actually. I’ve made about four really bad mistakes in my life, and that’s about it. And with three of them, I knew I was making a mistake even as I did. You know that nagging feeling that tells you something is not quite right? For the rest, I’m usually pretty good.]

    • Harry Purdie says:

      Love that, Daphne. I was wrong once, but then found out that I was wrong.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Let’s take a deep breath and try to understand what Lejborist is saying. People were coerced or forced into voting against their wishes. He is convinced that people were actually told to vote PN, paid to do so, then went to the polling booth and actually voted PN, when there was no way that anyone could check which way they had voted.

      Jesus Christ. And doesn’t Joseph Muscat have anything to say about this, or does he snob his own deputy?

  20. david g says:

    F ‘hin minnhom jiftahru kemm il-Laburisti huma suldati tal-azzar u ftit hin wara jghidu li mijiet ta’ Laburisti inxtraw bi ftit euro. Il-vera tad-dahk.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      The price of steel (merchant bar) is around $ 680 per tonne. Jekk kienu overweight, l-average Malti, jigi….xi 50 Euro per person. Ostra spot on kien l-Ispettur.

      • ciccio2010 says:

        Fair enough, HP. But what about the ones that sold for Euro1,500? That’s about Euro 20 per kilo.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Hmm. Maybe they were tal-azzar galvanizzat? Suldati tal-kevlar?

      • ciccio2010 says:

        Suldati tal-KEVlar? Is that some type of EU pseudo-army forming some part of yet another soviet-style conspiracy?

  21. Riya says:

    Issa dan Pierre Bartolo jista’ jfittex lil xi hadd ta’ dak kollu li ghadda minnhu? Jew issa tista’ taqbad taghmel akkuza fuq bniedem, johrog liberat u qisu ma’ gara xejn, basta nimlew l-imhuh tan-nies bit-tafal bhal ma’ dejjem ghamel il-labour. Prosit ghalik Anglu kemm int serju! Din froga ohra ivvintata min profeta bhal dik tal-VAT fuq il-karrozzi. Kemm qedin sew ukoll.

  22. Riya says:

    Insomma min jitwieled tond ma’ jmutx kwadru. Mela hsibtek ghadek fil-Pulizija taz-zmien il-Labour Dr. Farrugia. Konna nirrangaw ruhna kieku ghamluk Kummissarju. Int hemm jixraqlek fil-Partit Laburista ha tkompli tghaffeg.

  23. pippo says:

    Ma ghandiex x`taqsam mas-suggett, izda nixtieq nghaddi kumment.

    Dan l-ahhar rajt fuq it-TV li saret konferenza fuq Napuljun fejn dak il bravu kien qed iffahhar lil Napuljun ta’ kemm ghamel ghegubijiet waqt li kien general tajjeb.

    Ghalina il-Maltin ma tantx kien halla impressjoni tajba ghax gie u seraq kollox, issa tal-Maltin jew ta l-Ordni naf li seraqhom.

    Izda l iktar li impressjonatni kienet li fost l-imhuh kbar presenti ghal din il-laqgha fostom Alfred Sant kien hemm the one and only Astrid tal-FFA.

    Tahseb li kieku kienet tezizti kienet tmur tehodha kontra Napuljun talli mess San Gwann? Nisperaw li ma qbiltx ma li ghamel Napuljun Astrid?

  24. Pat II says:


    Thanks .

  25. Womens and Mens says:

    Hriegt ta’ vaz, Ang…u cum laudae.

  26. red nose says:

    A “vaz” at least is useful.

  27. red nose says:

    I do not think that Anglu knows what “cum laudae” means.

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